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Join us in the relaxing and tranquil setting of our Narrowboat for a silver jewellery class, whilst moored alongside the beautiful Worcestershire canals near Droitwich. Courses are run on demand, weekends, Mondays, Fridays, school holidays, and can be booked by phone, email or via the website. Always please check the website calendar to find dates available. We offer popular one day silver Jewellery making classes for individuals or groups of 2 - 4 students giving...
North Yorkshire - Next course on 21st July 2018
Spend two days at my forge learning to forge a 1055 steel rustic knife by hand and HAMON (Temper Line) then put an antler handle or wooden handle on the tang which makes it a hidden tang or full tang. You will make a sheath need steel toe cap boots or strong leather boots. this is a 1to1 courses Hamon is the temper pattern along the blade edge
The one day knife making course is designed for beginners that have no or little experience in metalwork or blacksmithing. The course starts with a quick safety talk and a cup of coffee. Once we are all settled in the first task is to make a fire poker which will give everyone some hammering skills and a feel of how the material will react once its heated. The knife we make is a Viking one...
Surrey - Next course on 28th July 2018
Our 'B' course is led by Ambrose Burne, who introduces his students to the basic operations with some set pieces; then it becomes more design-based and experimental, with an exploration of the students' own ideas developed with Ambrose's help. It’s a good idea - but not compulsory - to think about what you might want to make in advance, in very general terms – don’t be too ambitious - entrance gates really aren't a possibility!...
Surrey - Next course on 31st August 2018
The 'O' course is led by Peat Oberon, award-winning blacksmith, and inspiring and sympathetic teacher; assisted by Eamonn Kenward. The courses are suitable for absolute beginners, male or female, from the age of about 14 upwards; or for metalworkers seeking to gain a basic understanding of iron-forging. A place on one of Peat's courses makes a fabulous birthday, Christmas or anniversary present - some recipients have said it's the best present they've ever had! Classes...
North Yorkshire - Next course on 22nd July 2018
This is a one to one course only. I will not take 2 people at the same time for any reason so please do not ask. This is due to the difficulty, space restrictions and safety regulations involved. On this course you have 5 days to design, forge and craft either one. two or three items. There are restrictions on the length and size of the sword and axe. You can make them from various...
South Gloucestershire - Next course on 11th August 2018
Do you know someone who would be a great jeweller in the making? Learn to design and make your own jewellery in my 2 Day Wax Carving Jewellery Workshop. Spend the first-day discussing ideas, learning different techniques used in carving wax and producing your very own carving which will be cast for you in silver before your second session. The second day will be spent cleaning, texturing and polishing your final silver piece/s. Soldering findings...
Somerset - Next course on 19th August 2018
Choose between morning or afternoon sessions. The main emphasis in this relaxing and supportive half day workshop is to have lots of fun creating jewellery! No previous experience is needed. Students have the choice of working with Copper or Silver.... or both! You will learn how to texture metal, form and finish a piece of jewellery. Choose to create a pair of earrings, ring, bangle or a pendant. Each student is guaranteed to walk away...
Our new course by popular request. The two day chefs knife course is designed for beginners that have no or little experience in metalwork or blacksmithing. The course starts with a quick safety talk and a cup of coffee. To ensure we all produce a working knife which is a fully usable tool, occasionally we are fortunate to have a visiting expert Steve Nowacki as a guest tutor who will be leading the class ....
North Yorkshire
Once the fires are lit and the health and safety chat out of the way we will get straight down to the business of hammering some hot steel. The day is fully hands on and as well as learning the basic principles of blacksmithing, you will make two unique items to take home with you. The first project is the snail key ring and after that, students will get to make a dragon themed coat-hook....