The Little Craftery reviews

9 Apr 18'

Laura reviewed: Macrame - Beaded Bracelet

"Wendy is a calm and patient teacher, and everyone came away with a lovely macrame bracelet along with a new skill!"

9 Apr 18'

sue reviewed: Macrame - Beaded Bracelet

"What a lovely Macramé bracelet class where I learned a new creative skill on a wet Sunday morning. Wendy is very patient (just as well as I seemed to be the last one to finish every time) and very knowledgeable. I left the class eager to show off my new bracelet (which looked shop-bought, in a good way!) As soon as I arrived home I showed my daughter how to make a bracelet with the kit I bought from Wendy. Watch out everyone this Christmas, guess what you're going to get from me??!!"

9 Apr 18'

Emma Patrick reviewed: Macrame - Plant Hangers

"I enjoyed this so much I have booked into the macramé wall hanging class. The class was well taught and I am pleased with what I produced."

9 Apr 18'

BEVERLEY TREBLE reviewed: Macrame - Beaded Bracelet

"A very good course. Easy to learn thanks to Weny’s teaching and patience. Very relaxed and nice friendly atmosphere. Time goes very quickly and it’s informative and enjoyable. This is the second course I’ve had and will certainly be joining more in the future."

9 Apr 18'

Shan reviewed: Macrame - Plant Hangers

"Well taught and just the right number of other students"

9 Apr 18'

Anna Dann reviewed: Macrame - Plant Hangers

"I really enjoyed this class and would like to thank Wendy for all her help. I didn’t manage to complete my Macrame and have booked another session in order to go back and hopefully finish off. The classes are small and everyone is really friendly which helps put you at ease."

4 Apr 18'

Lucy Burrows reviewed: Paper Making - Hand Made Recycled Paper

"A really good and informative course. Well taught and easy to understand. I loved that it was messy and we were given equipment to take away to continue paper making at home."

25 Mar 18'

Julia Knights reviewed: Silver Jewellery - Ring Making

"Absolutely brilliant course. Tuition by Jenny was excellent. She's extremely helpful and patient. I took my sister and we were both thrilled with the result of our silver rings. Can't wait to do another course with the Little Craftery. Julia K. 24.3.18."

19 Mar 18'

Margaret Millgate reviewed: Jewellery Making - Floating Necklace

"Small and friendly class - everyone completed the items. The goods supplied are good quality, the instructions are well thought out and Wendy makes the items along with us and is always ready to offer help if needed.... and there's coffee or tea and biscuits. Lovely way to learn something new."

18 Mar 18'

Lin Salter reviewed: Paper Making - Hand Made Recycled Paper

"I really enjoyed the course and would recommend others to try the courses here."

18 Mar 18'

Sam Cole reviewed: Paper Making - Hand Made Recycled Paper

"Great relaxed environment. Learnt a lot and eager to try some more designs at home. Wendy was a great teacher and I highly recommend the course. I will be back in a few weeks for the felting - can't wait!"

17 Mar 18'

Yvonne Freeman reviewed: Chainmaille - Helmweave Bracelet

"Thank you for your patience and clear instructions while we made a beautiful bracelet. Looking forward to joining you for other courses soon."

17 Mar 18'

Jenny Crawford reviewed: Paper Making - Hand Made Recycled Paper

"Took me a while to get into paper making but with Wendy's help I got there and she is such a good tutor."

17 Mar 18'

Jenny reviewed: Jewellery Making - Floating Necklace

"I really enjoyed the jewellery making course, another style of necklace and earrings that I can make. Wendy is a good tutor in all crafts."

27 Feb 18'

Natasha reviewed: Needle Felting - 3D Cats

"I did a needle felting class here with my family and it was so fun! Wendy is a very good teacher and I came away with a gorgeous little cat!"

24 Feb 18'

Lucy indge reviewed: Needle Felting - 3D Cats

"The class was small (5 people) which was great because that enabled Wendy to help and coach each one of us not only as group but individually. She worked at a pace that was easy to follow. I am looking forward to practicing my new learned needle felting skills at home. I will be keen to do more classes in the future."

21 Feb 18'

Luisa reviewed: Macrame - Beaded Bracelet

"I wasn't sure I would be able to do it, but Wendy is very calm and patient and made it very easy. I've made a few more at home and I'm getting quicker. Definitely recommend. *****"

21 Feb 18'

Sarah reviewed: Macrame - Beaded Bracelet

"I'm really happy with my bracelet. Really enjoyed the class. Looking forward to the next one."

20 Feb 18'

Jean reviewed: Chainmaille - Helmweave Bracelet

"A lovely afternoon making my bracelet, I'll try to do more at home with what I learnt thank you wendy for offering to help me later if i have trouble at home i might take you up on that when i've forgotten ha ha ha"

18 Feb 18'

Lisa Jayne reviewed: Chainmaille - Helmweave Bracelet

"Really enjoyed the chain mail bracelet making, Wendy was so patient and it was so relaxing. Thank you"

18 Feb 18'

Helen reviewed: Jewellery Making & Beading - Treasure Necklace

"A lovely afternoon of crafting, Wendy is a very patient teacher and I'm very happy with my necklace."

16 Feb 18'

Sarah reviewed: Macrame - Beaded Bracelet

"I really enjoyed my macrame lesson on Monday with Wendy. Definitely going to be making some bracelets for friends over the next few weeks. Thank you for the tea and biscuits."

16 Feb 18'

Wendy reviewed: Macrame - Wall Art

"Thoroughly enjoyed the class, Wendy made it seem easier than I thought it would be. I just need to practice the knots before I forget how to do them :)"

14 Feb 18'

Needle felting - 3D birds reviewed: Needle Felting - 3D Cats

"Had a really good afternoon at The Little Craftery. The room is compact but was great for the 5 of us. The materials we were given were very generous, and we had a lot of freedom in what we made. Wendy was a brilliant and patient teacher, and with tea and biscuits on the go it was a lovely way to spend a rainy day. My bird is sat on our mantle piece and I am excited to return and make other items to sit with him. Will visit again."

12 Feb 18'

Victoria reviewed: Silver Jewellery - Ring Making

"I am a complete beginner, so I was worried that I wouldn't be able to actually make a ring that I could wear. But there was no need to worry, I am incredibly proud of the beautiful ring I made, which fits perfectly! The class was relaxed & comfortable, & Jenny was helpful & informative. I would definitely do another jewellery course with Jenny, & I would highly recommend this course! Thank you!"

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