Plaster sculpture courses and craft kits

Plaster sculpture courses, live classes, kits and online workshops from UK makers. Create armatures and use layers of plaster to bring your sculptures to life!
diamond badge
Hare Sculpture one day workshop with Jo Garden Art in beautiful Norfolk/Suffolk
Next date: 24th Mar 2023
gold badge
Giacometti style bronzed animal sculpture one day workshop Suffolk one-to-one
Next date: 10th Feb 2023
diamond badge
Large Outdoor Plaster Hare sculpture kit (60 - 75cm) with full video instructions
4 items left
gold badge
Bronzed Giacometti style figurative sculpture one day workshop one-to-one
Next date: 3rd Feb 2023
bronze badge
Botanical Clay Plaster Casting Workshop
Next date: 7th Feb 2023
7 places left
diamond badge
Sculpture workshop two days with Jo Garden Art in beautiful rural Norfolk/Suffolk border setting
Next date: 13th Nov 2023
platinum badge
Plaster mould making for slip cast ceramics with Ed Bentley
Next date: 6th Feb 2023
diamond badge
Small Outdoor Plaster Hare Sculpture Kit (30cm) with full video instructions by Jo Garden Art
4 items left
Botanical Relief Workshop
Next date: 28th Jan 2023


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