Susan Martin reviews

17 Jun 24'

Lucinda Weis reviewed: Natural dyeing course in Pembrokeshire

"The course was wonderful. We felt like alchemists or witches as we toiled over saucepans filled with boiling concoctions made from freshly foraged plants! It was incredible to see the different colours emerging on the different yarns. Susan was fantastic. Her instructions and guidance were clear and she was very patient! She was very generous with her ideas and support. Definitely to be recommended. "

Susan Martin responded:

"I’m delighted you enjoyed the experience. Have fun with the samples you made and I hope the fleece felts well. "

16 Jun 24'

Marysia Penn reviewed: Natural dyeing course in Pembrokeshire

"Excellently, organised and informative course. We were encouraged to forage for materials, supplemented by tutor provided supplies. We experimented with a wide range of dye plants, mordants and supplementary treatments to produce yarn samples on wool, cotton, fleece and regenerated cotton. Eco-printing was yet more fun, creating direct contact print samples on paper, cotton, linen and wool. All techniques were supported by explanatory notes, discussion and references. Not to mention the homemade cake, tea and coffee! THANK YOU."

Susan Martin responded:

"Thank you Marysia. Glad you enjoyed the course and thank you for input on plants and textile techniques. "

6 Jul 23'

Chris reviewed: Natural dyeing course in Pembrokeshire

"Excellent weekend; a lot to take in but it all came together over the course of the two days. I came away with confidence that I could use the techniques and inspired by the great samples we produced and took home. Susan is an excellent teacher and responded really well to all questions and student input. Thank you again."

Susan Martin responded:

"Thank you very much for your feedback and contributions over the weekend. All the best with your projects."

5 Jul 23'

Kate reviewed: Natural dyeing course in Pembrokeshire

"This course was a retirement gift from my colleagues and it was perfect! They also gave me a book on plant dyeing so I had dabbled a bit but with variable success. Susan is an excellent teacher and answered all my questions and more. I attended with my sister and we had a wonderful weekend."

Susan Martin responded:

"That's great. Pleased to get you started with natural dyeing. Enjoy."

4 Jul 23'

Sheila Sim reviewed: Natural dyeing course in Pembrokeshire

"What a great course! The woodland setting was perfect and I loved gathering the plant material with which we dyed the yarn. Susan was well prepared and organised giving clear explanations and instructions. I came away with a good basic understanding of natural dyeing from knowing nothing at the beginning. Really enjoyed being in the fabulous workshop. "

Susan Martin responded:

"Thank you Sheila. Glad you enjoyed the weekend. Thanks for your company, plant and moth info."

4 Jul 22'

Anita Cunningham reviewed: Natural dyeing course in Pembrokeshire

"I did the course with my sister and it was so much fun we both loved it. Susan is a brilliant teacher and we learnt so much. It was a different experience, great to be in nature and totally memorable. I highly recommend Susan and the course!"

3 Jul 22'

Philippa Hunt reviewed: Natural dyeing course in Pembrokeshire

"Susan is very knowledgeable about plants, dyes, the chemistry and much more. The workshop was lovely, a friendly bunch of people learning new skills in a fabulous location. Susan explains things easily, she checks that things are understood and is easy going, making the learning process fun. Came home with lots of samples, labelled for information. I look forward to more courses with Susan."

Susan Martin responded:

"Thankyou for your review. It was lovely to meet you. I hope you enjoy using some of the techniques we explored."

15 May 22'

Liz reviewed: Introducing natural dyeing

"A lovely day spent in the woods gathering wildflowers and leaves to use for Eco dyeing- leaving the print of the flowers on card. Then being involved in the process of using various plant materials to create vivid or muted colours on wool and fleece depending on the plant material and method used- very exciting. Susan involved us all in the production which was very ‘hands on’ and we were all given samples of the dyed wool and fleece at the end of the day. She was very well organised - everything was to hand and there were printed notes and book lists to take away to continue your journey into natural dyeing."

12 Sep 21'

Dot reviewed: Summer natural dyeing in Pembrokeshire

"A lovely day in the woods learning about natural dying. It was a great introduction course and Susan was very informative. Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in natural dying."

Susan Martin responded:

"Thank you."

12 Sep 21'

Linda reviewed: Summer natural dyeing in Pembrokeshire

"Lovely atmosphere in the session. Knowledgeable and informative session leader, left confident enough to try it at home and am pleased with results. A lovely touch was the refreshments and cake"

Susan Martin responded:

"Thank you for your feedback. Glad you enjoyed the workshop. Have fun experimenting at home."

8 Sep 21'

Derek Lewis reviewed: Summer natural dyeing in Pembrokeshire

"Excellent workshop. Susan is very knowledgeable on her subject but makes the workshop suitable for all levels. Would thoroughly recommend."

18 Aug 21'

Cathy Palmer reviewed: Summer natural dyeing in Pembrokeshire

"A very interesting and fast paced day in a lovely woodland workshop. Susan certainly knows her stuff and is very good at passing her knowledge on. I came home with lots of samples of dyed wool, silk and cotton as well a set of clear course notes. A comprehensive introduction to natural eco-dyeing !"

3 Jul 21'

Linda Cook reviewed: Natural dyeing course in Pembrokeshire

"Loved the weekend in the woods with Susan. She is very knowledgeable and made it an interesting course with so much variety of mordanting, dyeing on fabrics, yarn and paper. I came away with so much more confidence and I'm looking forward to using everything I learnt over the 2 days."

28 Jun 21'

Ffion reviewed: Natural dyeing course in Pembrokeshire

"I’m new to natural dyeing but found this course fascinating and really enjoyable. The setting was beautiful and Susan was a lovely tutor who is really knowledgeable. I would recommend to anyone who is interested, especially if you are a beginner like me."

Susan Martin responded:

"Thank you for your comments. Really pleased you enjoyed the course."

25 Mar 19'

Angela Knight reviewed: Dyeing with Woad

"This was a really enjoyable and informative day. Susan is very knowledgeable and the course was exactly the right balance of learning and practical hands on experience with a relaxed atmosphere. The small class ensured Susan gave everyone the support they needed. Would thoroughly recommend."

25 Mar 19'

Sian Downing reviewed: Dyeing with Woad

"Many thanks for a very enjoyable day, Susan. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the process of dyeing with woad and was very pleased with my finished items. Your instruction was clear and concise and allowed us plenty of time for the practical, hands on experiences - thank you!"

7 Oct 18'

Janette Thomas reviewed: Natural dyeing at the National Wool Museum

"Susan is a great tutor who is very knowledgeable and made the course interesting and hands on. Good venue and facilities Very happy with the day and the results that we took home."

2 Aug 18'

Kirsty Forman reviewed: Dyeing with Woad

"Susan's dyeing with woad workshop was a well- paced and well- organised day leaving me satisfied and more confident in continuing to dye with woad at home. Susan is knowledgeable and friendly and enabled each participant to develop their expertise, and experiment with the fibres and textiles we had prepared beforehand, as well as with some textiles available for purchase from Susan. I thoroughly enjoyed the learning and experimentation and your teaching Susan and would definately recommend the course to others. Thank you!"

1 Aug 18'

Jo Taylor reviewed: Dyeing with Woad

"A very informative, hands on and enjoyable day. Susan created a friendly and relaxed environment but also delivered a well planned and organised set of activities - allowing us all to learn how to create dye baths from both Woad leaves and extract. The accompanying notes were comprehensive and a choice of materials were available to practise several different dyeing techniques. We also dyed materials brought from home. Susan is an experienced dyer and teacher and I definitely recommend her dye courses."

1 Jul 18'

Caroline Adams reviewed: Natural dyeing course in Pembrokeshire

"I enjoyed the course very much and learnt a lot from Susan. She is a great teacher with a wealrh of knowledge in her craft. I will do another course when I am able."

19 Jun 18'

Fiona Sharp reviewed: Dyeing with Woad

"Really lovely course, very interesting and I learned such a lot from Susan. Very pleased with the items I dyed. Definitely worth booking."

Susan Martin responded:

"Thank you for your review, much appreciated. Glad you enjoyed the course."

10 Jan 18'

Sue Ullrich reviewed: Dyeing with Woad

"Had a great day out exploring the use of woad to dye some of my own yarns. A very enjoyable day with an excellent tutor. Learned a lot and would recommend it to anyone starting off with natural dyes."

5 Jan 18'

Derek Lewis reviewed: Dyeing with Woad

"This was an excellent workshop. Susan has an in depth knowledge of her subject and is presented well. I have learnt a great deal on the use of Woad as a plant dye and I would thoroughly recommend it."

29 Sep 17'

Angela Self reviewed: Natural dyeing at the National Wool Museum

"A really enjoyable introduction to natural dyeing. In the course we dyed wool, fleece, silk and cotton with a number of plants including material collected from the National Wool Museum's excellent dyer's garden. Susan, the tutor, also provided comprehensive notes on the methods for us. An informative and enjoyable day."

28 Sep 17'

jeannie camm reviewed: Natural dyeing at the National Wool Museum

"A really enjoyable, informative day. A brilliant introduction to natural dyeing."

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