Draw Brighton reviews

12 Apr 22'

andrew birds reviewed: Life Drawing (long pose)

"It is some 40years since my last experience of life drawing and found it a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours. It was a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere and will definitely sign up to something in the future although sadly I cannot make the last session of the series next week. Thanks again Andrew"

8 Oct 21'

Kate Lewis reviewed: You Will be Able to Draw by the End of this Book: INK

"This is a fantastic book, which combined with the pen and ink set I have also bought, will inspire and move me to follow the steps. It is so well designed and very funky. I'll love it and certainly it's a lovely gift for any up and coming inksters. It also came with a beautiful postcard and a handwritten note of encouragement from the author and creator Jake Spicer which was a nice personal touch."

25 Feb 21'

Naqiya reviewed: Online Portrait Drawing

"It was not really my cup of tea. But it was nice"

23 Feb 21'

Janice Manchester reviewed: Online Portrait Drawing

"A good session with plenty of time to complete the portraits. Fabulous model who was a delight to draw. The session was very good value for money and I will be interest in future sessions."

20 Nov 20'

David Williams reviewed: You Will be Able to Draw by the End of this Book: INK

"I have marked Excellent but as it is a Christmas present I won't be able to send a proper review until after the holiday"

Draw Brighton responded:

" Many thanks David - I hope who ever receives it really enjoys it! Best wishes, Jake"

16 Nov 20'

Debbie Brown reviewed: Planographic printmaking at home (four week course)

"I started Scarlett's course with a bare minimum of experience in planographic printmaking techniques, and ended with a firm grounding across a range of ways of working. Scarlett's relaxed teaching style and extensive skills made for a rich and enjoyable experience, and the combination of videos demonstrating techniques and printing together as a small group over Zoom worked really well. I believe there was enough to challenge even students with prior experience, for example in considering how techniques might be combined. I think this course is amazing value for money, with some materials included, and brings the possibility of engaging in printmaking safely at home without the need for expensive equipment. I can't recommend it highly enough!"

6 Feb 20'

Daniel Tomlinson reviewed: Drawing in Stitch

"I had booked this work shop for me and partner to do. Stitch is not something I’d done before and I really didn’t know what to expect from the day. Shelley was really great at being able to work with each individual finding a suitable and fun way into the process. At no point did I feel pushed to do anything I didn’t want to, but invited to explore the process in a way that best suited me. There is no entry bar of standard that an individual must be as Shelley is especially good at being able to keep a group together despite all working on their own projects. Shelley is a great calming influence which is a much needed thing in today’s busy and chaotic world. The Draw studio is brilliant space to do workshops in. Always full of great work to inspire just about everyone around the room. Before this workshop I really thought I’d have a play, and never touch the process again. In truth, I’ve already had another go in my own time. Can’t recommend it enough. Daniel"

16 Jan 20'

miss t. reidy reviewed: Aerial Life Drawing

"I have been to many life drawing classes and this is one of my favorites! The Draw Brighton team are friendly and welcoming, there is always a good atmosphere in the room, and it's nice to chat with fellow artists at the half time tea break. I enjoy life drawing, but the added challenge of the body in suspension is great fun! Naomi is a dedicated model (I've drawn her on and off the hoop over the years) and it is particularly brilliant to draw her on the hoop, as you get to see just how strong she is, and some of the poses she can hold are so different from anything possible on the floor. The pose lengths are a good mix, and are great for swifter gesture capturing and then a more involved study. The moving pose at the end is no good for my style of work (i just can't cope with it!) so i just sit back and enjoy the show! I have seen many others though, capture some really amazing lines! I would thoroughly recommend this class to anyone. Though, possibly a complete novice may find it very challenging as some of the poses are very alien from day to day life, but it is very good fun to try!"

14 Jan 20'

Lance reviewed: The moving model - life drawing workshops in Brighton

"Great, unique drawing experience. It is quite rare to be able to access moving poses in life drawing, so it is a treat. It is an untutored drop in session, so anyone can come. If you are new, there is a lot of opportunity to check out other's work in the break and at the end for ideas. Definitely worth a go if you want to try something energetic and experimental, really like life drawing, or if you are interested in gesture drawing or animation. It is a great way to practise and see lots of cool poses. I've been to a lot of these sessions and there is a wide variety in what models decide to do - ranging from martial arts, circus, film, and dance, among other things. This makes it worth multiple visits. The overall structure is usually continuous movement set to a theme, with a break in the middle for tea and coffee. Highly recommend giving it a try!"

11 Jan 20'

Alan reviewed: Introduction to Stone Lithography

"A thoroughly enjoyable course and excellent value for money, the course is suitable for an absolute beginner and also someone looking to hone their stone lithography skills. It’s well-structured but you have the flexibility to veer off into your own worlds of lithography experimentation if you want, all supported by the wonderful Scarlett who knows rather a lot about the whole subject! And as an added bonus it was a good laugh, so sign up and see what stones can do for you!"

10 Jan 20'

Sara Reeve reviewed: Life drawing in red Conté

"I attended this course recently as a complete beginner to using red conte. The tutor Lance was incredible - he went through everything really clearly and thoroughly, giving us lots of techniques and approaches to make our own work. We had a fantastic model and plenty of time to really give it a go - I absolutely loved it and was really pleased with the results. I've put a lot of what we learnt into practise since and have seen a real improvement in my own work. I highly recommend it!"

10 Jan 20'

justine gillan reviewed: Life Drawing in Ink: Line and Wash

"This course really is suitable for established artists or complete beginners. Lance has the gift of being very inclusive,and being a excellent teacher. He explains all the ink techniques and tools very clearly, and then when we start experimenting he gives individual tuition if required. There is delicious coffee provided in the breaks and the general atmosphere of the class is warm and friendly. I found the day really useful, and there are even explanatory notes to take home...."

10 Jan 20'

Lara Perez reviewed: Kitchen Lithography: Drawing with Chocolate

"I loved this workshop. I am usually quite self-conscious about my drawings, even more when it comes to printing, and this technique was perfect for me to gain freedom and experiment with fun materials like chocolate. So I ended up playing around freely with different compositions and textures and eating some of the chocolate..."

9 Jan 20'

Jane Millar reviewed: Intensive Life Drawing Weekend: Shape & Structure

"I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this life drawing course to everybody, whether you’re a complete beginner, a professional artist, on somewhere in-between. All you need to bring is your willingness to have a go! Don’t be put off by the word ‘intensive’: this course is good fun! It’s also great value for money! It is rare to have the opportunity to be taught by a leader in the field of life drawing. As such, Jake Spicer is not only a master of his craft but also a gifted and generous teacher. He is very down to earth and has an informal, approachable teaching style. He also possesses an extraordinary ability to translate technical content into information that everyone can understand and use. The course is expertly structured. I’d worried that I might be overwhelmed but each new piece of information was broken down into easy to understand pieces. There were plenty of examples and drawing exercises designed to encourage you to experiment and develop your skills. Successive ‘bites’ of information built towards a progressively in-depth understanding of life drawing. I, for one, exceeded my expectations of what I was capable of as a result of this course. I came away buzzing with new ideas and inspired to continue my artistic journey at Draw."

9 Jan 20'

Lori Hodges reviewed: Intensive Life Drawing Weekend

"I am so pleased that DRAW are running this course again. Shelley is a marvellous tutor with a great emphasis on having fun while you learn. There were a range of abilities from beginners to more experienced artists and everyone came away inspired with a sense of achievement. I have continued to draw since doing the course and can't wait to do it again."

9 Jan 20'

Tim Catherall reviewed: Figure drawing from imagination: 5-week evening course

"Really enjoyed the course. Lance is an excellent and engaging teacher. I would recommend the course and think it would be suitable for all levels - I'm at intermediate level and it helped me think about shape and perspective etc and refresh/rediscover techniques. Certainly suitable for beginners and Lance is very helpful and gives individual attention to everyone."

9 Jan 20'

Megan Snyders reviewed: Life Drawing in Monoprint

"I loved this workshop! I found the Monoprinting process to be instantly satisfying and such an amazing way to loosen up my drawings! Shelley's teaching was fantastic, and I was amazed at how much work I had produced by the end of the day. I would recommend this course to people of all abilities. It is a great way to loosen up and to play with line, colour and mark-making."

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