Gosman Spoon Co. reviews

4 Dec 23'

Sophie reviewed: Beginners spoon carving

"Thank you so much. I was on a ridiculous high by the time I got home - my daughter asked why I was being so weird! I will definitely spread the word about the secret delights of making a spoon. And look forward to attempting a bowl one day. "

24 Nov 23'

Simon reviewed: Beginner’s bowl carving

"Had a great time with Nick on a kuksa bowl carving weekend. He was very welcoming, was quite to adjust his teaching methods to my learning style. Highly recommended. "

Gosman Spoon Co. responded:

" Thank you Simon. It was great meeting you and talking about trees and wood! You’re welcome anytime to contact me for advice on tools etc :)"

13 Nov 23'

Adam reviewed: Beginners spoon carving

"Nick and Debbie were very welcoming and the course was fantastic. Nick was very knowledgeable and a great teacher! A thoroughly relaxing and wonderful day! Thank you! "

Gosman Spoon Co. responded:

" Thank you so much, we’re so glad you enjoyed your day! If you have any questions about tools or anything to do with woodcarving, please just contact me."

30 Oct 23'

Tim Nixon reviewed: Beginners spoon carving

"Forget about the spoon carving for a moment. This was a group of individuals with a common interest enjoying a sunny day and regular tea and coffee whilst learning a new skill. Nick, the tutor, is excellent, very knowledgeable and equally patient and helpful. Only regret is that I have to wait until the spring for the next bowl carving course. Highly recommended."

Gosman Spoon Co. responded:

" Thank you so much Tim. It really was a fantastic workshop group!"

23 Oct 23'

Andy Roberts reviewed: Beginners spoon carving

"A very cheery welcome on arrival at Nick and Debbie's home with a gratefully received cuppa. With all participants gathered, an instructional walk began around the back garden with information given on the types of trees and their uses and suitability for carving. Then down to the nitty gritty of spoon varieties and designs. Excellent instruction from both Nick and Debbie on the safe use of axes and knives, both keeping a safety eye on us and offering help and advise where needed. A most enjoyable experience with great participants and tutors extraordinaire, highly recommended."

Gosman Spoon Co. responded:

" Thank you so much for you lovely comments and review. If you have questions about tools or anything about green woodworking, just drop me a message."

27 Sep 23'

Ian Raven reviewed: Beginner’s bowl carving

"Had a fantastic time on the Beginner's Bowl Carving course with Nick. He is both very talented and knowledgeable and also great company. I came away with two bowls that I was pleased with and a renewed passion for green woodworking - so much so that I'm looking to book something again with Nick soon. Highly recommended for both the beginner and those with more experience as well."

Gosman Spoon Co. responded:

" Thank you Ian! We hope to have the chance to welcome you back in the near future."

6 Sep 23'

Nathan reviewed: Beginners spoon carving

"I had no expectations or indeed much experience with using an axe (other than to occasionally split logs), so I was amazed that I could take a log and make a spoon from it. Nick was a great teacher, full of advice and useful information. I am waiting for the right tools to do justice to my learning but feel inspired and much more confident working wood both with a knife and axe! Thanks"

Gosman Spoon Co. responded:

" Thank you Nathan! We’re so glad you enjoyed your day and the experience. Please just contact me if you have any questions about tools."

21 Aug 23'

Kathleen Kaluza reviewed: Beginner’s bowl carving

"We attended the course as a family (all adults) and everyone found it thoroughly enjoyable and engrossing. We were taught about tools and how to use them as well as woods and ways to treat/carve them. There were certainly challenges as there were 4 of us and there is a lot to learn, but Nick was a rigorous and attentive teacher (as well as very sociable) and it is to his credit that we all came away with a sense of achievement as well as bowls and spoons we were pleased with. It was an excellent weekend and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to try something new and immersive."

Gosman Spoon Co. responded:

" Thank you so much Kathleen! You were all model students. Very best wishes Nick & Debbie "

10 Jul 23'

Abigail reviewed: Beginners spoon carving

"Nick was such a wonderful host and craftsman, we had such an enjoyable day. We came as a surprise gift for my step dads 70th birthday and we had so much fun and I didn’t realise I would be any good with an axe! No prior experience needed and a really wonderful present. Thank you "

Gosman Spoon Co. responded:

" Thank you! It was a pleasure to meet you both."

12 Jun 23'

Mark kirk reviewed: Advanced spoon carving techniques

"This was a great time advancing skills in spoon carving. Nick was really knowledgeable and great at explaining what is needed to create a spoon. It was a relaxing and informative course with so much learnt from the time spent. In my opinion Nick is under pricing himself as I’ve seen similar courses for a lot more and this man knows his stuff and is patient and friendly in his teaching approach. I would definitely use the service provided by Nick in the future and highly recommend anybody who really appreciates the benefits of green wood working to sign up for some of his precious knowledge. It was a long drive from Leicester for me but so worth it. Thanks Nick and Debbie who even supplied hot beverages which unfortunately didn’t get tested due to enjoying the lesson. "

Gosman Spoon Co. responded:

" Thank you so much Mark for your kind review. It was a pleasure to meet you."

8 May 23'

Ian Herrington reviewed: Beginners spoon carving

"A most enjoyable day! Nick was an excellent tutor, plenty of time and patience for every one of us no matter how well we were doing! And with copious tea, coffee and cake, a very relaxing day; and I came home with a spoon I carved myself that I certainly couldn't have considered doing at the beginning of the day. Many thanks for the encouragement and I look forward to continuing a new hobby! "

Gosman Spoon Co. responded:

" Thank you so much Ian, we’re so glad you enjoyed your day. If you need any help in developing your carving or need help with finding tools, please just let me know."

5 Apr 23'

ken mathews reviewed: Beginners spoon carving

"A very relaxing and enjoyable day. Spoon ended up somewhat rustic. Maybe my skills need some refining!"

Gosman Spoon Co. responded:

" Thank you Ken! If you need any further advice or information, please contact me."

3 Apr 23'

Alan reviewed: Beginners spoon carving

"Thank you for a super course and a fabulous day. Our group of four were well looked after and all ended up with stupendous spoons and the odd 'butter' knife. Many thanks."

Gosman Spoon Co. responded:

" Thank you so much Alan! It was great fun having you all!"

28 Nov 22'

Jo and Oscar reviewed: Beginners spoon carving

"We so enjoyed this workshop … we learnt so much more than carving a spoon, wood, how to work with and understand it, the equipment, Nick was very patient and thoughtful …. my son is 14 and totally enjoyed and engaged learning … I would, well we would highly recommend this workshop, and will definitely return …. Thank you again…"

Gosman Spoon Co. responded:

" Thank you both. We’re so glad you enjoyed it! Best wishes Nick & Debbie"

31 Oct 22'

Emma reviewed: Beginner’s bowl carving

"An absolutely wonderful relaxed but very skill focussed weekend making Sami bowls. Nick was there to tutor us through the processes of axe and knife work but also allowed us to bring our own artistic elements to the finished products. We all came away with the most wonderful bowls and spoons and the skills to make more in the future. Thank you too, to Debbie for the most wonderful welcome and catering. Highly recommend this couple and their company. "

Gosman Spoon Co. responded:

" Thank you Emma. We’re so glad you all enjoyed your weekend!"

6 Oct 22'

Julie Buckley reviewed: Beginners spoon carving

"Thoroughly enjoyed this course. I was bought it as a birthday present and had no idea what to expect. We were met by Nick and Debbie who were both so welcoming and knowledgeable. The day flew by as we sat in the sunshine in their garden and turned a big lump of wood into a spoon using axes and knives. I’ll never look at wooden spoons the same way again. I left filled with ideas and inspiration and a fairly decent spoon for a first attempt."

Gosman Spoon Co. responded:

" Thanks Julie. It’s always amazing how much there is to making a simple spoon!"

6 Oct 22'

Ben reviewed: Beginners spoon carving

"Brilliant day excellent instruction and by the end of the day had a decent looking spoon, would highly recommend. The home made soup for lunch was also lovely. Thanks. Ben"

Gosman Spoon Co. responded:

" Thanks Ben and glad you enjoyed the soup! "

5 Oct 22'

Richard Holborn reviewed: Beginners spoon carving

"An excellent day - Nick made everyone feel really comfortable and capable. Explaining the tools and the techniques of spoon carving. Would really recommend and made all the better by the amazing vegetable soup produced by Debbie - which was a welcome surprise!! Everyone walks away with a spoon! "

Gosman Spoon Co. responded:

" We’re so glad you enjoyed the course and the soup! Please just email if you need any more information."

20 Sep 22'

Liz reviewed: Beginners spoon carving

"I booked my husband onto the spoon carving course as a birthday gift. He thoroughly enjoyed it! Nick and Debbie were very helpful and friendly. Everything, including the setup and tools to use, were really good. Highly recommended. "

Gosman Spoon Co. responded:

" Thank you so much Liz for your kind words. We’re so glad that Richard enjoyed his day and that you had a great day at Bressingham! If Richard or you would like more information on greenwood carving or tools, etc., please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Best wishes Nick & Debbie"

19 Sep 22'

Nikki reviewed: Advanced spoon carving techniques

"Nick is a very friendly and accommodating chap. Although he's extremely knowledgeable about tools and wood, he has a kindly gentle way of sharing it. The beautiful setting feels like you're in a woodland despite being very easy to get to. Likewise Debbie is lovely, keeping us plied with proper coffee and tasty treats. We did the whole day course, each making our own spoons for our household. I remember being told a Welsh saying along the lines of, "a couple who stirs together stays together"; which is why I thought it would be a nice craft to do together. We had a lovely sunny day which started with a little chat around the fire. Then we learned about wood, tools and resources for getting started. Very soon we were designing our own spoons, riding draw horses and wielding axes. Then we ate our packed lunches and raring to go we resumed with carving and finessing our spoons. No sooner said than done we made a smaller eating spoon. The time flew by and it was such a delight to spend time without digital devices. You could do this craft on your own, as a couple, with a friend or as a family group. Be warned though you will sleep ever so soundly, dreaming of running away to woods and becoming a spoon carving elf. ;-) "

Gosman Spoon Co. responded:

" Thank you Nikki for such a lovely review and for your kind words. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need advice on tools etc. Spoon carving can become very compulsive! Best wishes Nick & Debbie"

27 Jun 22'

Andrew Cole reviewed: Beginner’s bowl carving

"As a complete novice I was a little nervous as to how quick I’d be able to actually make something, but I needn’t have been. Nick very quickly got me into it, his knowledge and ability to teach is second to none, and it’s clearly something he is passionate about. The feeling when you’ve produced something is fantastic. The setting of the course is beautiful and the hospitality from Nick and Debbie is wonderful, with the constant flow of coffee and of course the home made scones. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to get away from things and immerse in something completely new. ?"

Gosman Spoon Co. responded:

" Thank you Andrew for your lovely comments and review, it’s much appreciated. If you have any questions about tools or need advice, etc, please don’t hesitate to ask :)"

26 Apr 22'

Christina reviewed: Beginners spoon carving

"Nick and Sophie are great hosts and they do everything to give all participants a fabulous experience. One to one attention instills confidence, which in turn supports individual creative processes. Everything at the right pace, patient guidance, and an obvious love of sharing their knowledge, skills and passion. Relaxing setting away from noise and interruptions and the very best warm scones made the day perfect. And I have finally used my carving axe and carved a spoon. Thank you. Christina"

Gosman Spoon Co. responded:

" Thank you so much for your kind words Christina, it was lovely having you here and the weather was marvellous, so perfect all round! If you have any questions or need help finding tools, please just ask!"

25 Apr 22'

John Pettigrew reviewed: Beginners spoon carving

"Lovely venue and kind, welcoming hosts. We learned a lot and were well supported in learning a new craft - and well fed with tea and excellent home-made scones! Being given some more green wood to take home and start a second spoon with was great. There are few things more annoying than learning something fun and then not having the chance to continue. Overall, a great day and definitely recommended."

Gosman Spoon Co. responded:

" Thank you John, we’re so glad you both enjoyed your day. If you have any questions, just ask!"

20 Apr 22'

Mike reviewed: Beginners spoon carving

"I did this course recently and I have to say the whole day was excellent and great fun. Nick is a great tutor, explaining things clearly and being patient while us newbies were trying not to hack our fingers off! I particularly enjoyed the fact that Nick and his wife Debbie obviously have a proper interest in nature and the outdoors and took the time to explain not only the process of spoon carving itself, but also some history around the tools and correct wood to use etc. I felt like I came away from the course with decent background knowledge, a new skill and a new spoon of course! Great fun and highly recommended."

Gosman Spoon Co. responded:

" Thank you so much for your kind words Mike. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me."

9 Apr 22'

Julia South reviewed: Beginners spoon carving

"I didn't actually attend the course but my son and husband did. They really enjoyed the day. My son is starting DofE and wanted to test the water to see if woodworking could be the skill he learnt and this course gave him a good starter insight. Booking and communication was straight forward also, so would definitely recommend this course."

Gosman Spoon Co. responded:

" Thank you Julia, we’re so glad your sone enjoyed the day!"

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