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Walk through your local church yard with observant eyes and you will find a range of stone letter carving styles. From the the simplest clean lines to more rounded flowing scripts you will become intrigued by the history unfolding on the headstones. Stone letter carving should somehow reveal an essence or spirit of the individual and we see this on family tombs, in public buildings, on way faring signposts, in religious buildings and heritage sites. The words may be for information, to praise God, to reflect the love of a family, to describe or to delight, as on Simon Armitage's poetry Stanza Stones. Do you want to learn the traditional art of the stone letter carver! Do you need advice on choosing the best material and tools to carve clear, beautiful letters? Come and try a course on stone letter carving and be inspired to create something that will last many generations.

East Yorkshire - Next course on 19th October 2018
We open our Studios on most Fridays during term time for those wishing to work and learn alongside us. With a feeling of being apprenticed in working artists studios, you can choose to come along for one day to get a feel of working with stone and complete a small carving project to take home with you, or you may wish to come to us on an ongoing basis (at intervals to suit your own...
Stonecarving for beginners and intermediates in the Cotswolds Held outdoors or in workshop. Beautiful location, in Gloucestershire, idyllic rural setting in Cotswold Area of outstanding natural beauty. Two day affordable stone carving courses, held generally once or twice a month, please click on the "View Website" button above for all course dates! Taught in small groups, up to ten trainees
This is a 3 day Stone Sculpture workshop with Simon Keeley for a perfect slice of fresh air and 'downtime' in which to lose oneself whilst learning from this 'master' of stone carving. Starting late afternoon on Sunday 27 May 2018 - choose your slot between 4.30pm & 7pm to 9pm with Simon leading you through the process of drawing and then creating a 'maquette' (a clay model) of your chosen subject. On the first...
The London Stone Carving team are now running weekend courses throughout the year, covering all aspects of stone carving, from our fully equipped stone workshop, situated just off the old Kent Road, Central London. ​ Our classes are friendly open and flexible in their scope, covering all aspects of stone carving for all skill levels. We maintain a low student to teacher ratio, no more than four students per tutor, meaning each student's experience can...
Join us for an introduction to the fascinating art of stone carving. This course is flexible and restricted to no more than 6 students so people can explore the subject matter of their choice and develop their ideas to complete a piece by the end of the day. After an introduction to the use of tools and studio practise we will look at creating depth and the graphic possibilities of line and texture to bring...
East Sussex - Next course on 17th October 2018
The better informed we are the better the drawing hand becomes. This course will enable letter cutters to understand why the pen is important in the learning of letter forms. Day 1: Introduction, pen exercises & Roman minuscules Day 2: Continue to develop Roman minuscule & Roman capitals. Day 3: Italics; pub lunch; visit to Ditchling Museum of Art & Craft & visit to Church. Day 4: Continue italics with double pencils: Learning to adapt...
Lothian - Next course on 24th October 2018
Five Week Stone Letter Carving and Bas Relief Course on a Wednesday morning from 10.00 to 13.00 with Simon Burns-Cox in his studio at The Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. Maximum 3 participants and open to all levels. The next courses are from the 3rd October to 7th November or the 14th November to 12th December 2018. At the start of the course, there will be a review about the tools and how to use them. The...
Content will include learning/practising the technique of ‘V’ incising letters in stone and slate, basic guidance on drawing and spacing letters, and the process offsetting out a brief inscription for carving. More experienced carvers may fine-tune carving, as required, and obtain input with drawn lettering and the design of inscriptions. This letter carving course is suitable for all levels – including beginners! You can turn any of our courses into a short break by staying...
Lothian - Next course on 3rd November 2018
One Day Stone Carving and Lettering Course with Simon Burns-Cox at The Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. The course is designed for those who have either participated on The Two Day Introductory Stone Letter Carving Course and want to continue or for those who have some basic experience. Complete beginners, however, are also accepted as the class is small. Maximum 5 participants and open to all levels. At the start of the course, there will be a...
In this workshop you will either hand-carve a simple ball flower appropriate for beginners, or basic letter-cutting. You will be instructed by our second year apprentices. Our apprentices, who are training on a seven-year apprenticeship, are instructed by an international Guild Master, whose forebears include William de Ramesey, the Royal Master who oversaw the construction of the South walk of Norwich Cathedral cloister, as well as Michel de Villedo, Master at Versailles (see our 'Carve...