Stone work in-person courses

Do you love to run your fingers over a cool stone sculpture - to appreciate the shape and texture with touch as well as sight? Do you linger over the cold carved contours of Moore, Epstein or Frink, or long to wander around the Yorkshire sculpture park? You can find a course here to develop your own potential to create beauty in stone and other materials. Maybe you want to learn how an expert sharpens carving gouges or chooses just the right stone from which the imagined shape can be born. Perhaps you'd prefer to learn from an experienced letter-cutter. Most courses shown here are based in areas of stunning scenery - so why not have a go at stone-carving and be inspired by excellent teaching in a wonderful environment. Whether you are a total beginner or already accomplished you will find a course to suit your ability and enhance your skills.
diamond badge
Slate mosaic workshop at Jo Garden Art
Next date: 8th Dec 2023
platinum badge
Two day stone carving course at Chillington Hall
Next date: 27th Apr 2024
7 places left
gold badge
Stone carving for beginners - Weymouth
Next date: 20th Jul 2024
gold badge
Green Man stone carving in Yorkshire
Next date: 27th Jan 2024
1 place left
gold badge
Yorkshire Rose stone carving class
Next date: 5th Dec 2023
4 places left
silver badge
Stone Carving 'taster session' in Maltese Limestone
Next date: 27th Jan 2024
4 places left
gold badge
Powertex stone art egyptian decoration
Next date: 2nd Dec 2023
Jesmonite Christmas Decorations
Next date: 11th Dec 2023
8 places left


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