Gedwood reviews

13 Oct 20'

The Cousins reviewed: Log to Stool with Gedwood

"Treated to a fabulous day with Ged at his amazing workshop. He taught us how to use a range of woodworking tools & gave a demonstration before we all started our stools. Ged was around for assistance & reassurance if we needed it. All in all a really great day learning new skills in a lovely environment and we are so happy with our wee stools!"

Gedwood responded:

" Glad you enjoyed the course guys ?"

12 Oct 20'

Yvonne reviewed: Log to tumbler with Gedwood

"A great course for beginners, or those with a little more green wood working experience. Ged's relaxed teaching style makes it easy to learn, and not worry about making mistakes - he can usually fix them! I'd recommend Ged's courses, and I'll be doing another."

Gedwood responded:

" Hi Yvonne, Many thanks for your feedback and hope to see you again getting creative in my workshop. Hope you enjoy a dram or two in your whisky tumblers! ?"

12 Oct 20'

Prem Shah reviewed: Log to tumbler with Gedwood

"Thanks Ged- great course. Learnt a lot (including that I need to practice quite a bit!). Would recommend this course anytime. One of the highlights is using the manual lathe."

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Prem. Glad you enjoyed turning the tumblers on the lathe and enjoy a dram in them soon ?"

12 Oct 20'

Les Sturgeon reviewed: Log to tumbler with Gedwood

"I had a great day with Ged in his well equipped outdoor workshop. This is the third course I have done with Ged and it won't be my last. Ged is a friendly and enthusiastic teacher who is very willing to pass on his knowledge of green woodworking. Knew skills are learnt and you walk away with a unique handcrafted piece."

Gedwood responded:

" Hi Les, thanks so much for your kind words. Hope to see you again soon?"

11 Oct 20'

Darren Angrave reviewed: Introduction to green woodworking with Gedwood

"My day started when I received a gift voucher from my wife for christmas. Due to the Covid lockdown I wasn't sure if or when I would be able to attend a course. I contacted Ged and he told me about some courses he was running and I booked the introduction to Green wood working. It was great!! from the pre-arrival email noting all the current precautions in place and a brief insight to the day to walking away with my days project, Ged had thought of everything. The working areas were all set out with full sets of tools at each station and a brief talk on each stage of working the wood. Ged is not only knowledgeable about the subject at hand but also very passionate about not only the traditional woodworking but the countryside and it's management and use by everyone also. He is a very friendly amiable man who will help you and offer any ideas to make your experience one to remember. Thank you Ged."

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks for your feed back Darren. Glad you got a lot out of it and enjoy using your lathe turned mallet in your workshop!"

9 Oct 20'

David reviewed: Cleft ash gate making with Gedwood

"Thanks Ged for a great weekend, learned lots of new skills and my gate will look great when it is ready to fit. One other thing,rain didnae dampen our spirits and the crack was brilliant."

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks David. Yes it was a challenging workshop with the weather! - but the conversation certainly helped us all along."

7 Oct 20'

Peter MacDonald reviewed: Cleft ash gate making with Gedwood

"Despite the rain, the workshop was fantastic, the workshop area was well set out and we had plenty of space to work. All the tools were clean and sharp and the instruction from Ged was good. There were 4 on the course and the space was fine. The setting for the workshop is great ,the location is easy to get to. with the aid of Geds information he sends out. Look forward to returning for another workshop and to invite Ged to the opening of the gate."

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks for that Peter. Look forward to the gate launch?"

5 Oct 20'

Eleanor reviewed: Cleft ash gate making with Gedwood

"A lovely weekend. I really enjoyed it. It was very nice to learn some of the basics of working with greenwood and to get a completed gate at the end. The workshop space was a really nice environment despite the almost constant rain over the weekend."

Gedwood responded:

" Glad you enjoyed it Eleanor and your all dried out now!? regards Ged"

30 Sep 20'

Andrew King reviewed: Log to Stool with Gedwood

"Had a great day and learnt a lot about how to cut and shape green wood which I had never done before. The instructions are easy to follow and Ged was around to help and guide as needed. A beautiful location to have the workshop too, so a bonus on the surroundings. Will definitely look out for other courses from Ged and will practice the skills I learnt on the day."

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Andrew. Glad you enjoyed the course and hope to see you again on another course?"

27 Sep 20'

Norman Banks reviewed: Make your own shavehorse with Gedwood

"A very enjoyable course. All the basic green woodworking techniques were covered. Well demonstrated with very calm and clear explanations/descriptions. Used a wide range of tools. Came away with a fine shave horse. Even better, we had sun all weekend. Ged makes a good cup of tea too."

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Norman. Hope you make good use of your shavehorse when your drawknife arrives!?"

24 Sep 20'

Thomas Harper reviewed: Make your own shavehorse with Gedwood

"I decided to go on this 2 day shave horse course after doing a log to stool course with Ged and had a great time. I didn’t have a huge amount of experience with green woodworking but the course was easy to follow and Ged has a wealth of knowledge about green woodworking which he is happy to share it, as well as make recommendations about tools etc. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, the course is well worth it."

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks again Thomas. I love teaching how to make the shavehorse. Its such a great skill building course both for me and the student!"

24 Sep 20'

Thomas Harper reviewed: Log to Stool with Gedwood

"The idea of making a piece of furniture starting from scratch with unprocessed greenwood is something quite special in this modern world. Reset, relax and relearn a much forgotten skill that most would have known a century ago. Leave not only with a great piece of furniture but a wealth of knowledge provided by Ged and the skills and confidence to go on and create other things. This was a fantastic course and great value for money. We use the stool every day."

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks for your kind words Thomas. And good to know your stool is being put to use!"

21 Sep 20'

Charlotte reviewed: Introduction to green woodworking with Gedwood

"A great introductory workshop. I had a really enjoyable day learning the basics and trying out various different tools and techniques including using the pole lathe. Ged is a great teacher, very knowledgable and patient and I enjoyed learning from him. Its a beautiful relaxing setting and I'd recommend the course, its definitely inspired me to learn more!"

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks for that Charlotte. I enjoyed the day too! See you on the log to stool course"

6 Sep 20'

Tony T reviewed: Cleft ash gate making with Gedwood

"Whether new to green woodworking or already with some experience, this course won’t disappoint you. The day I was there Ged was as welcoming as ever with freshly brewed coffee and his legendary flapjack ready and waiting for us all. You can get a feel for what’s coming just by walking through his own cleft-ash gateway and then sitting in his hand-built kitchen. Evidence of wood crafting is everywhere. The gate course involves extensive use of the shave horse and draw knife which, especially if it’s a sunny day, is a wonderful experience. The smell of the ash bark and green wood as it peels away under the knife will linger in your memory for days afterwards. Ged is an excellent tutor and will coach you to work with the wood to shape it into the components of the gate. I was utterly delighted with the result and inspired to take further courses with Ged to learn even more."

Gedwood responded:

" Hi Tony, Thats very kind of you to say. Glad you enjoyed the weekend and are pleased with your ash gate!"

31 Aug 20'

Alan Linee reviewed: Log to tumbler with Gedwood

"My log to tumbler course was great, Ged is a very knowledgeable, friendly and inspiring teacher whom is passionate about his craft and sharing his skills, the workshop is in a beautiful sheltered setting in Speyside , Scotland with plenty of room for getting to grips with the tools needed ( pole lathe was great fun) yet creating a friendly sociable space, something helped by Geds friendly, relaxed approach and the kettle always ready for a brew. I started this course not quite at beginner level along with some who were, we all learnt a wealth of green wood working skills and finished with a product to be proud of.. I highly recommend learning your green wood working skills with Ged in this great setting..."

Gedwood responded:

" ..ahh thanks very much Alan for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was a pleasure sharing my knowledge with you?"

30 Aug 20'

Thys Simpson reviewed: Log to Stool with Gedwood

"Did this course with the "Ged Master" last year and my son is now using this stool for his drumming lessons! I realy enjoyed the relaxed environment at Gedwood as much as learning how to make a stool. Enjoyable, informative and a great hand crafted result which is a useful stool. Perfect."

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Thys. Glad your stool is being put to use! ?"

30 Aug 20'

Thys Simpson reviewed: Make your own shavehorse with Gedwood

"Having done this course I can truthfully say it is excellent. Good value for money by a teacher who is passionate about green woodwork and superb at sharing this with you. Ged is calm and helpful as well as patient with everyone. The result of the course was that we all went home with our own finished hand crafted shavehorse. Brilliant."

Gedwood responded:

" Glad you enjoyed it Thys. Its one of my favorite workshops to run as you learn so many green woodworking skills making a shavehorse."

30 Aug 20'

Thys Simpson reviewed: Log to tumbler with Gedwood

"Enjoyed my day with Ged. He is a great teacher who takes his time with you on those things you find difficult to do. Fantastic setting too. Highly recommended."

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks again Thys. Really enjoyed delivering this workshop. Hope your making good use of your whisky tumblers - slainte!"

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