Blended Monkey reviews

12 Sep 23'

Jeremy Shaw reviewed: Beginners 1-day 1-2-1 woodturning workshop for 1 person

"What a great wood turning course! Did a day 1-2-1 with Simon, and learnt a huge amount. The two projects went very well, and I got an immense sense of achievement. Simon is a really nice guy and excellent teacher, and it all felt nice and relaxed, but motivational. Now to acquire my own lathe, and put the learnings into practice! Thanks Simon! "

Blended Monkey responded:

" Hi Jeremy, Thank you for a lovely review and glad that you're on your way to taking up the craft. -- Simon"

11 Sep 23'

Andrew Pollard reviewed: Beginners 1-day pairs woodturning workshop

"Simon is an excellent tutor. He has found a great balance of teaching and humour. I would definitely recommend anyone who is interested in wood turning in attending his course."

Blended Monkey responded:

" Hi Andrew, Thank you for taking the time to write this review and I wish you all the best in your woodturning endeavours in the future. -- Simon"

1 Sep 23'

Dee and Ryan reviewed: Beginners 1-day pairs woodturning workshop

"We had a really great day learning to turn a bowl and honey stick with Simon, on a pairs wood turning experience. Such a beautiful setting and welcoming home! We both had a little previous knowledge but really wasn't needed. Simon is a brilliant teacher and was happy to talk us through everything and answer all of our questions. We both felt confident and very relaxed, to just be able to enjoy the process. Would highly recommend! Was lovely meeting you both and will hopefully return soon to learn more! "

Blended Monkey responded:

" Hi Dee & Ryan, It was lovely welcoming you both to my workshop and so glad you enjoyed the experience. Do get in touch if you have any further questions or would like to know more. -- Simon"

23 Aug 23'

Dean Jarrett reviewed: Beginners 1-day 1-2-1 woodturning workshop for 1 person

"What a great day! I finally pinned myself down to a day to do the course I was purchased as a present last Christmas. I had a great day learning the basics of something I have wanted to do for over 40 years. Simon was very patient, as was Henry, and the keepsakes now have pride of place in our house. Lunch and refreshments were more than expected. Would recommend the course and experience wholeheartedly!!"

Blended Monkey responded:

" Hi Dean, Thank you for a lovely review and so glad that you enjoyed your experience and have something to show for it. Do get in touch if you need more advice or assistance. -- Simon"

18 Aug 23'

Gisela & Charlise reviewed: Beginners half-day pairs pottery/ceramics workshop

"My daughter and I attended a beginner's pottery workshop and loved every moment of it! The atmosphere was very relaxed and Louise was very patient and brilliant at explaining everything step-by-step while learning a new skill. Louise is very encouraging, creative and supportive and we would recommend this experience to all! Many thanks again Louise :-) "

14 Aug 23'

Alan reviewed: Beginners half-day pairs pottery/ceramics workshop

"Had a fantastic half day - pinch pots, slab work and some time throwing on the wheel - It was great fun, Louise was a fantastic host/tutor and we can't wait to see the results of our endeavours!"

14 Aug 23'

Mark Swanson reviewed: Beginners 1-day pairs woodturning workshop

"I’ve always wanted to do woodturning and finally got round to it. Couldn’t have asked for a better tutor than Simon. So much more to it than I imagined but Simon instilled confidence through his knowledge and guidance. If you’ve never done it before don’t worry, you will be in good hands. Do it!"

Blended Monkey responded:

" Hi Mark, Nice to have you (and Gary, of course!) in the workshop. Please do get in touch if you need any help in the future. —Simon"

14 Aug 23'

Monika reviewed: Beginners 1-day pairs pottery/ceramics workshop

"I did a beginners all day workshop and then because it was so much fun I also did a half day throwing workshop. I loved both of them, Louise is a great teacher, and there is a lovely relaxed atmosphere (and lots of biscuits and tea), and she’s very flexible in what you can make. The pots and vases turned out very well and love the glazes that she put on as per our wishes. Super fun, would definitely recommend!"

Blended Monkey responded:

" Thank you for your lovely review Monika. It was a pleasure having you and your daughters here to learn handbuilding and throwing techniques. You all created some beautiful pieces and I'm really pleased you like the glazed results. Nice to hear you've already used one of your bowls for your breakfast this morning too :-). "

14 Aug 23'

Mike Bucknor reviewed: Beginners half-day 1-2-1 pottery throwing workshop for 1 person

"It was a good introduction to the techniques of throwing pottery which I enjoyed immensely. I had a good teacher in Louise who was very positive. I came away relaxed and looking forward to seeing my glazed results. If, like myself, you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at throwing clay, this is a really good starter. I would recommend the course. "

Blended Monkey responded:

" It was lovely having you in the ceramics studio Michael. For someone who had never thrown before you did really well! I always try to put people at ease as I want students to have a chilled, creative time here - and I'm glad you came away relaxed :-). Thanks for the lovely review. "

8 Aug 23'

Ann reviewed: Beginners half-day 1-2-1 pottery/ceramics workshop for 1 person

"Thank you so much, Louise, for the 1-2-1 pottery workshop. It was so relaxing - learning a new craft from you, with your great playlist playing. I am really looking forward to seeing my finished pots. Hopefully next time I will be more successful on the wheel!"

Blended Monkey responded:

" Ann, you made some beautiful pieces. I think you found the handbuilding to be a creative medium that you connected with, and your slab vases really show that :-). Shame you didn't get as much time on the wheel; but maybe we'll see you again in the future. Thank you for your lovely 5-star review."

3 Aug 23'

James Donaldson reviewed: Beginners half-day 1-2-1 woodturning workshop for 1 person

"A great experience. Simon very clearly explains the key wood turning techniques. Instilling confidence. The summary booklet is an added bonus."

Blended Monkey responded:

" Hi James, Thank you for the positive review. —Simon"

3 Aug 23'

Alison Gascoigne reviewed: Beginners half-day pairs pottery throwing workshop

"This was such a fun afternoon. Louise explained everything very clearly over coffee and biscuits, and then let us loose on the wheels to have a go ourselves. I think it's fair to say that my cylinders were not very cylindrical, but my bowls got better and by the end of the afternoon I was feeling quite pleased with myself. And even if my bowls had been completely rubbish, it would still have been great fun :-)"

Blended Monkey responded:

" Thanks for your fab review Alison. It was great having you and Pam in the ceramics studio learning all about throwing on the wheel. You should both feel very pleased with your results - most people don't end up with cylinders, so don't worry :-). Thanks again! "

1 Aug 23'

V D reviewed: Beginners 1-day pairs pottery/ceramics workshop

"Did the course with Louise, with a friend. We both thoroughly enjoyed it, and were delighted with what we made! She's a great and gentle teacher and I think anyone would enjoy this, if you want to explore your creative side. "

Blended Monkey responded:

" Was great fun having you guys in the pottery studio and thank you for your 5-star review. You both made some really nice pieces and I'm sure you'll like the glazed results. Glad you enjoyed your time here in the Blended Monkey pottery studio :-)."

31 Jul 23'

Kevin Ouughton reviewed: Beginners 1-day 1-2-1 woodturning workshop for 1 person

"Simon made the day very enjoyable. He was very easy to learn from and packed a lot of content into the day. I will be booking again in the future. "

Blended Monkey responded:

" Hi Kevin, Glad you found the day useful and enjoyable. Look forward to seeing you again. -- Simon"

30 Jul 23'

Andrea reviewed: Beginners half-day 1-2-1 pottery/ceramics workshop for 1 person

"Fantastic afternoon. 1-1 my first introduction to using clay and Louise was very patient and clear. She is an experienced gentle teacher who guided my learning brilliantly. I am looking forward to seeing the pots we made fired and glazed. "

28 Jul 23'

Martin Sims reviewed: Beginners 1-day 1-2-1 woodturning workshop for 1 person

"Thank you to Simon at Blended Monkey for a fantastic day being introduced to the delights of wood turning. If you have been wondering what wood turning might be like, then I urge you to reach out to Blended Monkey - Simon's patience, direction and encouragement was the best way to experience wood turning for the first time. I ended the day with a fantastic sycamore bowl - something to remember the day and inspire further wood turning efforts. Thanks again Simon - likely to be in touch soon to learn more about the craft. Ride the bevel and keep those tools sharp :)"

Blended Monkey responded:

" Hi Martin, Thank you for your (very prompt!) review. So glad you enjoyed your day. Your notes will be with you shortly and, if you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch. -- Simon"

27 Jul 23'

Wendy Harrison reviewed: Beginners 1-day 1-2-1 pottery/ceramics workshop for 1 person

"Well! I had such a lovely day. Very relaxed and just lots of scope to develop and stretch ideas. Super teaching with really positive feedback making you feel like you can achieve anything! I still have lots of scope for achieving though …may have to come back a few times for throwing practice. Would thoroughly recommend the 1-2-1 day … and have been boring anyone who’ll listen to me about what a thoroughly brilliant experience it is. "

Blended Monkey responded:

" Wendy, it was lovely to have you in the studio and I'm really pleased that you enjoyed your ceramics experience. I'm glad you felt you had the room to expand your own ideas (that's exactly what I like to encourage :-)). Would be happy to have you back for a throwing-only session. Take care and thanks for the lovely review! "

26 Jul 23'

Sue Casey reviewed: Beginners half-day pairs woodturning workshop

"Had a fantastic morning on the pairs woodworking course. Simon was really helpful and struck the right balance between demonstrating and letting us have a try. So pleased to actually come away with a finished item. We would love to come back for another go. "

Blended Monkey responded:

" Hi Sue, You're welcome back any time - so glad you enjoyed the session. -- Simon"

25 Jul 23'

Jonas Rohnke reviewed: Beginners half-day 1-2-1 woodturning workshop for 1 person

"I've had a great time doing the half-day woodturning workshop with Simon, thank you very much for this experience! I have never done any woodturning before and Simon managed to give me a great overview of the tools, techniques and philosophy behind it and I even managed to take a piece home with me at the end of the day. I highly recommend this course to anyone, it's very easy to get started and I couldn't imagine anyone better suited than Simon to get you excited about it! "

Blended Monkey responded:

" Hi Jonas, You're most welcome! So glad you enjoyed your day - it makes doing what I do worthwhile. :) -- Simon"

22 Jul 23'

Greg Scott reviewed: Beginners 1-day 1-2-1 woodturning workshop for 1 person

"Thank you Blended Monkey for a brilliant day's woodturning. If you're interested in having a go at woodturning and getting a crash course in the basics, you will not do better than this. Simon's tuition was excellent, allowing me plenty of hands-on time at the lathe, whilst also intervening when necessary to ensure I didn't ruin my projects! I came away with 2 lovely creations (honey dipper and bowl), a set of photos which Simon took during the day, and a great set of pdf notes (provided by Simon) covering pretty much all we'd done during the day. Simon and Louise are very friendly hosts, so I enjoyed chatting throughout the day, and over lunch / refreshments, which were also great. Thank you!"

Blended Monkey responded:

" Thanks for the lovely review, Greg. So pleased you had a great day. Do get in touch if you need any further help with setting up, etc.. -- Simon"

21 Jul 23'

Rhoda reviewed: Beginners half-day pairs woodturning workshop

"We spent a very enjoyable morning attending a beginners' wood-turning workshop. Simon is a great teacher and was very encouraging. Many thanks!"

Blended Monkey responded:

" Thanks, Rhoda. It was great to have you both. Any questions or queries, so get in touch. -- Simon"

14 Jul 23'

Kim & Tony reviewed: "2 Crafts in 1 Day!" pairs - woodturning & pottery experience

"We did the 2 in 1 craft day, pottery and wood turning. Never touched a lathe or a potters wheel before and we came out with some high quality stuff. It was a fantastic day. The attention and instruction we got from Louise and Simon was awesome, they really are passionate about what they do. Also, if you like a chat you won't be disappointed, you can't shut them up (which is a good thing). They were always guiding and positive but left you to your own creative talents. The workshops are a lovely environment to learn and be in. The knowledge they leak out to you is so absorbing you can't help but be amazed. I'm sat at home writing this and still recalling some wonderful information that you get from this very friendly couple. You will get some lovely lunch in their kitchen and the encouragement about life skills and well being are always on their mind. Everybody who meets Louise & Simon will think I have the best friends in the world. I encourage you all to book a craft class or two and defo stay at the Crafters Retreat Lodge. The Lodge is a dream. Go and give it a go. All the best Louise & Simon Tony & Kim x "

9 Jul 23'

Elizabeth Stevens reviewed: Beginners 1-day 1-2-1 pottery/ceramics workshop for 1 person

"I really loved my one-to-one pottery lesson with Louise. She and Simon were very welcoming and their home felt a very secluded and calming environment to spend the day. As a complete beginner, I was able to go at my own pace and I found Louise very patient and encouraging. I was really pleased with what I was able to achieve in one day. I’d love to go back again and stay at their crafters retreat, which looked beautiful. Highly recommended."

Blended Monkey responded:

" Liz, I'm delighted that you enjoyed your day with us here at Blended Monkey :-). I know you were a little cautious about throwing on the wheel at first, but WOW - look at what you achieved!!!! You've made some really lovely pieces and I'm just as excited as you to see how they look after they've been glazed. Thank you for your review - very kind. "

4 Jul 23'

Agata reviewed: Beginners half-day 1-2-1 pottery/ceramics workshop for 1 person

"I had an amazing time during the pottery workshop! Louise created a wonderful, relaxed atmosphere, and was very supportive as we moved through three different techniques. She explained everything clearly, while leaving me fully in charge of my own creations. We had a nice chat throughout and some lovely teas. I left the session energised and inspired. I would highly recommend this workshop. Thank you, Louise (and Simon)!"

Blended Monkey responded:

" So pleased you enjoyed your ceramics session :-). It's amazing what you can achieve in half a day! You embraced all the different techniques with creativity - I especially like your tall "bobbly" vase. It was a pleasure having you in the studio and thank you very much for your lovely review!"

4 Jul 23'

Rachael reviewed: Beginners 1-day 1-2-1 pottery/ceramics workshop for 1 person

"What a delight of a day, it will be one for the memory bank for sure. Thank you to my Mum and Dad for such a fabulous birthday gift. Louise is talented, patient and very encouraging especially as this was my first time in a potter's studio - my only other time working with clay was at uni but that will change now as today Louise has definitely shared the bug for it! Is it too early to start researching second-hand potter's wheels online...? : ) The day was so smooth, giving me opportunities to try so many different things and it was relaxed and ran beautifully, just sorry it had to end. I can only imagine how much prep and clear-up it created too! Thank you Louise for a wonderful experience."

Blended Monkey responded:

" It was fab spending the day with you in the ceramics studio and I'm really happy that you enjoyed your immersive, creative clay workshop :-). You created some beautiful pieces and took to all the different techniques so well. It was lovely chatting with you too. Thank you for the great review :-)."

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