Great British Woodshop reviews

6 Jun 24'

Steve reviewed: Router Day Class

"David was really nice, learnt so much in a day. Really glad I booked the course "

5 Jun 24'

Melissa reviewed: Beginners DIY and Home Maintenance day course

"Would highly recommend this course for any novice DIYers out there or people just wanting more knowledge and skills in the fundamentals of DIY. David, the course leader, was incredibly knowledgeable and engaging, with a good sense of humour which added additional fun and comfort to the course. Set in the beautiful grounds of his home, in his self built workshop, David tailored the class to the groups needs and desires and provided guidance and knowledge for personal projects to ensure we completed them with the correct tools and newly found confidence. Thanks for a great day David "

7 May 24'

Kasia reviewed: Welding day class

"That welding course was fantastic! The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable and approachable, making learning a breeze. I loved the session where I could practice new techniques with confidence. It was also a great opportunity to connect with other enthusiasts. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in welding skills. It was a great pleasure. Thank you very much!"

23 Mar 24'

Paul reviewed: Welding day class

"I've always wanted to learn to weld but didn’t want to do 10 weeks at night school. After doing the day course with Neil who had worked for mclaren f1 team as a welder so has a lot of great stories, I went out and brought a welder and am now confident to weld on my own. On the course we tried arc welding, mig welding, tig and alloy welding, so we got to learn the benefits of each type of welding and what was more useful for me on a farm. Had a great day, would def recommend it."

3 Mar 24'

helen bambrough reviewed: Router Day Class

"This was really useful, I was so excited to attend. The group and Dave (teacher) were really supportive. I would have perhaps liked a little more hands on though and bought something away with me. An intricate bit of routing that I'd done... or similar. I did a woodturning workshop last year and came home with a bowl and it would have been nice to add to the collection. Great day though, fully recommend it. "

14 Jan 24'

Kev reviewed: Welding day class

"A great course. Neil was very knowledgeable and patient. Had a good amount of time to practice on various techniques. Next step get own machine!"

11 Jan 24'

Peter Sheppard reviewed: Welding day class

"I certainly enjoyed my day , Neil was very welcoming right from the start. In the workshop Neil took us through all types of welding explaining different applications and equipment. We were able to learn hands on with Neil’s guidance throughout the day which for me is how I best learn . So definitely 4 stars from me will hope to return again for another course"

4 Jan 24'

Richard Grimwood reviewed: Router Day Class

"Excellent course really helpful with router setup and usage.The hinge setting and hinge jig were particularly helpful to me and now feel a lot more confident in using the router to hang doors fingers crossed. David was clear and patient and I come away feeling it was a very worthwhile day. Will definitely return for another course Kind regards Richard "

15 Nov 23'

P reviewed: Router Day Class

"NOT a good course. I used the router for 15 seconds in 9 hours. The rest of the time was just talking and showing us through a trend magazine. The guy was really nice but in my opinion half day could have been talking and safety, then the afternoon actually doing cuts and then being able to ask questions that arise while using the router. It’s like having a driving lesson but not using the car. "

Great British Woodshop responded:

"Sorry to hear the course didn’t meet your expectations but I am a bit confused by the comments. We covered everything that is listed in the course content which you saw when you booked. The group was encouraged to ask questions all through the day at various stages which they did, so plenty of time for questions. Your comments suggest you didn't use the router. About 50% of the day was using the router and everyone in the class used a router to create rebates, grooves, dados, mortises and profiles using straight cutting bits and bearing guided cutters on both the portable router in the morning and the table router in the afternoon. So there was plenty of hands-on for everyone on the day and you did the same operations as the other three students that day. By the way the class was 7 and half hours, we don't count the lunch break as training time. The class isn't designed as a practice day, it's to learn the capabilities, functions and operations of the router and how to use it safely. It could be that this class was below your skill level and that you are a more advanced operator so you were expecting something else other than what is described in the class content. In any case we always strive to give everyone a brilliant day so were sorry you didn’t go away with that. "

23 Oct 23'

Melanie Lew-Smith reviewed: Basic tiling course

"I was fortunate enough to have a "one to one" basic tiling course with David this month. He was very methodical and thorough when explaining how to get the basics of tiling done correctly and asked me about my own tiling project. We went through exactly what needed to be done and tools required, based on my own project, and gave me the confidence to cut my own tiles. Would definitely recommend this course."

Great British Woodshop responded:

"Thanks Melanie, it was a pleasure to help you. Hope the job is well underway. "

10 Oct 23'

Christine Green reviewed: Upholstery full day class - strip, pad and cover a dining chair

"I had the best time on the upholstery full day course. The venue was perfect, the ‘on the job’ training was exactly what I wanted. Highly recommended. "

6 Oct 23'

Melissa reviewed: Upholstery full day class - strip, pad and cover a dining chair

"I can't recommend this course highly enough. David puts you at ease straight away and whatever your skill base I guarantee you will learn so much as well as coming out with an incredibly beautiful item for your home. A definite must for anyone with an interest in home décor, design or just a love of learning something new. "

28 Sep 23'

Nichola reviewed: Basic tiling course

"Really useful lesson on the basics which has definitely given me the confidence to tackle my own project. Only a couple of us in the lesson so plenty of opportunity to ask questions."

2 Sep 23'

Rus Slater reviewed: Upholstery full day class - strip, pad and cover a dining chair

"Really enjoyed the course and learned a great deal from a master of his craft. I would strongly recommend David's course to anyone wanting to learn to reupholster their dining chairs."

21 Aug 23'

Luke reviewed: Router Day Class

"The course was perfect! The amount of manageable information given in one day really set me up to take on the world of routing woodworking projects. The theory was brilliant and then to use it practically everything fell into place. Highly recommend this course"

23 Jul 23'

Gordon reviewed: Router Day Class

"A very worthwhile course. It is a very full day and peppered with useful tips and sage advice from David. More than enough to get you going confidently with a router. David is also an experienced instructor who is unobtrusively sensitive to the needs of the individual as well as the group."

16 Jun 23'

David Howard reviewed: Basic woodworking and DIY course

"A very enjoyable day. Some useful re-visiting of the basics as well as some excellent tips and advice."

11 May 23'

Rona Pickering reviewed: Upholstery full day class - strip, pad and cover a dining chair

"David is a very knowledgeable tutor who made the day both extremely interesting and enjoyable - Thank you "

5 May 23'

James H reviewed: Welding day class

"Really good course to learn the basics of welding. We covered some theory then there was the opportunity for lots of time getting hands-on with the various pieces of equipment. Neil is a great teacher and has a wealth of fascinating stories to share too! Overall a great day, would recommend."

28 Apr 23'

Matt Simmonds reviewed: Welding day class

"Had a great day learning the basics of welding with Neil with some great hands on experience with different types of welding. I really felt that Neil knew what he was talking about and had a wealth of experience and stories to draw from throughout the day, such an interesting chap!"

21 Apr 23'

Karen Burfoot reviewed: Skills - Ultimate power tools

"What a wonderful course. David is full of knowledge but never makes you feel like you are asking a stupid question. He teaches you safety, maintenance and what to look for. I would recommend this course for anyone and everyone. I left for home with new skills and shed envy! "

6 Apr 23'

Claire reviewed: Upholstered footstool course

"Fantastic fun course with a great instructor. Have a great footstool to boot! I have never done anything like this before but that didn't matter as we were taken through everything step by step. I would totally recommend this course or any run by the Great British Woodshop."

Great British Woodshop responded:

"Thanks Claire, so glad you enjoyed the class, look forward to seeing you again. Best wishes David "

6 Mar 23'

Nick O'Shea reviewed: Spray painting - furniture, doors, sculpture, metal, wood, masonry

"An excellent day course, that provided a complete overview of Spray Painting with a good balance of progressive theory and practical application. David's extension knowledge and skill allows for the training to be delivered at an individual level, all practical skills were delivered with all safety considerations taught using first class equipment and materials. Overall a professionally delivered skills course, all you need to start spraying safety with plenty of tips and advice throughout the day, thanks. "

Great British Woodshop responded:

"Many thanks for your review Nick and thank you for joining us for the day."

25 Feb 23'

Simon Hall reviewed: Skills - Ultimate power tools

"A really good course, covering everything that you might need or want to know. I really recommend it. Fantastic. I'll be going back for some more as there is a great range of areas covered by the various courses."

17 Feb 23'

Leanne O'Neill reviewed: Upholstery full day class - strip, pad and cover a dining chair

"As a lover of all things arts and crafts, I was very excited to find a woodwork company that offered day classes, rather than courses, relatively locally. The course I attended was run by David, who seems to be a master in pretty much everything and an all-round fascinating man. Nearly eight hours in the workshop flew by and I had a thoroughly enjoyable day. What a workshop!!! There are many courses covering a wide variety of topics from plumbing to making a deck chair; I attended the full day upholstery class. In addition to coming home with a wonderfully revamped kitchen chair, I learnt so much from David, just chatting to him about woodwork and tools. The Great British Woodshop really is great. Fantastic in fact. I highly recommend them and in actual fact have booked on my next project!"

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