Sew Make it reviews

15 Apr 24'

Kate Morgan reviewed: Complete Beginners Sewing - Day course

"Get to know your sewing machine course - great day course in a modern venue with a lovely teacher. As a complete novice I came away from the course feeling so much more confident about using a sewing machine. I can now set up my machine and get started. I also have a much better understanding of stitch selection and some of the techniques involved in cushion and bag making! A great day course which gave me the introduction to sewing that I was hoping for. Thank you very much Judi I wouldn't hesitate to book onto to more courses with you!"

28 Mar 24'

Claire reviewed: Complete Beginners Sewing - Day course

"Very enjoyable day! Learnt a lot and got to take two items home."

3 Mar 24'

Zelie reviewed: Monthly Sewing March- Sewing with Felt

"A lovely relaxed afternoon. Great venue. Very friendly tuition. The pace of the workshop was good. All the materials were beautiful. Lovely and very useful end product with lots of skills learned along the way."

28 Feb 24'

Cara reviewed: Beginners Sewing- Tote Bag and Zipped Bag - Day Workshop - Worcester

"My first course with Judi. Will definitely sign up for another. Such a relaxing day with clear instructions, well paced. Great venue with good facilities. "

2 Feb 24'

Alexandra reviewed: Get to know your sewing machine

"Judi was informative and helpful. Really enjoyed making a little bag and getting the confidence of how to use my sewing machine. Was a relaxed class with a non pressured, calming atmosphere. "

28 Jan 24'

Deborah Crewe reviewed: Get to know your sewing machine

"Hi, delightful morning with Judy and co rediscovering how to use a sewing machine after 50 years, (back when I made all my own clothes in the 70s!) A group of about 9 of us were taken through the dynamics of our sewing machines and then we were put through our paces practising. By late morning we were all making drawstring bags perfectly! Lots of regular input and observation from Judy as she visited all our sewing tables. She’s lovely and relaxed and none of us were pressured. In fact throughout the class we all interacted and had fun as well as taking instruction. Highly recommended for a novice, for creative types, mums, retirees like me! Plus lots more sewing classes to add further skills and learn how to make a wide range of ideas. Great warm, cosy venue, with yummy refreshments. Easy parking."

29 Nov 23'

Mel Townsend reviewed: Get to know your sewing machine

"Judi was friendly, helpful and Informative. I really enjoyed the course and came home feeling confident to continue using my machine. Thank you "

27 Nov 23'

Alice Wild reviewed: Complete Beginners Sewing - Day course

"Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking a sewing course led by Judi, and I must say it was an incredibly informative and enjoyable experience. As a novice sewist, I was eager to learn the basics and gain confidence in using my sewing machine. Judi's expertise and teaching style surpassed my expectations and made the learning process both accessible and engaging. Throughout the course, Judi covered all the essential topics to help us understand and utilize our sewing machines effectively. From the parts of the sewing machine to threading and winding a bobbin, she patiently guided us through each step, ensuring that we had a solid grasp of the basics before moving on to more advanced techniques. One aspect of the course that I particularly appreciated was Judi's attention to detail when discussing stitch selection. She explained the different stitch options available on our machines and demonstrated their best uses. Furthermore, Judi taught us how to change the stitch length and adjust tension, allowing us to achieve the desired results for our sewing projects. Judi's expertise extended beyond the mechanics of the machine, as she also introduced us to various presser feet and taught us how to change them. This practical knowledge opened up a whole new range of possibilities for sewing projects, and I found her explanations clear and easy to follow. One of the highlights of the course was learning how to sew a straight line and turn corners effectively. Judi patiently demonstrated the technique and provided individual guidance to ensure we were achieving neat and precise stitches. This foundational skill has proven invaluable as I continue to explore different sewing projects. I was also delighted to have the opportunity to learn how to sew a buttonhole and properly cut fabric from a template. These hands-on lessons, along with Judi's clear instructions and guidance, gave me the confidence to tackle more complex sewing projects. Lastly, Judi emphasized the importance of neatening seams to achieve a professional finish. She shared various techniques to accomplish this, providing us with valuable tips and tricks that enhanced the quality of our sewing projects. Overall, I can confidently say that Judi's sewing course was a wonderful learning experience. Her knowledge, patience, and ability to communicate complex concepts in a relatable manner were truly commendable. Whether you are a beginner or looking to enhance your sewing skills, I highly recommend taking a course with her. I left the class feeling inspired and empowered to continue my sewing journey, equipped with the fundamental skills I need to tackle a wide range of projects. Thank you, Judi, for your dedication and passion in teaching sewing. I look forward to applying what I've learned and expanding my sewing abilities under your guidance in the future. "

Sew Make it responded:

"WOW!! Thank you so much Alice, it was a pleasure to guide you and the group through the sewing processes of the day. You all did so well. Look forward to seeing you and your cute Frister machine again soon ;)"

22 Oct 23'

Yasmin Davis reviewed: Beginners Sewing- Tote Bag and Zipped Bag - Day Workshop - Worcester

"Loved it!! Judi is so patient! I was so pleased with the end products and so were the other attendees! Thanks for another fabulous course!! I’ll definitely be keeping up with the sewing! "

22 Oct 23'

Sue reviewed: Beginners Sewing- Tote Bag and Zipped Bag - Day Workshop - Worcester

"I had a great day yesterday, with Judi, on her Totes and Zips sewing day. We were in Stoulton Village hall, a warm and comfy venue. I came away with three beautiful items and instructions to make more at home. Judi's calm and gentle tuition was invaluable. The mystery of how to put a zip in a small bag has now been solved!"

22 Oct 23'

Lisa Wilson reviewed: Beginners Sewing- Tote Bag and Zipped Bag - Day Workshop - Worcester

"The second day course I’ve done with Judi. We completed a tote bag and small/large zip bag. Very easy to follow with help along the way from Judi if you got stuck. Would highly recommend both starter course. "

22 Oct 23'

Claire Herring reviewed: Beginners Sewing- Tote Bag and Zipped Bag - Day Workshop - Worcester

"Had a great day with Judi who helped our small group make a reversible tote bag, a zipped makeup bag and a zipped cosmetic bag. Very good instructions from Judi who was always on hand and patient to help each of us individually. An excellent venue with good sized tables for each person and plenty of tea and coffee and biscuits!! Judi made it all very friendly and informal and nothing was too much trouble for her in helping beginners!"

22 Oct 23'

Gill ireson reviewed: Beginners Sewing- Tote Bag and Zipped Bag - Day Workshop - Worcester

"I've just done another sewing course with Judi. I really enjoyed making my bags. A lovely group of ladies. Looking forward to the next one. Highly recommend giving these courses a go. "

15 Oct 23'

Sue Smith reviewed: Complete Beginners Sewing - Day course

"Perfect course for the complete novice. Came away looking forward to using the sewing machine which had just been gathering dust!"

15 Oct 23'

Yasmin Davis reviewed: Complete Beginners Sewing - Day course

"Judi was very patient and helped us all to navigate our machines! We were all complete beginners and I hadn’t even switched on a machine before! By the end of the course I’d managed to make a little bag and a cushion cover! I’m going back next week to learn how to make a bag and put a zip in a bag! I’m definitely going to continue sewing and improving!! Thank you!! "

24 Sep 23'

Gill reviewed: Complete Beginners Sewing - Day course

"I had a great day yesterday at The beginners sewing class. Judi was brilliant. Definitely would love to do another class and would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to give sewing a go. "

24 Sep 23'

Lisa Wilson reviewed: Complete Beginners Sewing - Day course

"Very enjoyable class. Learnt a great deal in a short time. Looking forward to doing the tote bag and zip course."

19 Jun 23'

Jenny Griffiths reviewed: Beginners Sewing- Tote Bag and Zipped Bag - Day Workshop - Worcester

"Had another fab day. Judi is friendly and helpful and I learned lots. "

20 Apr 23'

Jenny Griffiths reviewed: Get to know your sewing machine

"Really enjoyed it , learned so much, lovely lady teaching us , lovely venue "

17 Apr 23'

Debbie Bailey reviewed: Get to know your sewing machine

"This was such a lovely afternoon and my confidence in using the sewing machine increased enormously! Judi’s quiet, calm manner was so reassuring. She is very knowledgeable and so patient. She also made it fun ! Thanks !"

27 Mar 23'

Margaret reviewed: Intro to Dressmaking - Pyjama Bottoms/ Shorts

"Really enjoyed this class . I forgot my material, Judi was so helpful and she supplied me with material . I made some shorts for my daughter, she is going to wear them on her holiday. "

27 Mar 23'

Sue Galligan reviewed: Intro to Dressmaking - Pyjama Bottoms/ Shorts

"An excellent workshop with a wearable garment after a few hours! Judy is a very good and patient teacher. Each step was explained and demonstrated both to the group and individually in a way that gave confidence which led to success on the day and inspiration to ‘have a go at home’. Highly recommend."

26 Feb 23'

Debbie reviewed: Beginners Sewing- Tote Bag and Zipped Bag - Day Workshop - Worcester

"Such a lovely day with Judi and Ruth. Gently guided through the process of making a reversible tote bag with super quality material and in a great setting. Judi is patient with such a novice as me. Made a zipped bag and nearly completed a further large zip bag, I can continue at home. Friendly and fun small group, all spaced out. Lunch break with great facilities. Thankyou Judi and Ruth for such a special day, can't wait for the next course!"

2 Feb 23'

Tracy reviewed: Complete Beginners Sewing - Day course

"I was slightly nervous because I was such a novice that I had only fetched my sewing machine out of the box 2 days before the course but at least half the people on the course were as inexperienced as me. The course was well paced and there was plenty of help and individual instruction. I was actually very proud of the bag and cushion cover that I had managed to produce by the end of the day. I'd be the first to admit I have no natural talent and they weren't perfect to anyone who knew what they were doing but they were pretty good for my first attempt. Now it's practice, practice, practice before I go to the second day."

1 Feb 23'

Debbie reviewed: Complete Beginners Sewing - Day course

"Super informative course with patient tutor and good facilities. Would recommend this course to anyone wanting to know how to use a sewing machine and have some great items to go home with at end of day. "

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