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Walk through your local church yard with observant eyes and you will find a range of stone letter carving styles. From the the simplest clean lines to more rounded flowing scripts you will become intrigued by the history unfolding on the headstones. Stone letter carving should somehow reveal an essence or spirit of the individual and we see this on family tombs, in public buildings, on way faring signposts, in religious buildings and heritage sites. The words may be for information, to praise God, to reflect the love of a family, to describe or to delight, as on Simon Armitage's poetry Stanza Stones. Do you want to learn the traditional art of the stone letter carver! Do you need advice on choosing the best material and tools to carve clear, beautiful letters? Come and try a course on stone letter carving and be inspired to create something that will last many generations.

Stonecarving for beginners and intermediates in the Cotswolds. Two day affordable stone carving courses, held generally once or twice a month. See website for dates. Materials and tools supplied. Held outdoors or in workshop. Beautiful location, in Gloucestershire, idylic rural setting in cotswold Area of outstanding natural beauty. Please use the link to contact me from the website above for more details. Taught in small groups, up to five or six.
Budding artists can head to Carmarthen in Wales to try their hand at the intricate art of stone carving with this 2 day Stone House Carving course, the ideal option for creative types looking for an out-of-the-ordinary escape this summer. For the Beginner: During the stone carving course you will learn how to draw out and carve a design in relief such as a York Rose or a Green Man. To begin with you will...
Cumbria - Next course on 27th May 2018
This 3 day Stone Sculpture workshop with Simon Keeley- a perfect slice of fresh air and 'downtime' in which to lose oneself learning from this 'master' of stone carving. Starting late afternoon - anytime from from 4.30pm - latest 7 to 9pm pm with Simon leading you through the process of drawing and then creating a 'maquette' (a clay model) of your chosen subject. On the first morning Simon will demonstrate the stone carving process....
Five Week Stone Letter Carving Course (Wednesday Mornings) with Simon Burns-Cox at The Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop from the 15th November to 13th December from 10.00 to 13.00. Maximum 5 participants and open to all levels. Course price is £160 and stone and tools can be borrowed or purchased. At the start of the course, there will be a review about the tools and how to use them. The student will also discover the importance of...
Tutor: Tom Perkins Date & Time: Mon 23rd - Wed 25th Oct, 10am - 4pm, Venue: Albright Studio, New Brewery Arts REF: SW87-17 PRICE: £240 (£0.00 VAT) Content will include learning/practising the technique of ‘V’ incising letters in stone and slate, basic guidance on drawing and spacing letters, and the process offsetting out a brief inscription for carving. More experienced carvers may fine-tune carving, as required, and obtain input with drawn lettering and the design...
East Yorkshire - Next course on 27th January 2018
Letter Carving in Stone Taster Course – Carving a short Inscription Our letter carving taster courses focus on two distinct applications of the cut letter on stone. Carving a short inscription on the flat surface of monumental stone, or, carving letters onto uncut surfaces of stone. The focus of each course in our schedule is as follows: 27.01.18 - Carving a short inscription 02.02.18 - Carving a short inscription 17.03.18 - Letter carving on found...
East Yorkshire - Next course on 5th July 2018
Introduction to Letter Carving in Stone – Carving an Inscription The cut letter in stone has a unique place in the role of written text; it has the authority of the printed word and the intimacy of handwriting, carried by a timeless monumental material. Our Introduction to Letter carving in Stone is designed to give students an experience of all the fundamental aspects of letter carving including the drawing and design of letters, text composition...
One Day Stone Letter Carving Course with Simon Burns-Cox at The Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop on Saturday 28th October and/or Saturday 4th November 2017 from 10.00 to 16.30. The course is designed for those who have either participated on The Two Day Introductory Stone Letter Carving Course and want to continue or for those who have some basic experience. Complete beginners, however, are also accepted as the class is small. Maximum 5 participants and tools and...
Stone letter carving - two day course Develop your stone carving skills! On this one day course you'll cover focus on the specific skills for letter cutting in stone. You will learn how to mark up and cut a short inscription into your piece of stone from a selection of scripts that will be available for you to choose from. You will produce a bespoke piece of work to take home with you at the...
London - Next course on 16th December 2017
The London Stone Carving team are now running weekend courses throughout the year, covering all aspects of stone carving, from our fully equipped stone workshop, situated just off the old Kent Road, Central London. ​ Our classes are friendly open and flexible in their scope, covering all aspects of stone carving for all skill levels. We maintain a low student to teacher ratio, no more than four students per tutor, meaning each student's experience can...