Ecclesall Woods Craft Courses reviews

19 May 22'

Antony Dodworth reviewed: Tool sharpening

"I was very much looking forward to the course, as it had been some 35 years since I did any woodwork tool sharpening at school. Dave and his team made you instantly feel at home. I liked his honesty about sharpening, he showed you that amazing results could be achieved with very simple bits of equipment, all that was required was some time on you doing sharpening, which I got plenty of hands on practice over the day. I took 2 of my own tools along that had seen better days and looked like they had been used for removing nails, I learned how to make them look new again and left with razor sharp tools to take back home. A really enjoyable day. The time went quickly as you were always doing something."

Ecclesall Woods Craft Courses responded:

" So glad you enjoyed the day Anthony Dave and his team are really amazing hope we might see you again on a future course kind regards Rachel"

9 May 22'

Simon Hayes reviewed: Bladesmithing Beginners

"Wonderful day and a great 50th birthday present!. We had a great teacher who took us through every step of the knife making process in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Starting with a flat bar of steel and ending up with a beautiful hand forged knife was extremely enjoyable and satisfying. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone with even a remote interest in learning blacksmithing skills."

Ecclesall Woods Craft Courses responded:

" Glad you enjoyed yourself Simon good to see you hard at work very impressed you got mistaken for Ian! Thank you for the review"

17 Mar 22'

Jude Brown reviewed: Make a 3 legged rustic stool - one day

"I really enjoyed this one day course and proudly came home with a very attractive 3 legged stool. Dave the course tutor was really experienced and full of knowledge about every aspect of green woodworking. His 2 volunteers were also very experienced and between the 3 of them gave us a really good taste of green woodworking"

Ecclesall Woods Craft Courses responded:

" Glad you enjoyed it Jude lovely to meet you and as I said here if you need any advice on your woodworking journey kind regards Rachel x"

5 Nov 21'

Gerard HIGGINS reviewed: Stained glass one day course: Fox or Hare

"An informative and very enjoyable course suitable for absolute beginners. Rachel was an excellent tutor and Hector’s House provided an ideal setting. I would thoroughly recommend it."

27 Oct 21'

Kate Burnage reviewed: Mini Workshop- Wild Woodland Spa

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Wild Woodland Spa mini workshop at Eccleshall Woods. Rachel is an excellent tutor; engaging, interesting and most supportive. I felt as if I had achieved something by the end of the evening and came home with a number of lovely products that I had made under her watchful eye. I have used some these since: they are far superior to shop bought ones. I'm looking forward to taking this new interest much further."

27 Oct 21'

Laura reviewed: Mini Workshop- (women only) Willow Angels

"Both the course and venue were great. Rachel made us all feel at ease and gave clear instructions whilst allowing us to work at our own pace. Make sure you’ve got room in the car to take your angel home afterwards!"

24 Oct 21'

Alice Howlett reviewed: Mini Workshop- (women only) Woven Willow Stars

"Excellent course, well worth the money, got lots of goodies and extras to take home. Great tutor and a relaxing way to spend 2 hours."

4 Oct 21'

Tricia reviewed: Woodland beauty- natural cosmetic making from woodland plants and trees

"Excellent! A fun and fast paced day, learning how to make lots of different products and finding out about the properties of different ingredients. Rachel created a friendly atmosphere and was flexible with which products you wanted to make, so you gained even more from the course. I'd thoroughly recommended it."

Ecclesall Woods Craft Courses responded:

" So glad you had a good day Tricia- you were on fire with the soaps and balms! Thanks you for the review, lovely to meet you and hope to see you again in the future."

3 Oct 21'

Shirl Taylor reviewed: Woodland beauty- natural cosmetic making from woodland plants and trees

"Was wonderful so lovely informative relaxing exciting and I can't thank Rachel enough"

Ecclesall Woods Craft Courses responded:

" Thanks for the lovely review Shirl- glad you had a good day and look forward to seeing you in the future I hope- Rachel"

14 Jun 20'

Bill knapp reviewed: Rustic thumb walking stick

"I thought the day and the tips given by Dave was excellent. I have made at least 11 sticks so far and I'm a bit of a stick nerd. Thanks for an informative day, very relaxed style. Would recommend it to anyone. Bill Knapp"

23 Mar 20'

Mark Walters reviewed: Rustic thumb walking stick

"A thoroughly enjoyable day. I've been wanting to start stick making for some time and feel I have all the know-how now to get going. Great instructors and a nice bunch of folk participating. Very pleased with my first stick as well. Highly recommended."

20 Mar 20'

Gail TB reviewed: Introduction to green wood craft - a two day course

"I rarely write reviews, but this course was really great (attended in Feb 2020). The combination of spending a day in the woods bringing some trees back under coppice management, plus creating a stool from the wood that would be produced, gave a real breadth to the topic. Dave and the volunteers were all really supportive and lovely. I was an absolute beginner and feared some sexism, but there was none of that. They just patiently explained how to use a saw etc as though it's entirely normal to have never handled any tools. I really recommend this."

19 Mar 20'

Diane Smith reviewed: Willow Hare Sculpture

"Wonderful day. Really enjoyed this course. Rachel was an excellent teacher. Came away with a sculpture that did look like a hare. Would highly recommend this course and especially this teacher. Thanks Rachel."

18 Mar 20'

Claire reviewed: Willow Hare Sculpture

"Spent a fun day learning how to do willow sculpture. My hare actually resembles one and I am not the most artistic of people! Tutor very warm and helpful. I bought some more willow at the end and am currently making a friend for Hartley the hare! Well worth it. Thanks."

17 Mar 20'

Jan reviewed: Willow Hare Sculpture

"Amazing day, really patient tutor who took us step by step through making and let us work at our own pace and more importantly mine actually looks like a hare, even the husband was impressed, Will get doing more with Rachel in future."

17 Mar 20'

IAIN ELLIOTT reviewed: Rustic thumb walking stick

"A really enjoyable day. Great instructor, nice pace, learnt new skills. Would recommend to others to give it a go. Met some nice people. Very inspiring day and thanks to all the team who delivered the course."

17 Mar 20'

Anne Postlethwaite reviewed: Willow Hare Sculpture

"Very enjoyable day on the Willow Hare course. I'd not done any willow work before but actually came out with something recognisable as a Hare! The course was very well taught by Rachel who kept a good balance of chat, demonstration and instruction so that we could all work at our own pace. A very enjoyable day. I'd recommend this course."

10 Mar 20'

Kieth Rubery reviewed: Tool sharpening

"I arrived 10 minutes late but was immediately greeted with a smile and offer of tea or coffee. I found the course very enjoyable and informative. Dave and the team we’re very friendly and as you would expect knowledgeable about tools, sharpening and how to use them. Dave and his team explained all the various ways to sharpen tools and the equipment needed. Most of the other people like me on the course had watched various ways to sharpen tools on YouTube, but felt we needed to be shown one way, and the right way. Dave’s method which he’s used for years was shown and it appeared we all felt comfortable with his method. I would recommend this course to anyone who would not only like to learn how to sharpen their tools, but also maintain them to a high standard of sharpness. Excellent course, excellent venue, very friendly. I will be going again."

6 Mar 20'

Jeff Halse reviewed: Carving Woodland Beasts

"Jason was very informative & willing to pass on his knowledge. He was very encouraging to everyone pitching his teaching to their ability being supportive to everyone."

6 Mar 20'

Robert Higgo reviewed: Tool sharpening

"Informative, relaxed, friendly, helpful. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot"

6 Mar 20'

Michael Tomlinson reviewed: Carving Woodland Beasts

"Excellent course. Plenty of help and advice given. Good venue and ample tools and instruction in their use. Nice atmosphere as it was a small group. Time passed quickly."

5 Mar 20'

Barbara Young reviewed: Log Bottomed Basket Beginners

"I really enjoyed the day and came home with a lovely basket. There were examples of finished baskets, but we were free to choose the design we wanted - everyone's was different! Help was at hand all day with good demonstrations, but also one to one when needed. The course was held inside and the cafe was open as it was a Saturday."

3 Mar 20'

Jan Brown reviewed: Woodland beauty- natural cosmetic making from woodland plants and trees

"A fantastic day - well it did start with cakes! We made a range of soaps, some from scratch then were able to create a variety of products of our individual choice (my son loves the blues busting beard wax and the energising beard oil, I’m finding the joint cream very good). Rachel is a great instructor, she gave us lots of information and recipes, guided us when we needed it and let us get on when we felt confident to do so. By the end of the day we all had a huge range of products and felt we’d learned a lot, I’m definitely going to start making my own herb infused oils and trying more of Rachel’s recipes."

25 Feb 20'

Beth reviewed: Woodland beauty- natural cosmetic making from woodland plants and trees

"What a great day! Brilliant well structured, hands on course. The morning was soap making, starting easy and building up to making soap that feels like you're doing a science experiment. The afternoon involved a variety of products tailored to each of us and what we fancied making. Rachel was a great tutor with lots of knowledge about the materials that we were using and the products we made. We didn't only go away with lots of goodies but also got plenty of very useful hand outs so we can carry on making at home. The location is great, welcoming and warm."

20 Feb 20'

Christine reviewed: Willow Plant Climbers & Obelisks

"Rachel gave us lots of useful information about willow in general, as well as teaching us how to make different structures. Although it was the weekend of Storm Ciara, the course went ahead inside the beautiful Hector’s House, complete with cosy wood burning stove, and we planted and learnt how to weave a decorative willow tree in large pots, as well as making woven plant supports. Rachel taught us different weaves and techniques, and she and her assistant gave us plenty of help. We found a gap in the rain to go out and learn about planting a hedge. As well as having a very enjoyable day out with like-minded people, I felt I had learnt enough to have the skills and confidence to follow up with my own projects at home."

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