Gedwood reviews

12 Sep 21'

Mike reviewed: Log to Stool with Gedwood

"Can't recommend Ged and this session highly enough! Ged is tremendously knowledgeable and his calm, friendly and encouraging approach puts you at ease right away and really instills confidence in the absolute beginner. The beautiful, brilliantly equipped workshop is the ideal location and I'm absolutely delighted by the finished product! A huge thanks to Ged, can't wait to build my skills and experience at future workshops :)"

Gedwood responded:

" Ah thanks Mike! Hope to see you again on a workshop?"

2 Aug 21'

Darren reviewed: Log to Stool with Gedwood

"We did this in July 2021. Ged rearranged the date to accommodate us (due to the pandemic). Making the stool from scratch was really eye opening to the efforts craftspeople made before machines took over. He’s was very informative but gave us space and time to develop our stool at our own pace."

2 Aug 21'

Celia reviewed: Log to Stool with Gedwood

"Great fun making a stool. Ged was great explaining and demonstrating each stage before letting us do ours. It was nice having the freedom to experiment and make our stools but also knowing Ged was there to help if we needed him. All of the tools we used were authentic and in great condition. Great fun with a final product to be proud of."

19 Jul 21'

Jacqui reviewed: Log to Stool with Gedwood

"Booked the stool making workshop as a family group. Ged gave great instruction, and we made some lovely stools. Highly recommended, will definately book again."

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Jacqui, hope to see you and the family again on a course Ged"

5 Jul 21'

Mandy reviewed: Log to Stool with Gedwood

"We had a lovely time making stools with Ged as a Father’s Day treat for our family. Ged was super patient with the younger family members and we were delighted with our fabulous stools. Thanks Ged"

Gedwood responded:

" Was a pleasure having you and the family over for the day Mandy ??"

5 Jul 21'

Sarah Hessing reviewed: Log to Stool with Gedwood

"We went on a family day with Ged along with another family. We made a mixture of stools and tumblers and the children all enjoyed Ged's patient instruction and information about the tools they were using. T Highly recommend Gedwood to any adults or families and we will certainly be booking again when we can. Many thanks Ged."

Gedwood responded:

" Many thanks Sarah. Look forward to seeing you and the boys on another course sometime soon?"

26 Jun 21'

Tom Moon reviewed: Cleft ash gate making with Gedwood

"Great course, really enjoyed my weekend and came away with a lovely gate - check out pics here;"

Gedwood responded:

" Hi Tom, Glad you enjoyed the course, was a great weekend. Ged"

25 Jun 21'

Tim rooke reviewed: Log to tumbler with Gedwood

"I really enjoyed my log to tumbler course and look forward to doing another one. It was the most enjoyable learning experience iv'e had, would highly recommend it. Ged is a brilliant tutor and very patient giving time for each student. A brilliant venue setup/style also adds to the experience. Big thumbs up from me. Slainte."

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Tim. Enjoy a dram in your tumblers when there ready - slainte!"

23 Jun 21'

Adrian Cromar reviewed: Log to tumbler with Gedwood

"Learnt more on green woodworking in a day than in a couple of months of self-instruction / youtube. Ged is very patient, friendly and really knows his stuff. Fantastic selection of quality tools to use in a welcoming 'back to nature' environment. Definitely going to book more courses from Gedwood again. Hopefully by then, I'll have perfected my 'bow line knot'"

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks so much Adrian - i need to learn that 'bow line' too!?"

22 Jun 21'

Pen Penlington reviewed: Log to tumbler with Gedwood

"This was a Great course; undoubtedly the most fun I had had for a long time. Ged is indeed patient and has a really good instructional technique, with demonstration and advice/mentoring whist still letting everyone to work-away at their own pace. I am looking to book a pole lathe course, as soon as the dates are published."

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Pen. Yes be nice to see you on another course?"

16 Jun 21'

Eileen reviewed: Cleft ash gate making with Gedwood

"I’m amazed as a complete novice with Ged’s guidance and patience I managed to produce a sturdy functional gate. It was a fun weekend, the open air workshop plenty big enough for four participants."

Gedwood responded:

" It was a good workshop Eileen. A gate to turn your neighbors heads!"

8 Jun 21'

Iain reviewed: Log to tumbler with Gedwood

"Great course. Instructor Ged was patient and informative, as well as helpful when required. Highly recommend this day, especially for those with little or no woodworking experience like myself. Managed to knock up a couple of nice wee cups from the lump of wood I started with. Looking forward to using them when theyre dried out and treated in a month or so."

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Iain, Enjoy a dram or two in your tumblers - slainte!"

7 Jun 21'

Mike Macdonald reviewed: Log to tumbler with Gedwood

"Great course - really enjoyed the day. I have almost no woodworking skills but that was not a problem, and the demonstrations were good and easy to understand. Ged was an excellent instructor and always there to sort out problems when your needed him. It is a fascinating process that is using the same techniques from hundreds of years ago. We all managed to get a couple of tumblers to take home and I am looking forward to being able to use mine, in a couple of months once the wood has seasoned."

Gedwood responded:

" Enjoy your dams soon Mike, Thanks Ged"

7 Jun 21'

Andrew King reviewed: Log to tumbler with Gedwood

"I have done a couple of other green woodworking courses and enjoyed learning new skills. This course was a great day and a whole new set of skills to learn. Ged was patient and helpful throughout the day with some great tips and fixes for my mistakes. Amazing to get a couple of tumblers made when starting the day with a tree trunk! It's hard work, but very much worth the effort."

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Andrew. Some fine tumblers made and soon be ready for a dram or two!"

17 May 21'

Anita L reviewed: Log to Stool with Gedwood

"I am a complete novice, Ged was patient and course was really interesting. We learned a lot. An enjoyable experience, I am absolutely delighted with my stool and you couldnt ask for a better setting. The time just flew by and the sun shined just for us. I would definitely recommend Gedwood to anyone thinking of working with greenwood - thank you Ged."

Gedwood responded:

" Thank you Anita. It was a good day all round re weather and company. Enjoy your stool?"

13 May 21'

Charlotte reviewed: Make your own shavehorse with Gedwood

"Really enjoyable course. Learnt lots of new skills using a variety of tools. Ged is a great teacher and it's so satisfying being able to make your own piece of kit, can't wait to use my shavehorse. Would definitely recommend"

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Charlotte. It was a great course. Happy shaving!"

4 May 21'

Michael Flaherty reviewed: Log to Stool with Gedwood

"Great class, we were provided with very nice Japanese carpentry tools. Ged was a damn good teacher, was very easy to follow his directions and he kept track of everyone and offered to help whenever they were struggling. I highly recommend this course also Dufftown where this takes place is a wonderful town with legendary history for the whiskey trail."

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Michael. Glad you enjoyed the course and hope you found time to sample a Speyside dram or two!??"

28 Oct 20'

Charlotte reviewed: Log to Stool with Gedwood

"A really enjoyable and interesting day. A great course for beginners, I learned a lot and am really pleased with how my stool turned out. Can't wait to get it sanded and sealed and then start using it!"

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Charlotte. Not long now until you can put it to good use!?"

20 Oct 20'

Laura reviewed: Log to Stool with Gedwood

"I really enjoyed doing this course. Ged was very friendly and informative and his enthusiasm for green woodworking was inspiring. I felt that I learned a lot from the course and was delighted with the stool that I made."

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Laura. Hope you enjoy making use of your stool ?"

20 Oct 20'

Jenny reviewed: Log to Stool with Gedwood

"This was my first time doing a woodworking course and I really enjoyed it. My stool was not perfect but it is a stable stool and was made by me! We were given clear instructions and support was given when needed but not too much so I felt confident to get on by myself for a bit until I needed help. There was lots of discussion amongst the group about the tools and wood and Ged was happy to encourage discussion and answer questions. Although we went in October we soon warmed up when we were working and there was sufficient shelter from the rain. It was a friendly, enjoyable day out and we will be looking to visit again."

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Jenny. Hope to see you again sometime soon?"

20 Oct 20'

Margaret reviewed: Log to Stool with Gedwood

"Very clear instructions and demonstration,. Ged was friendly and helful . And I got a stool at the end."

Gedwood responded:

" You did indeed! Thanks Margaret ?"

18 Oct 20'

Jack reviewed: Log to Stool with Gedwood

"A fantastic one day course from log to stool. Everything was explained very clearly and Ged was great dealing with questions throughout the day. Fantastic quality tools provided and all materials included. Really enjoyed the process and thanks for being patient with me Ged. 5 stars."

Gedwood responded:

" Thankyou and glad you enjoyed the day Jack. Was a great stool you made ?"

16 Oct 20'

Derek Woods reviewed: Log to tumbler with Gedwood

"I had a greenwood weekend and went on Ged's introduction course the day before this log to tumbler course. Whilst I heartily recommend doing the same if you can, Ged's skills as a teacher mean that a complete novice will still come away from a wonderful day with skills that you'll want to put to good use and tumblers to be proud of. The hardest part is having the patience to wait until the wood has seasoned, before having your first triumphant dram from your very own tumbler...Of course, you can always buy a couple of Ged's lovely handmade tumblers if you want to cut to the chase."

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks Derek. Yes it will be worth the wait for when you taste your first dram from your own hand made tumbler ?"

16 Oct 20'

Derek Woods reviewed: Introduction to green woodworking with Gedwood

"I had a great time on this greenwood introduction course and Ged's friendly, welcoming and relaxed manner made me feel at home from the moment I walked through the workshop gate. Once Ged has demonstrated the basic principals, it's over to you to get creative and decide what you want to make and take home. Ged is always on hand with inspiration, advice and the odd expert fix to correct any little mistakes you might make. I'd recommend this course to anyone who has ever thought they'd like to have a try but didn't know where to start. Young or old, individuals or groups you'll have a great day and be surprised how much you learn and achieve. Ged's enthusiasm for his craft rubs off and makes you come away wanting to do more."

Gedwood responded:

" Ah thanks so much Derek. Glad you got a lot from the day - I had a good day too ?"

13 Oct 20'

Robyn reviewed: Log to tumbler with Gedwood

"Highly recommend doing the log to tumbler course with Ged. A brilliant day spent in his workshop, surrounded by wood and inspiration. Ged is very knowledgable about his craft and willing to help out with any questions you may have. His clear, patient and adaptive way of teaching will leave you feeling totally comfortable and capable in what you are doing, even if you have no experience (and are slightly scared of an axe)! And you take home a wee creation of your own to boot."

Gedwood responded:

" Thanks for your kind words Robyn. Enjoy your tumblers! ?"

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