Art: drawing courses, craft kits and handcrafted gifts

Drawing courses, live classes, art kits and online workshops from our community of UK artists. Drawing could be considered the basis of all visual arts, whether it is lifted into a sculpture, moulded into clay or simply recorded in your sketchbook.
Drawing with visual multilayered thinking skills
Next date: 29th Nov 2022
Visual multilayered thinking skills - family sessions
Next date: 20th Dec 2022
The Useful Art Class - Life drawing class
Next date: 7th Dec 2022
MAKE art open access
Next date: 3rd Dec 2022
A brush of genius art class - private / group booking paint night party
Next date: 1st Dec 2022
ColourWheel Art Class Fleet 13 weeks - FRIDAY Morning
Next date: 6th Jan 2023
Leather Handbag from Design to Sell
Next date: 29th Nov 2022
Drawing and Pyrography Portrait workshop for two
Next date: 1st Dec 2022
Young Artists Day
Next date: 29th Nov 2022
Acrylic Painting Art Class for two
Next date: 29th Nov 2022
Themes Art D
Next date: 12th Jan 2023
Woodland oil pastels.
Next date: 27th Apr 2023
Mixed Media. Decorate, Decorate, Decorate.
Next date: 4th May 2023
Acrylic Landscape or Animal Painting Course
Next date: 1st Dec 2022
Learn to draw
Next date: 29th Nov 2022
Destress with therapeutic watercolour class
Next date: 29th Nov 2022
Waste not want not. Pattern and design
Next date: 25th May 2023


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