Stone letter cutting in-person courses

Walk through your local church yard with observant eyes and you will find a range of stone letter carving styles. From the the simplest clean lines to more rounded flowing scripts you will become intrigued by the history unfolding on the headstones. Stone letter carving should somehow reveal an essence or spirit of the individual and we see this on family tombs, in public buildings, on way faring signposts, in religious buildings and heritage sites. The words may be for information, to praise God, to reflect the love of a family, to describe or to delight, as on Simon Armitage's poetry Stanza Stones. Do you want to learn the traditional art of the stone letter carver! Do you need advice on choosing the best material and tools to carve clear, beautiful letters? Come and try a course on stone letter carving and be inspired to create something that will last many generations.
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Stonecarving in Gloucestershire Cotswolds
Next date: 7th Jan 2023
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Stone Carving in the Scottish Borders with Cake!
Next date: 1st Apr 2023
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Stone carving workshop
Next date: 10th Dec 2022
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"Word up" learn to carve lettering in stone. A two day creative stone carving course with Zoe Singleton
Next date: 14th Jan 2023
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Private Tuition in Sculpture, Stone Carving, Letter Carving and Relief with Simon Burns-Cox
Next date: 10th Dec 2022
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Stone Carving Workshop. Three days with a Master Sculptor. Carve your own design.
Next date: 18th Jan 2023
Introduction to Lettering & Engraving - Stone Carving Skills
Next date: 17th Dec 2022


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