Mandala Meadow reviews

7 May 22'

Jackie and Julie Botten reviewed: Mandala drawing - Beginners

"Absolutely excellent course. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you so much Kathryn for a totally immersive experience."

Mandala Meadow responded:

" Hi Jackie and Julie. It was great to meet you both. I'm so pleased you enjoyed this morning, as did I. It would be wonderful to see you again sometime."

12 Feb 22'

Lynne K reviewed: Mandala drawing - Beginners

"Just happened to see the Mandala Drawing for Beginners class mentioned on Facebook, a couple of days before it was due to take place, and thought it might be fun to do. I booked it straightaway and am so pleased I did! It turned out that I was the only student who had booked for that day's class, but Kathryn was happy to accommodate me nevertheless, and having the one to one tuition was great. It meant I didn't feel at all rushed, or that I had to keep up with others, and could ask as many questions as I liked, but I'm sure it would have been just the same had the class been full. I had never done anything like it before, but Kathryn is so lovely, friendly and patient, and her teaching so clear and easy to follow, that I was confident that, with her help, I could achieve a good result. I'm thrilled with my first effort, and once I've had chance to practise the techniques for a while, I will have no hesitation in booking on the intermediate class to extend my new found skills. Thank you so much, Kathryn, for a wonderful and relaxing morning, which I thoroughly enjoyed."

21 Nov 21'

James Harris reviewed: Mandala drawing - Beginners

"I really enjoyed this session! Creating a Mandala from scratch was great fun and Kathryn made the workshop fun and interesting. I have continued with the Mandala drawing afterwards. Very relaxing. Would certainly recommend it!"

Mandala Meadow responded:

" I'm so pleased you enjoyed it and thank you for your review. It was lovely to meet you. I hope you get a great many years of enjoyment creating Mandalas!"

7 Jun 21'

Caroline Pitt reviewed: Celtic Knots - Beginners - Part One

"Clear instruction during live zoom session followed by pdf sheets. A very relaxed workshop, very satisfying."

Mandala Meadow responded:

" Thank you, Caroline. It was lovely to see you again for another class. And thank you for sigining up for my art club this month. Looking forward to introducing you to Arabic geometry. It's fascinating!"

2 Jun 21'

Damien reviewed: Mandala drawing - Beginners

"My partner and I have just finished the beginner class with Kathryn. So insightful, so meditative, so slow.. completely immersed, a real pleasure! Kathryn distills her advice while letting us get into the depths of the mandala world. Again, a real pleasure and willingness to continue! Thanks Kathryn!"

Mandala Meadow responded:

" It was a lovely evening. I'm so pleased you both got so much out of it and I hope to see you for another class soon."

15 Apr 21'

Kathryn Richardson reviewed: Mandala drawing - Beginners

"I booked the course for my daughters birthday and she really enjoyed it. Kathryn was very patient and understanding and the course was so enjoyable. It gave Niamh a wonderful insight into the history and design of this ancient craft, a delightful morning, many thanks!"

Mandala Meadow responded:

" Thanks, Kathryn. I'm so pleased she enjoyed it. It was a lovely morning."

31 Mar 21'

Liz Tipping reviewed: Mandala Drawing - Intermediate

"Great workshop, Kathryn is a great teacher, giving us plenty of time to complete each section. She makes the sessions relaxing and fun. Shame there was only two of us, but so nice to have time to meet another lovely lady and her beautiful cat."

Mandala Meadow responded:

" Thank you, Liz! That really is appreciated. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it."

28 Mar 21'

Joanshaw reviewed: Mandala drawing - Beginners

"Very good first lesson, well explained. new experience."

24 Mar 21'

Jill Prior reviewed: Mandala drawing for beginners (private large group)

"I was the group organiser for a private event with Kathryn for on Tuesday 23rd November. It was the most relaxing workshop that I have ever attended. I think we all wondered if we would be able to create such an intricate pattern, but believe me, were all were really happy with the end results! The instructions were so clear and Kathryn's Powerpoint presentation on screen meant that no one get lost along the way. For anyone who likes doodling - this is the craft for you. You learn how to make a precise base template with just a compass, clear ruler, protractor and HB pencil and from that point Kathryn guides you on how to create the intricate patterns. No need to worry if you pattern doesn't look perfect when you are creating it - this craft is very forgiving and it's almost impossible to spot any imperfections. Kathryn was also able to help us source some really good value compasses and pens for the event which was a great help. After the event she also sends participants the Powerpoint slides of her session and a pdf with some further patterns that they can incorporate into your own designs. If you want to reward a team with a good, calming and inspiring activity, this is the one to do!! We are all addicted!!"

Mandala Meadow responded:

" Thank you, Jill. It was great to meet you all and I'm so pleased everyone enjoyed it. It was a fun afternoon. We all need a creative outlet, especially in these strange times and mandala drawing is very beneficaial for our mental health, particularly for relaxation - it's a great stress buster. And I find it so rewarding when people who say they can't draw are delighted with the results they achieve drawing a mandala."

21 Mar 21'

Will Ramsden reviewed: Mandala drawing - Beginners

"Loved it. Did this for my wife’s 30th and it was such good fun, very relaxing and generally a great way to spend a morning. Kathryn was wonderful!"

Mandala Meadow responded:

" Thanks, Will. It was great to meet you both and I'm so pleased you and your wife enjoyed the class. I hope it was a fun surprise for her birthday."

18 Mar 21'

Shanaz reviewed: Mandala drawing - Beginners

"Kathryn was wonderful, it was my first attempt at drawing a mandala and she helped me though it, explained all about the history and methods of it. I really enjoyed drawing the video was so simple and easy to follow and I managed to draw the pattern on my own, was very proud of myself. Thank you Kathryn, you made it so easy from zoom. Looking forward to do more."

Mandala Meadow responded:

" Thank you so much, Shanaz. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it and got such satisfaction out of creating mandalas. I look forward to seeing more of your artwork. I hope you'll join me for another class soon."

12 Mar 21'

Moira reviewed: Mandala drawing - Beginners

"My first online workshop during lockdown. I have been looking for something to re-kindle my creativity and finally found it. Mandala drawing suits my style of intricate drawing and I am now hooked. A great workshop run by Kathryn who was very patient and explained the process very well. I am now using the follow up notes to create a Mandala, hopefully worthy of putting on display. Thanks Kathryn."

Mandala Meadow responded:

" My pleasure! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your artwork. I hope you'll share it in our Facebook group and thank you for joining!"

12 Mar 21'

Ruth reviewed: Mandala drawing - Beginners

"This class was simple and fun - I really enjoyed it. I feel able to take what I have learned and continue with my own pieces. And the website has given me some great ideas. Kathryn was extremely accommodating in terms of when I had the class. I ended up in a class on my own as I couldn't manage the times she normally does but it was not a problem for her."

Mandala Meadow responded:

" Thanks Ruth. It was great to meet you and I so pleased you enjoyed my class (despite the inital technical glitches). And thank you for joining my Facebook group. I hope to see you again soon."

4 Mar 21'

Jackie Epps reviewed: Mandala drawing - Beginners

"So enjoyed this. Kathryn gave a brief background to the use of mandalas around the world. Her instructions were clear and I have learned the basics of producing a mandala, also with an idea of the further complexities which are possible and will be fun to explore. Anyone who likes drawing and patterns will enjoy this beginner course and will be intrigued to learn more."

Mandala Meadow responded:

" Thank you so much, Jackie. I'm so pleased you found it interesting as well as enjoyable. I hope what you have learnt gives you many more hours of enjoyment and creativity."

1 Mar 21'

Mandy reviewed: Mandala drawing - Beginners

"Host friendly and approachable, can't believe I managed to produce a Mandala! Thank you"

Mandala Meadow responded:

" Thank you, Mandy. It was great to meet you. I hope your first mandala, is the first of many!"

27 Feb 21'

Liz Tipping reviewed: Mandala drawing - Beginners

"Loved the course, so nice just having a few people, it felt more 'homely' more intimate. The level was pitched just right, and Kathryn gave us plenty of time to catch up. Can't wait to do the next level. Thank you Kathryn"

Mandala Meadow responded:

" Thank you, Liz. It was a lovely morning. I'm so pleased you loved it. I do prefer to keep the class size small where possible, just 5 or 6 people ideally. Although it does work surpsingly well with larger groups too. Looking forward to seeing you again before too long!"

24 Feb 21'

Nicola Down reviewed: Mandala Drawing - Intermediate

"Very happy morning learning more about how to draw and colour a mandala."

Mandala Meadow responded:

" Thank you, Nicola both for your review and for joining me for more classes. I'm so pleased you are enjoying them."

21 Feb 21'

Tracy W reviewed: Mandala drawing - Beginners

"Fantastic workshop. Interesting and inspiring. Kathryn is an excellent tutor."

Mandala Meadow responded:

" Thank you, Tracy! That's great to know you enjoyed it."

11 Feb 21'

ms emma t reynolds reviewed: Mandala drawing - Beginners

"It was so relaxing. Kathryn was very patient and such fun. I was so pleased with what I had learned. I think I'm addicted to Mandalas now! Highly recommend this course"

Mandala Meadow responded:

" Thanks Emma. I think that's a wonderful addiction! It was lovely to meet you and I hope to see you again sometime. So pleased you enjoyd the class."

9 Feb 21'

Sue Hitchcock reviewed: Mandala Drawing - Intermediate

"really clear explanation and time given to get it right. great way of switching off and learning new skill. Thoroughly enjoyed the session."

Mandala Meadow responded:

" Thank yu, Sue. It was lovely to see you again! I'm so pleased you enjoyed it. Looking forward to our workshop later in the month."

7 Feb 21'

Kate Howe reviewed: Mandala drawing - Beginners

"Really enjoyable morning and amazed at how can be achieved. Feel very inspired .... Many Thanks"

Mandala Meadow responded:

" That's great, Kate. Thank you so much for the feedback. People are often pleasnatly surprised by what they can achieve in this class and its alway so nice to hear about it."

4 Feb 21'

Shelley reviewed: Mandala drawing - Beginners

"I had such a great time with Kathryn. Kathryn is a very nice person and immediately makes one feel at ease. The information she shares is fascinating and drawing a Mandala with her is very relaxing. Kathryn also supplies you with written examples so you can continue later at your free time. Simply excellent!"

Mandala Meadow responded:

" Thank you, Shelley. That's very kind of you to say so. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it and hope you have many hours of enjoyment yet to come creating mandalas. So pleased you've joined our Facebook group too. See you again sometime soon I hope."

30 Jan 21'

Jackie Cullum reviewed: Mandala drawing - Beginners

"I so much enjoyed the Mandala drawing course with Kathryn. She explained things very well and I was lucky enough to have a one to one session which was relaxing. To understand the history of Mandala, which began with Buddhist monks, and the spread to other cultures was fascinating. I look forward to pursuing the art."

Mandala Meadow responded:

" Thanks you, Jackie. I'm so pleased you found it so interesting. I hope what you've learned brings you many happy hours creating new mandalas."

28 Jan 21'

Nicola Down reviewed: Mandala drawing - Beginners

"Very well thought through workshop. I had a lovely morning with Kathryn, who has the gift of being able to inform and be knowledgeable on an interesting topic and also be good fun. I would recommend this to everyone. Very good for my lockdown well being. Thank you and long may my compass rule!"

Mandala Meadow responded:

" Thank you so much, Nicola. That is kind of you to say so. And thank you for booking a second class. Looking forward to it."

24 Jan 21'

Diane Denney reviewed: Mandala drawing - Beginners

"What a lovely way to pass the time - learning this ancient art form and its wellbeing properties. Kathryn was a very enthusiastic teacher and encouraged us which made it fun and the group were just lovely. I’m hooked now - and looking forward to more of Kathryn’s courses."

Mandala Meadow responded:

" Thank you, Diane. I'm so pleased you found it interesting as well as fun and also relaxing. Delighted to hear that you are hookeed! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your artwork."

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