Book courses, craft kits and handcrafted gifts

Book courses, live classes, kits & online workshops. Enter the world of book binding and illustration, a centuries old craft that is still as relevant and intricate now. From bookbinding, illumination & repair of historical manuscripts to book making, journalling & scrapbooking, to book illustration, the love of books is a special one for the human soul.
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Making a hard back book
Next date: 13th Nov 2022
Make a leather book cover with Tony Morgan
Next date: 29th Sep 2022
Bookbinding tuition with professional Mylyn McColl
Next date: 29th Sep 2022
Book repair - cloth bindings
Moroccan Leather Bookbinding
Next date: 1st Oct 2022
Leather book cover with Tony Morgan
Next date: 29th Sep 2022
Adventures in book binding with Ali Reeve
Next date: 12th Nov 2022
Eco printing for book making.
Next date: 29th Oct 2022
Mini book bonanza
Next date: 19th Nov 2022
Story telling through comic book art with Zara Slattery
Next date: 8th Oct 2022


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