Rosanna Clare reviews

20 Oct 22'

Emma Heylen reviewed: Half day: 3 Leather Accessories

"We had a fantastic morning doing leather crafts. Learnt a lot about leather itself and were taught all the basic skills to make our own bits. Made a card holder and a luggage tag both which look great thanks to Rosanna’s guidance and very excited to use them! Would recommend. "

10 Oct 22'

Danny reviewed: Rucksack in a day workshop

"This has been one of the best 1 day courses I have attended. Rosanna the tutor was very good at showing us exactly what to do and is an amazing expert leather craftsperson. We had a choice of fabrics and leathers for the rucksack but it was a full on day to get the project complete within a single day. We were not rushed, but equally we didn’t hang around to get everything complete. The end product was absolutely brilliant. Super happy with it. I showed my friends and family afterwards, they all thought I had bought the racksack from a posh shop and couldn’t believe I actually made it myself. I would highly recommend this course and I would like to attend some of the leather workshops by Rosanna. "

8 Aug 22'

Tonia reviewed: One day leather bag making workshop

"My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed our day with Rosanna. She was a patient tutor and we were both delighted to learn new skills. We are really pleased with the finished bags that we have taken home. We are hoping to book another course soon!"

23 Jun 22'

Maria reviewed: Full day leather craft workshop

"Rosanna was an excellent instructor, calm and very helpful. Rosanna explained the processes clearly and thoroughly which made the experience of learning with leather enjoyable and fun. I came away with 5 beautiful leather items. Rosanna has fabulous stock and I absolutely loved my leather day experience."

23 Jun 22'

RICHARD JOHN TERRY reviewed: Full day leather craft workshop

"Thank you so much for an interesting day. Rosanna was excellent at explaining, demonstrating and providing individual help when required. A day well spent for anyone interested in learning a new skill in relaxed surroundings. Good to come away having actually made practical items that you can be proud of. Many thanks PS. The dog is very sweet too"

4 May 22'

Katherine reviewed: One day leather bag making workshop

"My sister and I had a fantastic day spending time together and making our bags with Rosanna. We both came away with beautiful leather bags. Rosanna helped us create just what we both wanted and gave us as much help as we needed at every stage - my bag has attracted lots of compliments and no-one can believe I made it myself (and tbh nor can I!)"

Rosanna Clare responded:

" Arh thanks Katherine, so glad you enjoyed the day - you deserve all the lovely comments ??"

26 Apr 22'

Carolyn reviewed: Saddle bag in a day workshop

"I had a lovely day on Friday making a saddle handbag with Rosanna. Learning all the skills and the speedy sewing machine (which was a challenge) and great knowledge from Rosanna. The Smithbrook Kilns is a lovely place with a few workshops and a café to stop at for lunch. Thank you"

Rosanna Clare responded:

" So glad you enjoyed it Carolyn, thanks for your review. Hope to see you again soon, Regards, Rosanna"

16 Apr 22'

Steve Hurren reviewed: Full day leather craft workshop

"I was amazed at what I was taught to do. Good conversation first class tuition I would recommend this workshop I am going to book another workshop with Roseanne."

30 Jan 22'

Oliver van Zwanenberg reviewed: Rucksack in a day workshop

"The Rucksack Workshop was a full-on day of learning new skills. I am new to leather craft and learnt a lot from Rosanna. She is a great teacher, guiding through every step, answering any questions about the materials & process, and providing future recommendations. The studio is a peaceful, creative space to work. The template patterns were ready to use, only having to choose the material from an extensive range of coloured leather, canvas, lining and thread. If I made a mistake, Rosanna helped fix it and showed me how to avoid repeating the mistake going forward. The result was a high-quality rucksack that feels very personal. I found Rosanna to be very accommodating, willing to pick me up from the train station due to travel problems I had that day. I would highly recommend anyone interested to try one of Rosanna’s workshops; there is something to learn if you are a novice or experienced."

13 Jan 22'

Chris B reviewed: Full day leather craft workshop

"I had a lovely, relaxed day in the workshop learning a range of skills and creating 5 items that I’m really pleased with. Rosanna is a great teacher, the workshop is small but cosy and the steady pace of the day made it rather therapeutic (although I wasn’t exactly ‘relaxed’ when I started on the machine stitching for the first time!). There was great freedom in what to create and how you wanted it to look so everything I created feels personal. I’d highly recommend this or any of the courses Rosanna offers and may we’ll be back myself one day!"

4 Jan 22'

Trudy Coughlan reviewed: Full day leather craft workshop

"Attended the full day leather craft workshop, together with my daughter. I wanted to use an old handbag to make other items (I made a phone bag and a tray) and my daughter made several small items. I had done the handbag making course a few years ago and really enjoyed it so this was an add-on and refresher from that. My daughter also enjoyed her day, learning new skills and using a sewing machine. Rosanna is very knowledgeable and helpful and we both came away wanting to do more!"

19 Aug 21'

Annie Scott reviewed: Saddle bag in a day workshop

"Lovely day making my own saddle bag which was great fun and very therapeutic. Rosanna was a great teacher as I was new to leather craft and great to learn new skills."

16 Aug 21'

Rebecca reviewed: One day leather bag making workshop

"I purchased the course as a birthday present for my Mum and my Aunt also joined us. It was a complete surprise for my Mum and she couldn't have been more excited. Rosanna was so patient working with our different paces throughout the day, and could not have been more accommodating assuring we all got the bags we has envisioned in our heads. Needless to say we were all delighted with the finished product and they came out all looking very unique and completely professional. We are already fighting the urge to book on to another course soon!"

24 Jul 21'

Dave Jarvis reviewed: Dog collar & lead course

"Another excellent course on dog collar & lead that I've attended run by Rosanna. I can thoroughly recommend spending 3 hours doing this workshop. It's the first time I'd used the sewing machine for stitching and with some help from Rosanna going round the ends, I feel pretty confident of tacking more projects own my own using a machine. As always, Rosanna was very helpful and encouraging throughout the morning. I'm very proud off the collar & lead end result and looking forward to continuing this wonderful hobby. Thank you again Rosanna and sorry to have run a little over time with my hand stitching."

22 Jul 21'

Kate Clark-Kennedy reviewed: Rucksack in a day workshop

"The whole day was just wonderful. Right from the start, when you arrive at the lovely creative studio in such peaceful surroundings, you then choose the colour of the leather and then the colour of the canvas and then of course the colour of the lining. Choices, choices, choices! I have done a previous course with Rosanna so I knew just how organised and what a great teacher she was. The patterns were all ready for us to cut out and she explained everything we had to do in great detail and helped us when we got to a tricky bit! I wanted to learn how to sew leather and how to construct a bag and that is exactly what happened and I had a great time doing it. I returned home with my lovely rucksack and everyone said how talented I was. Rosanna is the talented one but just a tiny bit of that has rubbed off on me! If you are thinking about doing a course with Rosanna, just sign up, you won't regret it."

Rosanna Clare responded:

" Arh thank you Kate, what a lovely review. So glad you enjoyed the course - and you are very talented! xx"

21 Jul 21'

Kinj Amin reviewed: Rucksack in a day workshop

"Fantastic day learning some important skills. Lovely choice of materials and Rosanna is wonderful and very patient. You simply cannot go wrong with this course it is a perfect day out! Book now!"

10 Jul 21'

Kellie reviewed: Rucksack in a day workshop

"This was my third workshop with Rosanna, this time my fiancé joined us to make 'his & hers' rucksacks! We love the fact we’ve made something unique & learnt skills for future use. We thoroughly enjoyed the day, choosing the canvas, leather & the templates definitely made things easier. Rosanna is a great teacher and was always on hand, especially with some of the tricky sewing, which the sewing machines handled with ease. If you like crafting, the opportunity to learn from a great teacher, to use great materials & take away something unique then book yourself on this course, you won’t be disappointed!"

Rosanna Clare responded:

" Thanks for a lovely review Kellie - so glad you enjoyed it ?"

2 Jul 21'

Linda reviewed: One day leather bag making workshop

"Rosanna’s workshop is an Aladdin’s cave of leather-working: skins in so many colours to choose from, all sorts of tools, sewing machines, all the hardware you need for bags, key-rings and belts, material for linings, and all the beautiful bags she makes to sell. Two things impressed from the very start: the fact that the three of us had all arrived early, so we started early and Rosanna’s passion. Well, Rosanna has it for both leather and teaching. The couple, on the three-hour course, were making a number of small items: such as a credit card case, a key-ring tassle, glasses case, luggage tag, bookmark, notebook cover and trinket tray. So Rosanna divided her time between them and me and not once did any of us feel we were left waiting. I started by learning how to cut the leather pieces out, using a template and a rotary cutter. These pieces were then glued together, before stitching on an industrial sewing machine. That last piece of equipment was new to me, and it took a little time to get used to the slight differences from my home version. Zips, linings, tabs and hardware followed. Rosanna was happy to work through lunch, me too, so we carried on and had an early finish. And I was delighted with my fold-over bag."

24 Jun 21'

Jillian Deans reviewed: Two day leather bag making workshop

"Attended the two day bag making workshop with a friend and was very happy with the results. Despite being a bit daunted by using a sewing machine (I have very limited experience), Rosanna was very patient and helped guide me through the tricky bits such as turning corners and and sewing through multiple layers of leather and fabric. Was impressed with how well Rosanna was able to keep us both on track to complete in two days as we were making very different bags."

24 Jun 21'

Armelle Lovegrove reviewed: Two day leather bag making workshop

"I really enjoyed the 2 day workshop that I completed with my friend last week-end. I had never made a leather bag before and I learnt a lot about the construction and design of the bag. It was stimulating and exciting. We worked hard on both days and what a result! I have received so many compliments for the bag that I made with you and I am really proud of what I have achieved. Thank you so much for your patience, sorry for blunting your blades :)"

25 May 21'

Dave Jarvis reviewed: Full day leather craft workshop

"Hi Rosanna, I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful and interesting one day workshop that I attended on Wednesday (19th May). I'm really pleased with what I achieved with the four items that I made and it's certainly spurred me on to do more things and try out new ideas. Your advice on the day was invaluable and I look forward to maybe attending another course in the near future. Thanks again for being the perfect host and for tolerating the celebrity banter!? Best regards, Dave"

23 May 21'

Kim Matthews reviewed: Two day leather bag making workshop

"What a fantastic experience! Thank you Rosanna for your time, patience and expertise. The two days spent in your studio just flew by - a good sign that I was enjoying myself. The end product was just fab. Thanks once again. I thoroughly recommend you and your leather courses to anyone who wishes to try something new or even refresh old skills."

22 May 21'

Alison White reviewed: Two day leather bag making workshop

"2 fascinating days absorbing a totally new craft activity - I think I'm hooked! Thank you Rosanna for so generously sharing your skills and experience, the volume of information imparted (and I hope a good amount imported) over the 2 days was immense. Your skills and experience as a 'teacher', keeping us going at pace so that we successfully completed our desired finished project was equally matched with you making us feel comfortable and welcome in your workshop - a jewel of a place bursting with creative influence and intriguing tools and equipment. Clearly you are a talented designer and maker but you're also a skilled problem solver, quick to find a solution when my measuring skills fell sort (more than once) and you're a hunter, able to find missing tools that constantly found their way to my magnetic end of the bench!"

21 May 21'

Mariana Botero reviewed: Two day leather bag making workshop

"Rosanna is a fantastic teacher. She was able to take my ideas and help me translate them into an actual project. She is extremely patient and passionate; she creates a very fun learning environment. I learned so much from her and I would definitely recommend her courses to anyone, even if you have no previous knowledge of sewing or leather working."

5 May 21'

Sarah-Jane O'Shea reviewed: Full day leather craft workshop

"I was given this course as a Xmas present and had a wonderful time. Rosanna studio is full of interesting tools and leather pieces and set in a lovely location. She was a great teacher, providing everything I needed to make some fun starter leather work. I have to admit to being slightly addicted following my session and am determined to return to continue my learning journey."

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