Go Green in 2019 with these environmentally conscious courses


Don’t fancy giving up chocolate – why not make this year’s resolution all about having a positive impact on the environment around you? 

The statistics and news reports are worrying and it can feel overwhelming, to the point that you feel too small to make an impact, but if we make small changes it will help to influence others and cumulatively we really can make a difference.

Here are our Top 10 eco-friendly courses to help you make resolutions that will make you feel better about the year ahead and grow as a person:


1. Beeswax Wraps in Edinburgh with Upcycled World

We should all be switching from as many single-use, throw away products as possible so Beeswax reusable wraps are the perfect alternative to cling film and tin foil. Learn to make food wraps using all organic ingredients: beeswax, jojoba oil, tree resin and cotton. They are re-usable, anti-bacterial and can even be composted – an easy solution to reduce plastic in your home.

"If you're looking to reduce your carbon footprint, reduce waste to landfill, reduce chemical-laden plastic food packaging or looking for ways to become more zero waste then this is for you.

Come join our workshop and make 3 wraps to take home with you. They make great eco gifts too!"


Beeswax wraps - re-usable cling film!


2. Organic Skincare Workshop in Norfolk with Maid in the Meadow

Making your own organic skincare products helps your personal health and the natural world around you, ensuring no nasties get into the water supply. Learning to make your skincare with plant and essential oils will help you achieve healthy glowing skin as well as save some money too. This course will teach you a range of techniques and give you an understanding of the role of different ingredients.

"I've come home with lots of useful products that smell gorgeous too! The surroundings and company helped make it a very enjoyable and worthwhile day...much recommended."



Organic skincare


3. Bee Keeping in Lincolnshire with Bees for Business

A healthy bee population is essential to human survival - we totally rely on them to pollinate our crops and keep the cycle of life going. You can learn to keep beehives in farmed countryside, woodlands and urban back gardens (or even rooftops!). Bees for Business have a wide range of bee-related course options and are offering 15% off any workshop or experience day when you use offer code CRAFTCOURSES

"Bee rilliant! I signed up for this course and was delighted. It was a fun day in a lovely location. I'd highly recommend this course - it was great."


Bee keeping


4. Sew a Waldorf Style Rag Doll in Cumbria with Crafty Makes in the Lakes

Beautiful handmade toys will be treasured forever and reduce the amount of throw away plastic. Learn to make a unique cloth doll using cotton knit fabric and other natural materials so these beautiful toys are designed to be played with and cuddled.

Morning tea, coffee and pastries, a light lunch and afternoon drinks and cake are also included.


Hand made toys



5. Create Natural cleaning products in Lothian with Fresh Green Clean

Cleaning products that you use around the house can be full of environmentally harmful chemicals. One solution to help the water supply, environment in general and also you and your family could be to opt for products using natural ingredients. This course will teach you about creating natural cleaning products and using essentials oils – you will leave with three products to use at home and the knowledge of how to make them again.

And, while you are at it, ditch the single use cloths and paper towels and instead opt for re-useable / washable organic cotton ones.

"All equipment, ingredients (and refreshments!) are provided. You will make three products stored in glass to take home plus a recipe booklet. You will also receive a lot of information on green cleaning, top tips and interactive demonstrations."


Natural cleaning products


6. Candle Making Workshop in Exeter with The Recycled Candle Company

Making your own candles means that you can ensure you are using and burning natural wax such as soy, beeswax, hemp or coconut instead of paraffin which is non-renewable and has a negative impact on the environment. This course takes its environmentally friendly credentials one step further by using 100% recycled wax collected from hotels, restaurants and churches, plus you learn about the responsible sourcing of fragrance too!

"During the 4 hour workshop at our company studio in Devon, we will work with 100% recycled wax and explore the fragrance library we have here to create a range of beautiful fragranced candles., which are yours to take home with you.

You will have the opportunity to learn about every aspect of candle making from wick sizes through to the responsible sourcing of our fragrances."



Recycled candle making


7. Palm Oil Free Organic Soap Making Workshop in Shropshire with Organik Orangutan


Making your own soap means not only do you know exactly what is in it but it also helps to reduce single use plastic and waste. Learn to make cold press soap by blending natural oils and butters, everything is completely natural and no palm oil in sight – great for you, natural habitats and the environment.

"Spent the day with my Daughter on the soap making course. What a fabulous day! Learned so much from Rosie and created some beautiful soaps. We left with all our creations and lots of ideas. Lunch was delicious!"


Organik Orangutan soap


8. Coastal Foraging & Driftwood Art Breaks in Pembrokeshire with Creative Coastal Breaks

There is an abundance of highly nutritious will food all around us, whether you are a city, coastal or countryside dweller. If you learn to forage for the amount that you need it is ecologically sustainable and you will reduce your environmental impact both in terms of food miles and potentially damaging cultivated food development.

Learn all about coastal foraging – what to pick from the wild and how to use it. You will be introduced to some great new flavours and a sustainable pantry.

Coastal foraging



9. Grow your own organic produce in West Wales with Green Rocket Courses

Growing your own organic produce is incredibly fulfilling plus learning organic gardening techniques will help you to reduce your impact on the environment and become resilient to our changing climate.

"This accessible, hugely informative and fun course runs 9.30 through till 3 and includes tasty treats, refreshments, lunch and plants to take home."


Grow your own food



10. Summer Dyes from the Countryside in Shropshire with Acton Scott Historic Working Farm

Natural dyes are better than their synthetic counterparts because they do not contain the same potentially harmful (to your health and environment) chemicals. Natural dyes are biodegradable and so disposing of them will not cause pollution, plus, if you learn to do it yourself it will mean less of a carbon footprint in terms of product travel miles too – and you could create all sorts of wonderful textiles for your home and clothes.

This course will help you to identify and collect traditional dye material, prepare dye baths and dip dye wool.


Natural dyeing



If none of the courses above are in your area we have more options across the UK in Soap Making, Candle Making, Natural Beauty & Cosmetics, Foraging and BeeKeeping for you to browse.

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