Knithub 24 reviews

10 Mar 21'

Eileen Flanagan reviewed: Learn to Knit a Pom Pom Hat

"I had a fantastic time! I love that they send all the materials in advance! I really appreciated it."

10 Mar 21'

Leroy Payne reviewed: Men's Knitting Class

"Really stress-relieving! I had an excellent time in this course! The instructor made sure that we were all having a great time."

10 Mar 21'

Wystan Dudley reviewed: Men's Knitting Class

"Great atmosphere! Everyone was kind and I felt really comfortable. My beanie turned out great."

12 Feb 21'

Michael Devery reviewed: Men's Knitting Class

"I had absolutely no experience of knitting before doing this course and am very happy to have my own knitted hat on my head as I write this review. You will need to put in work between the sessions, but Farah was always available for any questions and very helpful during the online course sessions."

17 Nov 20'

Isabel Draper reviewed: Create a Gorgeous Macramé Wall Hanging

"Good preparation is crucial as the very long threads have a mind of their own - before the workshop starts make sure you have a clear table to work on, and be ready to fix the dowel down with sticky tape after you’ve placed the first knots on. Alternatively, suspend the dowel horizontally so the threads will hang from it. Time will be saved if you untie the knotted bundles of thread beforehand. And shoo the cat out or she’ll think it’s Christmas!"

6 Sep 20'

Teresa Fraser reviewed: Beginner's Machine Knitting

"I bought my preowned knitting Machine a couple of years ago and after many failed attempts to get going, it’s been sat in a cupboard gathering dust. I came across this course quite by accident, and I’m so happy that I did. In 150 minutes of excellent tuition, Farah has got me up and running and really excited about the potential of developing my expertise. Everything was very clearly explained and demonstrated, Farah talked me through a few hiccups and was very patient as I worked through each process. The course notes were excellent, very clear and well explained and will be an excellent aide memoir for the future. This has given me so much confidence to continue exploring and experimenting with the machine and one I’ve had time to consolidate what I have learned, I’ll be back for more!"

8 Jan 20'

Beverley Jefferson reviewed: Knitting for Beginners

"I thoroughly enjoyed learning to knit. The teacher was very patient with me, as I didn't always grasp things first time. She was happy to go over stitches with me as many times as was required. I didn't feel silly to ask basic questions. All in all, I would heartily recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn knitting. I will come back again for more classes. Bev x"

3 Dec 19'

Natalia Samuel reviewed: Crochet - beginner level

"I attended the crochet classes at Knithub 24. First of all, I just want to say that I love their studio - such a cool place to learn! I also liked the fact that we had 3 classes in a row, so I could go home and practice what I had learnt and then could ask any questions at the next class. I thought that was useful. In general, I thought the class was really fun and inspiring. I feel ready to tackle some crochet projects on my own."

Knithub 24 responded:

" Thank you so much Natalia for your wonderful review! We hope to see you again soon. Warm wishes, Knithub 24 Team"

1 Dec 19'

Nadia reviewed: Knitting for Beginners

"I used to knit when I was at school but I had forgotten everything. So this course was perfect for me as I could go right back to basics. I quickly remembered why I used to enjoy knitting so much. It's really relaxing and I have found myself knitting in front of the TV and on the train. I really love it! Knithub 24 is a great school - it's in a good location and the teachers are really nice. I will practice my new skills a bit more and then go back for the intermediate level. If you're thinking about learning to knit, just go for it!"

Knithub 24 responded:

" Great to meet and teach you, Nadia! Keep practising your knitting and we hope to see you again soon :)"

29 Nov 19'

Lottie reviewed: Knit by machine - beginner level

"I really enjoyed this class. I've learned that with machine knitting, the opportunities to create something new and different are literally endless. I'm really excited to try things out on my own now. I thought the teacher was excellent. She was super patient and showed me techniques again and again until I had mastered it. Highly recommend this class!"

Knithub 24 responded:

" Thank you Lottie, for your lovely review! We hope you see you again soon. Best wishes, Knithub 24 Team"

28 Nov 19'

Geraldine reviewed: Knit by machine - beginner level

"Wonderful class! I had been wanting to learn machine knitting for months but I had never got round to it. I’m so pleased to have found Knithub 24. The teacher was really patient and knowledgeable. I will definitely come back for more classes."

Knithub 24 responded:

" Thank you Geraldine! It was a pleasure to meet you. See you again soon! Warm wishes, Knithub 24 Team"

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