Gedwood reviews

30 Apr 23'

Shane L reviewed: Log to tumbler with Gedwood

"What a fantastic day! Ged was welcoming, very knowledgeable and is a very patient tutor. This meant a very relaxed atmosphere. It was my 1st time using a pole-lathe and can't wait to do another course to try it again. I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone wanting to try green woodworking."

Gedwood responded:

" Many thanks Shane. And enjoy a fine malt when your tumblers have seasoned! 😊 regards Ged"

30 Apr 23'

Roy reviewed: Cleft ash gate making with Gedwood

"I had a really enjoyable 2 days making the ash gate under the expert tuition of Ged. Learnt loads of new techniques that I’m hopping to replicate at home. Also considering booking another course with Ged as I enjoyed myself so much at his workshop setting."

Gedwood responded:

" Thank you Roy. Glad you got a lot out of the course and hope to see you again on an other one!"

30 Apr 23'

Peter Austin reviewed: Cleft ash gate making with Gedwood

"This was my second course with Ged, the first being a fortnight earlier making a shave horse. On both occasions it was a great pleasure to learn and work with his traditional tools, which he had obviously spent many hours sharpening and honing. The ash shavings virtually fell away from the work piece. I thoroughly recommend anyone even vaguely interested to take advantage of one of Ged’s courses, you won’t regret it! He takes a stall at various outdoor events and will be happy to elaborate. "

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks very much Peter. Glad you enjoyed the gate making course, and happy shaving on the shavehorse!"

30 Apr 23'

Ian MacLennan reviewed: Log to tumbler with Gedwood

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Ged was patient, clear, and hands-on with his demonstration and instruction. Learned a lot and wouldn't hesitate in booking further courses."

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Ian, enjoy a dram in your tumblers!😊"

15 Apr 23'

Paul reviewed: Log to tumbler with Gedwood

"I really enjoyed this course and I now have two new whisky tumblers, what's not to like! Ged was a great tutor, patient and very knowledgeable. I found the process and learning to use the tools really interesting and great fun. Highly recommended!"

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Paul. Enjoy a dram or two in your tumblers soon! 😊 Slainte Ged"

30 Mar 23'

Mike McManus reviewed: Introduction to green woodworking with Gedwood

"A fantastic introduction to working with green wood. It's nice to make a few items to take home and show off! Ged has the experience, tools and setup for a great day. Thanks again. "

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Mike! Hope your mallet is drying out nicely. Ged😊"

22 Mar 23'

Ginnette reviewed: Log to Stool with Gedwood

"Bought this for my husband who had a wonderful day. Ged was encouraging, patient and with a good sense of humor. My husband would love to return to do more courses with Ged."

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Ginnette. He is more than welcome to come back for some more shaving and carving! Ged"

20 Mar 23'

Paul McKellar reviewed: Log to Stool with Gedwood

"Fantastic course! Ged was very knowledgeable and skilled in what he does. He led us through the process of making the stool with ease. With his teaching techniques I was able to exactly replicate what he demonstrated with ease. There was plenty of time to complete the stool and it was a very enjoyable experience. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone, previous experience not required 👍"

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Paul! Hope to see you again on a course. The shavehorse making is calling you!👍"

30 Oct 22'

Kieron reviewed: Log to Stool with Gedwood

"Very enjoyable, I had never done anything like it before but Ged was very helpful and knowledgeable."

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Kieron. That was a fine stool you and Dani made! Ged "

30 Oct 22'

Dani reviewed: Log to Stool with Gedwood

"Great course and a welcoming, knowledgeable tutor. I learnt some great new skills in a relaxed, scenic environment. I will definitely be back to try out some of the other classes. "

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Dani. Glad you enjoyed the workshop😊"

23 Oct 22'

Simon reviewed: Log to tumbler with Gedwood

"This is a great course, very hands-on using traditional techniques, and you come away with two whisky tumblers!"

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Simon. Enjoy your dram - slainte! Ged"

20 Oct 22'

Colin Scott reviewed: Cleft ash gate making with Gedwood

"Very enjoyable 2 day course carefully supervised by Ged to get the best results from all attendees. I am also very happy and proud of the result."

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Colin. It was a joy to teach this workshop ☺"

13 Oct 22'

Paul Southworth reviewed: Cleft ash gate making with Gedwood

"I had no previous woodworking skills but I really enjoyed this course - a great balance of learning new skills while also coming out with a beautiful product at the end. Fun, relaxing and engrossing!"

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Paul. Glad you enjoyed the process of making a cleft ash gate?"

13 Oct 22'

Donna reviewed: Log to tumbler with Gedwood

"Truly fantastic experience. I haven't done anything like this before and absolutely loved the day spent making tumblers. Ged is a great teacher and his passion for his craft shines through. I can't wait to make more and I highly recommend this course! "

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks very much Donna. Was great working with you and look forward to seeing yiu again on a course?"

12 Oct 22'

Sandy reviewed: Log to Stool with Gedwood

"Really enjoyed Ged’s stool making workshop. The relaxed atmosphere and very pleasant surroundings made for an excellent day during which I learned lots …. a super birthday gift"

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Sandy. A fine stool you made there!?"

11 Oct 22'

Neil reviewed: Log to Stool with Gedwood

"I was given a Log to Stool day as a present and I had a really good time creating a stool with Ged. I’m really chuffed with how smart it looks and how solid it is to sit on, despite me not having done any woodwork of any kind before. Ged made it easy, relaxed and fun and I loved the beautiful workspace surrounded by wood and Ged’s craft. Thanks a lot! "

Gedwood responded:

" Many thanks Neil. Hope to see you again on a course?"

11 Oct 22'

Jan Lowe reviewed: Cleft ash gate making with Gedwood

"Excellent 2 day course. Good demonstrations and good supervision while you’re doing the work. Finished gate a lovely piece admired by our neighbours Well recommended ++"

Gedwood responded:

" Was a pleasure working with you Jan!?"

3 Oct 22'

Max reviewed: Log to tumbler with Gedwood

"I totally did not know what to expect when I was presented with this course. Turned out this is something I really enjoy as a whole, a lot of child memories came out where I reduced sticks into peels for hours on end. Really loved the course, the process and absolutely amazed with the outcome - looks like a real tumbler!"

Gedwood responded:

" Hi Max. Glad you enjoyed the course and not long now till you can enjoy a dram or two. Slainte! Ged"

2 Oct 22'

Keith Bate reviewed: Log to tumbler with Gedwood

"What a great way to spend a day! Although I've had plenty of woodworking experience, creating a pair of tumblers from a green log was a whole new thing for me. Ged is very knowledgeable and a great tutor, with just the right amount of hands on help. Can't wait until the end of November when I'll be able to sample a dram or two!"

Gedwood responded:

" Ah many thanks Keith. Not long now before you get to road test them!?"

28 Sep 22'

Oz Langley reviewed: Introduction to green woodworking with Gedwood

"I was entirely new to green wood working but have some experience in other wood working before coming to this course. For me this about a return to traditional area of the craft. The instruction was clear and very well delivered to a group of people who were not experts. It was an incredibly interesting and informative course presented by a talented and knowledgeable guy. Thank you Ged."

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Oz. Was a good course. Hope to see you soon on another course!"

27 Sep 22'

Steven reviewed: Introduction to green woodworking with Gedwood

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Introduction to Green Woodworking day course. Ged is an excellent teacher - patient and friendly, and lets you work and learn at your own pace. I was very impressed with the work space and had great fun using the shave horse and pole lathe. Highly recommended!"

Gedwood responded:

" Many thanks Steven. Hope to see you again on a course Ged?"

21 Sep 22'

Karen reviewed: Introduction to green woodworking with Gedwood

"Had a great time on this course. Excellent tutor. Came away with a usable item. Thoroughly enjoyed it. "

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Karen, Glad you enjoyed it and hope to see you again on a course? "

8 Sep 22'

Matthew reviewed: Introduction to green woodworking with Gedwood

"A thoroughly enjoyable experience - Ged is clearly passionate about his work and the opportunity to practice these traditional crafts alongside him was a delight."

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Matthew. Hope to see you again on one of my courses"

7 Jun 22'

Jake reviewed: Log to Stool with Gedwood

"Had a fantastic time with Ged in scorching weather over the QPJ long weekend. He was welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable and has created a good set up for the workshops. I will definitely be returning for another of his courses in the bit too distant future!"

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Jake! Look forward to seeing you again on a course?"

7 Jun 22'

Mark reviewed: Log to Stool with Gedwood

"I went on the 1 day log to stool course, it was a fantastic day learning some new skills from the amazing, knowledgeable and very patient Ged. The workshop is incredable and set in a beautiful location. I would highly recomend this course to anyone wanting to learn basic traditional wood working skills or just wanting a fun day out."

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Martin. Hope to see you again on a workshop!"

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