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Blacksmithing involves heating metal (wrought iron and steel) on a forge then hammering, drawing and bending it, requiring strength, perseverance and considerable skill! Visit one of these fascinating forges and experience the hot fire, bellows and iconic anvil...

North Yorkshire - Next course on 1st October 2019
This is a one-to-one course and runs Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm. On this course you will make two and a half pound blacksmith's rounding hammer.
Blacksmith's experience day Time to get your hands dirty and let the sparks fly. Take the chance to make some interesting bits and pieces to take home with you. A great experience for novices to try your hands at one of the oldest trades. The course is open to all over the age of 16. We can accommodate groups, couples, stag & hen do's. The day will be spent at the anvil working with hot...
This week long introduction to blacksmithing is a holiday with a difference. With have tuition by artisan blacksmith Andy of Feather Forge, this is a week long course for beginners. We’ll start by learning the basics of moving metal with hammer and anvil, along with managing a traditional coal forge, before progressing to forge your very own set of fire irons to take home. Every student will have their own forge and anvil to work...
West Glamorgan
Learn key Blacksmithing techniques whilst forging your own piece of art to take home. Book in for a Basic Blacksmithing day course for beginners, focusing on learning key basic techniques which are the foundation to all blacksmiths forge work. After a short introduction with our resident blacksmith you will explore the history of smithing from Gold to steel; modern Iron & Steel, including their types and uses and receive your itinerary for the day. You...
Enjoy a days forging in my 200 year old Dartmoor Forge. Get used to the hammer and the anvil and then learn some of the building blocks of blacksmithing, including drawing out splitting and punching. My aim is to incorporate these skills into a small project for you to complete. One to one course £180, two people £150 each. Please contact me for details.
1 day course available to one or two people from 10am to approximately 5/6pm. I cover all the basic forging practices required to start blacksmithing as a hobby, using a coke forge, anvil, hammer and power hammer to draw metal out to a taper, scrolling, set downs, punching, cutting with a chisel and twisting. We can make something on the day such as a poker, garden pot holder, coat hook or a simple forged knife....
East Riding of Yorkshire - Next course on 2nd August 2019
For those wishing to get to grips with the forging of blacksmiths tools we offer an action packed two day course in which you will have the opertunity to forge the following items. Blacksmiths flat bit tongs 2 pairs, hot cut chisel, slot punch, and round punch and a pair of pliers if you get enough done.
Have you ever fancied having a go at Blacksmithing? Why not give it a try on our one day Knife making workshop!? Situated in the beautiful Shropshire hills, Jake Hedge runs a fully equipped workshop offering a variety of tailor made courses for all skill levels. Come and 'have a bash'at this ancient craft and leave with a beautifully forged Blacksmiths knife each...and maybe the odd blister!! Forge down a bit of mid carbon steel...
Knife Making Class. Spend the day learning the tips and tricks of professional knife and blade making at Phoenix Forge. We start out making a basic letter opener to get you warmed up and used to working with the forge, after a cuppa we get started on forging a true working knife. we go from selecting the right type of tool steel in to forging a rough blade shape out, then the shape is refined...
Shropshire - Next course on 24th August 2019
Decorative Blacksmithing at Acton Scott Historic Working Farm. This two day course will cover a series of basic blacksmithing techniques. It is suitable for beginners and those with some knowledge of the craft. Day one will cover the most fundamental aspects of forging, and day two will explore further and include decorative elements. Participants will be supervised and encouraged as they apply the techniques to making a piece of ironwork to take home. You will...

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