Gel plate printing botanical greetings card kit with handmade mini gel plate, instructions and videos



‘Gel plate printing’ is a mono printing technique that uses a plate made from gelatine. Artists traditionally use a glass plate or an acetate sheet with a printing press, but with a gel plate you can create your own beautiful and original art/prints at home. This NEW handcrafted kit has been created by Liverpool based artist Bev Evans as an alternative to attending her ‘Gel plate printed botanical greetings cards’ class. Suitable for both a complete beginner or somebody with art/design/craft experience who is looking for a new skill, gel plate printing is super easy. In this botanical themed greetings card kit, it’s a simple process of applying paint to the gel surface, spreading the paint using a roller, adding a stencil or texture, then pressing down paper by hand on top to transfer the print design. It’s an easy and fascinating process and you’ll be amazed at the results! Bev has worked in art and design for over 30 years and prefers to create the patterns and textures herself with her own stencils and found textures. Rather than supplying ready-made stencils and texture sheets, you’ll make your own using the pre-printed card sheets and kitchen roll supplied. Suitable for all ages and abilities (Note: Parental supervision will be necessary when stencil cutting if children are participating) the kit contains almost everything you need to get started - you’ll just require a few additional items that are easily found at home. Read over the short user guide sheet, and then watch Bev printing in her videos where she demonstrates different layering techniques and then shows you how to put your finished cards together. Set aside a few hours by yourself or with friends, or even the kids, to enjoy this kit and learn something new and creative. It’s lots of fun and you can make some beautiful and original cards. To make your ten botanical themed cards, the video tutorials start with stencil cutting and then the basics of gel plate printmaking using stencils/textures, continuing with building up layers using the prints you have produced. All video ‘instruction’ is visual, making it suitable for anyone with a hearing impairment. Videos are free to access via Youtube - full viewing instructions are in the kit box. WHY BUY ME? - Bev's gel plate is handmade in her garden studio and is fully biodegradable (being made from vegetable glycerine and animal-based catering gelatine) - If the plate becomes damaged, you can melt it back into its original format using an old saucepan on the stove and a non stick container like a plastic food tub. Full instructions are supplied in the kit box - It also makes a great gift

What's included in the price?

This starter kit comes in a sturdy reusable kraft box with colour front label and includes 10 items: - 1 x homemade biodegradable 12cm x 12cm gel plate - eco friendly, unlike many commercial polymer plates out there! - 1 x roller/brayer 6cm - 20 11cm x 11cm sheets of white paper - Orange 10ml water based acrylic paint - Green 10ml water based acrylic paint - Blue 50ml water based acrylic paint All paints are easy to clean up and are fully mixable. - A pack of ten different coloured aperture cards - 2 stencil template sheets - Bev's own simple artwork designs help you to get creative, plus there’s a spare - A kitchen roll texture sheet - 9 YouTube video mini-tutorials

What you will need

Things to find at home - scissors - craft knife - apron - cleaning cloth - access to sink - scrap paper - cutting mat/thick cardboard



After 34 years working as a graphic designer/illustrator, I made a career change in 2018 to concentrate on my love of crafts and printing. Natural forms/plants, landscapes and architecture are my favourite subjects to work with but nothing is out of the question if it inspires me. Gel plate monoprinting allows me to work with all of these subjects in various combinations whilst also printing onto gift tags, envelopes, glass, wood, fabric and large format paper.

Suitable for

  • Adults
  • Seniors
  • Teenagers
  • Children
  • Wheelchair users
  • Hearing impaired
  • Limited mobility
  • Intermediate level
  • Advanced/pro level
  • Suitable for beginners
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