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Take a course or workshop in photography and you will never look back. You will probably be too busy looking through a lens, taking or editing your beautiful pictures and photographing all of your friends, hobbies, pets and family! A photography course could be just what you need to improve your business; helping you create attractive images for marketing. Learning how to take good photos is a skill you will carry through life, wherever you go. Every future holiday, family event, beautiful landscape, all enhanced by your ability with the camera.

Dorset - Next course on 24th July 2018
Master the art of photography with a photo experience for beginners, our introduction to photography courses will provide you with the skills and knowledge to take quality photographs for many years to come The photo experience is open to beginners , In the workshop we will explore how to take best photographs, not only of the castle but the town of Corfe. Many of the houses are owned by National Trust which was part of...
In the Corfe Castle workshop we will discover how to photograph Corfe Castle, which is around 1,000 years old, having been built by William the Conqueror. During the civil war the parliamentarians captured and demolished the castle and in doing so created a romantic ruin which gives you great photo opportunities from every angle, either in the morning or in the mist in winter. The photography workshop is open to photographers at all levels of...
West Sussex - Next course on 29th September 2018
This one day workshop is suitable for complete beginners or for those wanting to refresh their mount cutting skills. Cutting your own mounts allows you to use standard size frames and recycle existing ones. Perfect for painters, crafters, photographers, calligraphers, textile artists, in fact anyone wanting to make their pictures / textiles look their best. Excellent presentation makes a world of difference, and if you sell your work professional presentation is essential. * Learn to...
Photography days with Richard and Sue - A chance to try something new! Weather permitting we like to include an outdoor session. We can also show how you can set up a simple studio using household items! We’ll talk about composition and lighting. Things you learn in this session may be helpful if you need to photograph products for eBay or your own website. This will be followed by help in editing these shots. Throughout...
Photographer Richard Piper invites you to join him on a 'How To' bespoke photography course, held in a fantastic open-air central London location. Suitable for all levels, from novice to experienced, these individual and small-group one-to-one workshop classes are specifically tailored to your own personal needs and aspirations. Covering both the technical and creative aspects of photography, the workshops offers first-hand friendly coaching, with clear practical demonstrations of the key ingredients for great successful photography....
Join lifestyle Photographer & Stylist Lyndsey James on the next run of her ever popular Photocraft® e-course! Since 2014 Lyndsey has taught designers, makers, artists, retailers and bloggers how to take great photos to improve their businesses online. Now with a worldwide audience Lyndsey shares her techniques from 14 years as a pro photographer to teach her Photocraft students the art of photographing lovely things. Join fellow creative people around the world for 6 weeks...
For many this is the ultimate photographic print. With it’s delicate, broad range of tones and archival permanence it gives added value and is number one for the serious collector. You will learn about paper types, the chemicals involved, coating the paper and exposing and developing the print. You will receive an instruction booklet to take away with you as well as the negatives and prints you made during the workshop. You will be taught...
Cambridgeshire - Next course on 24th September 2018
This course will discuss the fundamental and technical aspects of the DSLR camera, such as settings and functions. Lessons will cover a wide range of skills to create a good photograph using composition, depth of field, aperture, shutter speed and ISO features. As you submit images each week and critique each other's work you will build confidence and establish sound knowledge. You ideally need a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera to get the most from...
We want to see your etchings! With this weekend course you will explore one etching technique per day – drypoint and photographic. Ultimately you will come away with unique, high quality prints that you can be proud of! Taught and guided by professional artist and tutor Liam Biswell. During this inspiring weekend course, you will learn: - How to select suitable images and reference materials. - How to drypoint etch your design onto a plate....
Sun printing is a primitive form of photography using cyanotype chemicals and Sun shine you can capture plants and objects onto paper, textiles and silk. Bridget mainly works with Silk creating beautiful sun printed scarves and cushions , building up from working on paper, to experimenting with setacolour soleil colour printing depending on which direction you wish to go in.