Dobby & Rose reviews

9 May 23'

Geraldine Truss reviewed: Beginners Weaving Workshop - Dobby & Rose

"I had a wonderful time at Taster of Weaving class. Rebecca is a very good instructor, very informative and creative I loved every minute of it and at the end produced a piece of woven fabric which I’m delighted with. Will certainly attend another workshop "

Dobby & Rose responded:

" Thank you Geraldine! I am so pleased you enjoyed your Weaving Workshop! I shall look forward to seeing you again, Rebecca x"

6 Mar 23'

Jo reviewed: Beginners Weaving Workshop - Dobby & Rose

"Excellent introduction to table loom weaving. The facilities were excellent and Rebecca explained everything very clearly."

11 Jan 23'

Emilia Savage (age 10) reviewed: Frame Loom Workshop

"This course was really fun and my daughter and husband enjoyed it very very much. Rebecca was welcoming, kind and patient with us. We would love to do more."

12 Dec 22'

Chris Rust reviewed: Beginners Weaving Workshop - Dobby & Rose

"I thoroughly enjoyed the beginners course and inspired to take further courses A lovely day in a great location Thank you Rebecca "

25 Oct 22'

Ann Major reviewed: Beginners Weaving Workshop - Dobby & Rose

"I did the 2 day Intermediate Weaving Workshop with Rebecca. I had started weaving on a ridgid heddle loom in lockdown and was already addicted to weaving but being self taught was starting to get frustrated and felt ready to move up a step. I had met Rebecca at her Open house Studio back in the spring and really felt I would learn a lot from her and enjoy her company, I was not wrong ? I had already bought a Harris table loom and warping mill but had not started using them. Having spent 2 days with Rebecca I now feel I have the confidence and skills to get going with my next weaving project. Rebecca is an excellent teacher and has a relaxed, gentle way of teaching I cannot recommend her highly enough. "

6 Mar 22'

Rachel reviewed: Frame Loom Workshop

"Had a fantastic time at this workshop with my daughter. Rebecca was a fantastic teacher and the time just flew by. Loved learning a new craft."

Dobby & Rose responded:

" Thank you so much Rachel! It was a pleasure teaching you both how to weave. Hope you enjoy your lovely wallhangings! Rebecca x"

17 Aug 21'

Paula Corbett reviewed: Frame Loom Weaving Kit

"I love this loom. The instructions are clear and it's so easy to use. I loved the fact that it came ready warped so I could start weaving straight away."

Dobby & Rose responded:

" I am so thrilled that you are enjoying using your little loom! Lovely to hear, thank you! Rebecca x"

15 May 21'

Wendy Brewin reviewed: Frame Loom Weaving Kit

"I ordered the kit with the Bohemian yarn colours. It arrived quickly and was nicely packaged. As a beginner I was a little nervous to start but the instructions included were easy to follow (although I did need to look up the roving yarn on YouTube, but that's only a minor thing to me). I absolutely loved it! So relaxing, even though I did go wrong a couple of times. Have already ordered more warp thread and some new yarns to have another go. It's like a little bit of mindfulness, a lovely distraction from bad weather or the odd pandemic! I would definitely recommend this if you're looking to have a go ?"

25 Jul 20'

Hannah Wratten reviewed: Beginners Weaving Workshop - Dobby & Rose

"Can't recommend going and learning weaving from Rebecca enough! Her passion shines through and she is brilliant teacher explaining everything clearly and patiently going through all the processes of the different yarns and setting up the loom and the different patterns you can make until you are ready to start your own piece . The workshop is a beautiful space and the looms were set up really well it felt like you could really relax in the space and time flew by I wanted to keep going! But did come away with a gorgeous sample piece and brought a mini loom so I can carry on at home."

5 Jul 20'

Rachel reviewed: Intermediate Weaving Workshop - Dobby & Rose

"Highly recommend this course to everyone! From start to finish it is such a lovely course in such a lovely studio. She makes everything look so easy but she is so good at explaining everything in different ways and easier techniques to make sure that you understand what you are doing and feel confident in what you are doing! And you leave with an amazing handbook to explain the process for you to be able to try it again at home on your own. And as soon as I got home I wanted to continue.... so have ordered some accessories already that I used at the workshop. Can't wait to get back to do another workshop! Book on! X"

3 Feb 20'

Jane Heritage reviewed: Beginners Weaving Workshop - Dobby & Rose

"I booked this course as a total beginner, but by the time I arrived I had actually bought a rigid-heddle loom and started weaving. Rebecca teaches on shaft looms and it was intriguing to see the capabilities of these complex machines, and wonderful to have such a knowledgeable teacher to answer all my accumulated questions. Great fun and great learning. I went with a friend, which made things even more enjoyable!"

10 Jan 20'

Vanessa reviewed: Beginners Weaving Workshop - Dobby & Rose

"I contacted Rebecca prior to booking as I have some additional needs. Rebecca was welcoming and friendly and I made my booking with confidence. On the day her tuition was first class; she is knowledgeable and very enthusiastic about weaving and this comes through from the moment you step into her workshop. A thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours which left me wanting to learn much more about this fascinating craft."

29 Dec 19'

Janine Ebling reviewed: Beginners Weaving Workshop - Dobby & Rose

"Fabulous beginner's weaving workshop with Rebecca. She very kindly fitted a workshop in for us in the limited timeframe my brother was here in UK. My brother and my daughter did the workshop together, and found Rebecca very warm, relaxed and friendly and she had a good teaching style that was informative of the whole process involved, and not patronising in any way. They both produced a beautiful piece of woven fabric, and thoroughly enjoyed the session. Highly recommended!"

6 Dec 19'

Birgit reviewed: Beginners Weaving Workshop - Dobby & Rose

"I did the beginners workshop with a friend and we have just booked the intermediate one. The beginners workshop was relaxing and quite therapeutic. Rebecca made everything easy to understand, was well prepared and nothing was too much trouble. Thanks also for the pub recommendation, a good way to finish an enjoyable day."

25 Sep 19'

Karen Brember reviewed: Beginners Weaving Workshop - Dobby & Rose

"'An excellent morning in Rebecca's weaving workshop, where I was introduced to the practicalities of weaving, and the pleasures of working with colour and design. Altogether an inspiring morning and I left with my sample of work, greatly admired by friends, and an enthusiasm to learn more. Rebecca is hugely informative and patient in my own learning process'"

5 Sep 19'

Alison reviewed: Beginners Weaving Workshop - Dobby & Rose

"A really enjoyable morning. Rebecca was relaxed and well prepared. I found her instructions easy to follow, she answered all my questions clearly. It was a very productive training session. As any leftie knows there are things you invariably have to work around with practical learning but this was not the case with weaving. I intend to learn more."

6 Aug 19'

Sue Waddell reviewed: Intermediate Weaving Workshop - Dobby & Rose

"Having got ‘the weaving bug’ after the Beginners Workshop in May, I decided to get a table loom. Not having had any previous weaving experience, I quickly realised that warping was not going to be easy without some help, so, last week it was the Intermediate Workshop. What a brilliant course! Rebecca was patient and caring, explaining every step clearly and concisely. I am so happy to be let loose with my loom at home (and even made myself an extra stick shuttle out of a plastic ruler yesterday!) Thank you so much Rebecca - I can’t rate you highly enough."

30 Jul 19'

Yvonne reviewed: Beginners Weaving Workshop - Dobby & Rose

"Highly recommend this workshop - Rebecca has that magic combination of knowing the subject inside out, whilst also able to get it over well to complete beginners with enthusiasm and can-do. The workshop is well thought out to make best use of the three hours, so you come away with a piece of fabric you made yourself in several weave patterns. I enjoyed it hugely. Even better, Churt is a very very pretty part of the country, so an added extra."

9 Jul 19'

Kate Riley reviewed: Beginners Weaving Workshop - Dobby & Rose

"Had a lovely evening with a friend weaving a sample and trying our hands. It was very relaxing and Rebecca was a patient and charming teacher. Thoroughly recommended."

26 Jun 19'

Isabel Gill reviewed: Beginners Weaving Workshop - Dobby & Rose

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my lovely morning with you this morning, probably only scratching the surface of what there is to learn yet, but very definitely, very happy to have done it! Thank you so much, and can’t wait for the next stage!"

14 Jun 19'

Hazel Knight reviewed: Beginners Weaving Workshop - Dobby & Rose

"A lovely morning spent with Rebecca! Great tuition and help as soon as you needed it, we’re rather chuffed with our fabric samples and have shown them off to anyone who’ll listen! Saving for a loom of our own has begun... we’ll be back to learn how to set it up"

27 May 19'

Sue Waddell reviewed: Beginners Weaving Workshop - Dobby & Rose

"I absolutely loved this introduction to loom weaving (a birthday ? from a friend, who joined me for the session a couple of weekends ago). Rebecca had already set the loom up and my sample piece was great - can’t believe we were each able to produce a usable piece of cloth in such a short session, playing about with all six weave structures. Today I tackled the wet finish process. Thank you Rebecca!"

7 May 19'

Pam reviewed: Beginners Weaving Workshop - Dobby & Rose

"I received my weaving workshop as a Christmas present from my husband. It only took a few hints for him to get the idea! I'd seen Rebecca at Farnham Maltings and her enthusiasm for weaving fired my curiosity. I wasn't disappointed! I spent a delightful morning learning to weave at Rebecca's studio. I'm very happy with the fabric I created and plan to make it into a unique makeup bag as soon as time permits!"

7 May 19'

Margaret Popplewell reviewed: Beginners Weaving Workshop - Dobby & Rose

"I was the lucky recipient of a Dobby and Rose Weaving gift voucher. The workshop was everything it promised to be and more - very relaxing and therapeutic but also exciting to learn a new skill and see the colours and textures develop on the loom. Rebecca is a fantastic tutor and very encouraging; I came away with a sample of my work, a great sense of achievement and a desire to learn more. I highly recommend the workshop - and it is a fabulous present!"

18 Apr 19'

Bev Williams reviewed: Beginners Weaving Workshop - Dobby & Rose

"We first met Rebecca at Farnham Maltings, displaying her wonderful wares. I subsequently ordered a beautiful lampshade for my daughter’s Christmas present. This was personally delivered by Rebecca, who was concerned about the reliability of the post. Thank you! My daughter and I then spent an interesting morning with Rebecca, which flew past, learning to weave on an 8 saddle loom. We had only woven on simple looms before, so were excited to produce some great patterns, the diagonal being my favourite. As the looms were already warped up, after some instruction, we could move onto weaving our samples. Of course, we are now eager to learn how to warp up the loom. Another workshop seems to be on the cards or perhaps the purchase of a Louet! Thank you Rebecca for inspiring us!"

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