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I really enjoyed my one-day course at Lightworks and returned home proudly carrying my glass panel! Abby was lovely, helpful and cheerful, despite my several clumsy attempts at cutting a curve! I would love to go again and would highly recommend it.
By Jane Fox - 8 years ago
Just had a fantastic day which I can thoroughly recommend. The setting was idyllic and Angharad seemed just like an old friend. We learnt a lot and I particularly liked the emphasis on natural products where possible. I'm looking forward to filling every available receptacle with candle wax!! I can also thoroughly recommend her daughter's cakes!!! All in all a...
By Liz Turner - 8 years ago
I was a newbie to silversmithing when I went on the course but by the end of the week I felt confident in the basics to then go home and begin to create. Jesa and Al were amazing at explaining every step of the process with clarify and patience. I came away with a reticulated bracelet and a pebble ring,...
By Kay Bryan - 8 years ago
Surpasssed all my expectations! Really encouraging and supportive tutors. Can't wait to go again!
By Dee - 8 years ago
I originally came to FnF as a weekender and fell in love. So much so, that I have no reservations about a 100 mile round trip fortnightly to fuel my addiction. The uniqueness of the classes are that you can do your own thing and learn new techniques (there are oodles) at your own pace. Jesa & Al have a...
By Fran - 8 years ago
A lovely and very friendly introduction to spinning. Diane is a great teacher.
By Lucy Swinburn - 8 years ago
Getting to practise some excellent skills using high quality traditional tools was really rewarding. The tutors were very experienced and helpful. To have something to take home at the end of the day made it even better
By Robert Cundill - 8 years ago
I will be returning for my fourth Summer School in 2014, which is a testament to how much I enjoy the experience. The tools and facilities are great. Jesa and Al give you the confidence to try new techniques and give advise and help when you encounter a problem. Would like more emphasis on design on the first days.
By Carol Crowden - 8 years ago
Had a lovely one to one session with Elaine, as a returning spinner. She was great - helpful, instructive, interested and motivational. Look forward to doing more! thanks
By catherine witt - 8 years ago
I'm so glad I found Flux 'n'Flame, and wish I'd found it earlier. I made a wide silver bangle at my very first class, and haven't looked back. Jesa and Al make beautiful, inspiring jewellery themselves and encourage the class that anything is possible! This isn't a class where everyone does the same thing. Rather we are encouraged to pursue...
By Jenny Monds - 8 years ago