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Bushcraft courses, workshops and schools across the UK. Bushcraft courses cover survival training, wilderness and foraging skills. You'll learn about equipment, surviving in the natural environment and -most of all- the joys of having an outdoors adventure!

Image for Spooncarving - Green wood - the Basics With stuart lawrence Northyorkshire uk wide York and the humber
Next course on 24th June 2017
This course can be done online or one to one at my workshop. Tools provided at my workshop or I can advise you where to buy your own. Sessions can be booked in 4 and 8 hour blocks but can then be broken down into bite sized two hour sessions. This helps with dealing with specific issues, time to practice and a revisit in the next session before progressing. Whilst you can have whichever suits...
Image for Forged Blacksmith Bushcraft Knife
Next course on 30th June 2017
On this course you can spend the day learning to forge a traditional blacksmith bushcraft knife. It will involve basic blacksmith techniques for one part of the knife and silversmithing techniques for the other. You will learn how to temper, heat treat and sharpen using files. You can learn how to put a twist in the knife. If you want to make a sheath for it - this will cost an extra £100 and will...
Image for Wild Basketry
Next course on 2nd July 2017
Learn how to make baskets from foraged materials which we gather on the day from the woodland site. On offer is a wide variety of techniques and materials including bramble, bark, bone, wild rose, grass, reed mace, bulrush. Courses are scheduled to coincide with the seasonal availability of plants for foraging. Learn about the whole cycle of production- harvesting the raw materials & processing them, through to completing a beautiful and useful basket to take...
Image for       Dads and Lads' Bushcraft courses with Stuart Lawrence  Northyorkshire
Dads and Lads Bushcraft courses with Stuart Lawrence - This course is designed to strengthen your mental endurance and to give you the basics of camp management, hunting, preparing animals for eating, fire starting. It is an intensive course even though it is basic - you will be put through a real life scenario as if you were in that situation. Even though these are basic bushcraft courses they are designed to simulate real-life situations,...
Image for Bushcraft for Practitioners
Next course on 1st July 2017
This 3 day training course is approved through the Institute for Outdoor Learning and focusses on equipping Teachers, Wildlife Rangers, Outdoor Pursuit Instructors and Forest School Leaders with some detailed understanding and confidence in the key skills of Bushcraft. The course looks at Effective shelter construction, Efficient fire lighting in a selection of methods with time spent on the Bow Drill, Confident knife skills, String making Direction finding, Tree Identification, water procurement, wild food and...
Image for Bladesmithing Taster Course
Next course on 28th June 2017
Choice of 3 items to make - a spooncarving knife, a blacksmith/bushcraft knife or a tomahawk. You will learn to make a knife using a bucket forge. The smithing process is quite fine and not as heavy handed as regular blacksmithing. It is more akin to jewellery making techniques. The knife handles can be made of either wood or antler. Courses are run on a one to one basis to maximise the day. Over 18s...
Image for Wild Pottery
Next course on 22nd July 2017
On this popular 2-day course you’ll be in the woods making hand built pottery, using clay that we’ll dig from the land on the day. This course provides a thorough understanding of what’s involved in making wild pottery, and gives you a hands-on appreciation of the origins of this craft. An exciting, elemental and alchemical process: earth, water, wood, fire- it’s all in there. You’ll learn how to fire your pots successfully in an open...
Image for Flint Knapping - Learn the ancient art of making prehistoric knives
Next course on 5th July 2017
Spend the day learning how to flint knapp like our ancestors during the Stone Age. On this course you will learn to shape a knife blade or arrowhead using the pressure flake method. The arrowheads are preformed so no need to learn how to percussion knapp. You will also learn how to attach the handle to the blade. Handles can be made from wood or antler.
Image for Hide tanning- deerskin into buckskin
This is a detailed course in brain tanning. We will be beginning with a raw deer skin, and you’ll take home a soft, wearable, brain tanned buckskin. During this 4 day course we’ll go through every step of the process in detail so that you can take this skill home with you along with your buckskin. (scraping, dressing, softening and smoking) The focus will be on finishing a whole hide each. Buckskin is a very...
Image for Knapping Flint  - Learn the ancient art of making prehistoric knives
Next course on 12th July 2017
This course is taught online as well as on a one to one basis at my workshop - if you have the tools or I can advise you on where to purchase the necessary tools. Tools provided at my workshop. Sessions can be booked in 4 and 8 hour blocks but can then be broken down into bite sized two hour sessions. This helps with dealing with specific issues, time to practice and a revisit...