Small Outdoor Plaster Hare Sculpture Kit (30cm) with full video instructions by Jo Garden Art



This Small Outdoor Plaster Hare Kit contains exactly the same materials we use during the popular Jo Garden Art one day hare sculpture workshop. Depending on the pose, your hare will be 25 - 30 cm tall. We also have a fabulous large hare sculpture kit for a 60 - 75cm hare (see separate listing or press ‘more from this maker’ button). Niki from Craft Courses has made one of these kits and created a video and blog of her experience which can be found on the Craft Courses blog page. Using 4 metres of aluminium wire, the hare armature supplied in the kit is hand made by Jo in her Suffolk studio, so no two hares are ever the same. The armature ears, head, legs and tail are flexible and easily moved into your own personal hare sitting 'pose'. This way your hare could moon-gaze, look over a shoulder, scratch an ear, have ears up, out, down or with twists and bends! The video shows how to move the wire armature around into the poses. The hare is made in stages, so can be created gradually over two or more days if you wish. Each stage is shown in detail on the video and written instructions with Jo explaining tips and techniques. You can watch the video as many times as you wish and there is a detailed timeline showing the various stages for you to jump to. Included in the kit is a small glass vial for any personal message or memento you wish to bury into the heart of your hare. The specialist plaster and paint finish is completely waterproof, so your hare can reside outside. The armature is attached to a steel base which stops your hare falling over in the wind. This kit is suitable for any age group probably over the age of 14. Please note this is not a toy and young children should be constantly supervised as there are sharp items, wire ends and products potentially hazardous in the kit. Please note the kit should be used within 3 months of purchase as it contains plaster, paint and gilt cream. Storage of kit should be in the home (not garage) and raised off the floor. This is just one of a range of sculpture kits available - look at More From This Maker and press 'All Listings' to see the full range. Please note posting is only to UK mainland. Jo Garden Art - find the joy of sculpting.

What's included in the price?

- unique handmade Hare armature - glass vial for personal message or memento - plaster bandage - specialist water-resistant finishing plaster (plus test pack for you to get used to the plaster!) - specialist exterior paint with two different sized paintbrushes - oxidised gold gilt cream & sponge applicator - protective felt pads for the base (if displayed indoors) - written instructions with photographs - full online video showing Jo making a hare explaining every step

What you will need

- tin foil - plastic container for mixing plaster (empty yoghurt pot or similar works well!)




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Welcome 😃 I'm Jo Garden. I call myself a 'facilitator' as my joy is enabling people of any skill to achieve something they did not expect, plus have time away from the everyday stresses of normal life. My sculpture & slate mosaic workshops are broken down into small stages which result in amazing sculptures and works of art regardless of your artistic ability (honestly). If you purchase a kit, there is a full length video of me making the sculpture which you can watch as many times as you wish. If attending a workshop, my peaceful studio is tucked into the garden surrounded by trees and wildlife making it a very tranquil and stress busting. I run several workshops a month but am often booked up for months in advance. If you book a long way in the future, I do make contact if I have cancellations and can move you forward. Please do not hesitate to message me if you have any questions. Jo x

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