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Blacksmithing involves heating metal (wrought iron and steel) on a forge then hammering, drawing and bending it, requiring strength, perseverance and considerable skill! Visit one of these fascinating forges and experience the hot fire, bellows and iconic anvil...

County Antrim
Book the Weekend Course Complete introduction to Artist Blacksmithing - Beginners Course If you have never lifted a hammer before but you thought Blacksmithing looks like fun and you would love to give it a go, this class is for you. By the end of the two days you will have completed a beautiful hand forged Flower Basket Hanger for your own home. Additionally you will be introduced to the majority of the basic skills...
Work together or compete to see who is the best blacksmith as you and your date enjoy a stress-free experience in the art of bespoke ironwork. You will enjoy a day full of laughter and fun, making it the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary or even to simply make lasting memories together. Whether it is personal keepsakes or something for your home, you will get to make your own custom artwork!
The day starts at 9 and you will be put on the fires to spend 10 minutes learning how hot it gets and how to hold the hammer. Then straight into forging a ram's head. This project has lots of different skills: twisting, punching, forge welding, scrolling. After this is made, we will do Leaf work and make a Bottle opener. Everyone that has been on one of my courses has walked away amazed by...
“FORGING A BLACKSMITH’S KNIFE” On this 1 day class we will forge a Blacksmith’s knife also known as a a Viking Lady’s knife. This is a one piece knife with a forged handle. We will go through the basic forging, grinding and heat treating of the blade to end up with a finished knife in one day ! This is a perfect introduction to the craft of the Bladesmith. This class will be from 9am...
This is a specialist 3 day class concentrating on the particular techniques of forging a kitchen knife. We will forge a 7 – 8 inch kitchen knife. No prior experience is needed and the class will guide you through: · Using a coke forge and gas forge · Forging the blade to shape · Thermocycling (reducing grain growth, which is an undesirable effect of over heating steel) · Blade shaping, using grinder file and abrasive...
Content of the 3 day Basic Blacksmithing Course Introduction to; • Personal Protection Equipment and the dangers of hot metal, • The Forge hearth and types of forge, • The Anvil, the various parts and their function, importance of stance and height • Hammer Types • Forging and Forming • Use of and identifying tools and tooling • Marking out • Finishes Skills used to make the items; • Drawing down to a point (Square...
Be a blacksmith for a day! Come and experience being a blacksmith in the traditional village forge in Much Hadham, Hertfordshire. Where? In the village smithy in Much Hadham, Hertfordshire. The forge dates from 1811, but is in a much older 16th century agricultural building. The forge has two hearths – one converted to use an electric blower and one which is still blown by hand-operated bellows. Who with? Your tutor will be the village...
Axe Making Your chance to forge & haft your very own hand axe! There are few things more satisfying than thrusting a lump of steel in to the flames and letting the sparks fly under your hammer as you craft your very own hatchet. Learn how to work smith and striker to forge hot steel in small groups to forge a hand axe each. This is an excellent course for groups and does require team...
Axe making course - 3 days This 3 day workshop will take you through the process of making two hand axes, one made by the forge welded “bow tie” method of construction where a steel edge is forge welded into a softer iron body and then folded around on itself to form an eye. We will also make a punched and drifted axe from carbon steel. The course will be held Friday & Saturday 9am...
East Riding of Yorkshire - Next course on 27th September 2019
Our two day course is a unique opertunity to spend two days in the working enviroment of the artist blacksmith, you will use a traditional coke fired forge on a series on small projects that you can take away and cherish for life. You will be using hand hammer, blacksmiths tongs and associated forging tools throughout the day. 9.00 am - 4.30 pm Friday and Saturday with a maximum of six students per course, other...

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