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Nuno felting courses and workshops all across the UK. Learn how to nunofelt and you will work with fine wool fibres and silk fabric to create elegant light-weight felt, which makes beautiful flowing garments! If you would like to know the technique of 'cobweb' or nuno felting browse these courses for inspiration.

Online & Cumbria - Next course on 17th March 2018
The class is in Debra's studio, which is in a bright, inspirational and spacious old church. You will learn how to create stunning pieces of textural felt art, using a wonderful selection of merino wool (over 120 colours), silks of all kinds and colours, different breeds of wool as well as other fibres. Debra is extremely generous with her materials and skills and will introduce you to every imaginable way of incorporating different textures and...
This scarf feltmaking day is ideal for beginners or more advanced felter. Time:10am - 3.30pm Please see website for different courses and dates- Enquiries and group bookings Nuno felting is a Japanese fabric felting technique. It melds loose fibre, usually wool, into a sheer fabric such as silk but also any lightweight material with an open weave, creating a lightweight felt that can totally cover the background fabric or be used to create a decorative...
Tyne and Wear - Next course on 25th February 2018
I am running this class in order to raise some funds towards cancer treatment of Katya Vetrova, Russian feltmaker. I learned this technique from Katya and have her permission to teach. You will learn how to create a soft well draped, beautiful and high-quality felted hat, create a smooth and textured decor with the help of fibres, yarns, nepps and even finished felt. How to calculate coefficient of shrinkage and build a hat pattern to...
Cumbria - Next course on 18th March 2018
You will learn how to wet felt using a Japanese technique called Nuno Felting where you will learn how to amalgamate silks, chiffons and Merino wool (no sewing). Using these techniques you will create a wrap/scarf which is beautifully light and delicate yet extremely strong, suitable for both winter and summer use. Debra has a fabulous studio which will inspire your choice of colours. Debra has taught over 2000 people during her ten years of...
This felting evening is most suitable for groups of friends enjoying a unique night out. This is an evening felting workshop lasting three hours. The workshop is based on our alpaca farm and the fibre used in felting is from our own herd.
Wiltshire - Next course on 5th May 2018
Country Hares & Foxes workshop Fibre artist Carla Taylor creates contemporary sustainable wool sculptures inspired by wildlife and the British Countryside. She enjoys passing on her skills to others through her very popular needled felting workshops at Fisherton Mill. Carla runs workshops on a variety of countryside themes such as Vintage Spring Flowers and Woodland Squirrels as well as this workshop which will enable you to create Country Hares & Foxes. Carla will guide you...
West Midlands - Next course on 5th May 2018
A fabulous opportunity to create a beautiful scarf while learning how to Nuno Felt. You will learn how to fuse the traditional technique of wet felting with the contemporary nuno process to design and make a unique new fabric by combining wool fibres with silk chiffon to make a Scarf. During the day you will select the colour(s) you wish to work with and learn how to dye your silk chiffon fabric to coordinate with...
West Midlands - Next course on 7th July 2018
An opportunity to spend a focused day learning how to achieve a range of textured effects by applying resist processes with wet felting. The day will include examining how specific effects are created and making your own samples applying the process discussed and demonstrated. The aim will be to achieve at lest three samples including Cracked Mud, Nuno resists and Felt Trapunto. Please get in touch for more information or to book your place you...
West Midlands - Next course on 8th September 2018
Experiment with a variety of fabrics and felting techniques including nuno, applied Shibori manipulation and resists to create a wonderfully textured felted fabric piece to make into a cushion cover. During the day you will be guided on how to build up the surface textures and work them together to form one piece of felt fabric. Alongside this you will learn how to make the backing fabric and gain an understanding of how to make...
Lancashire - Next course on 25th February 2018
Textile Artist Catherine Carmyllie learnt the skill of wet feltmaking during her time studying textiles in Scandinavia. Catherine will provide you with background knowledge and show you different techniques. You will have a choice of over 50 colours of merino wool and can also try your hand at more exotic fibres such as silks, mohairs and cottons. The day starts at 10 and finishes around 4/4.30. She teaches from her own workshop at home which...