Did you know that the candle industry in the UK alone is worth over £1.9 billion a year? Hot stuff! It is no wonder that we have noticed an increase in the number of people looking to start their own candle making business. 

Lockdown has had us all thinking about how our lives have changed, whether we can continue working from home, ideally doing something we love and feel passionate about. Does this sound like you? Have you dreamt of starting your own candle making business, but just not sure where to start?

We are here to help! Read on to discover the incredible resources (both in-person and online) we have available to make your dreams become a reality with the help of our expert candlemakers. 

In-person candlemaking workshops

Kerrylyn Bell at Can To Candle

Edinburgh: business candle making workshop


Take this comprehensive workshop with the lovely Kerrylyn Bell at Can to Candle to learn all the steps involved in making and selling candles, as well as giving you the confidence and knowledge to create your own soy candle business with minimal start up costs.

Kerrylyn will teach you everything from the making of the candles, devising your own brand, marketing and packaging, the safety and legislation involved in selling candles and all the troubleshooting of starting your own candle making business.

'I cannot recommend this course enough! I walked in with very minimal knowledge on candle making and left feeling full of confidence and motivation to get started with my business.'

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The Scent Styling Company

Derbyshire: The Scent Styling Company


Jane Helliwell at The Scent Styling Company hosts a fantastic course in Derbyshire. Jane advises that in these times where everything is very competitive, you have to get ahead of the game if you are ambitious, creative and ready for change. Now, more than ever, is the right time to start your new venture. Jane's comprehensive course has a detailed introduction to cover your hopes and desires and then delivers detail on the science of candle making, the full detail on the physical making of the candles, the legislation and product safety requirements and where to get your supplies. Jane will then advise you on packaging, branding, price and marketing to make sure you know how to target your audience. 

'The information that Jane supplies is second to none and because it’s a one-to-one it was tailored to my business needs. I now feel so much more confident to start up my own business.' 

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The White Candle Company

Suffolk: Introduction to candle making as a business


The White Candle Company hosts a fantastic course that is absolutely perfect for beginners to the craft. Jo will give you an introduction to materials, waxes/wicks/cores and containers. You will cover the description of commonly used waxes, how to measure the correct quantities, perfume and their effects, pour temperatures and how to fix surface problems. The course will also explain the recent legislation changes and the CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) information that is required in order to sell your candles. You also get to take away your finished candles including a set of wax melts. 

This was such a lovely, warm, relaxing and informative day and with all the incredible scents it felt like a relaxation course. I am really pleased that I signed up for this course, Jo was brilliant.

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Beauty Handmade

London: Create your own candle making business


Beauty Handmade are hosting this one to one workshop to help you become a candle entrepreneur and create a unqiue brand like no other. Zaga, at Beauty Handmade, shares that a successful candle business isn’t just about making a candle. It’s a process that helps you understand who your audience and demographic is, what drives them to make a purchase, why they should buy from you, and how to communicate your brand identity and story to your relevant customer segments. In addition, this process also involves legislation, which is your legal liability. This workshop has it all! 


Zaga has received over 50 five-star reviews for this comprehensive workshop:

'A really relaxed and effective learning environment and so useful to help process my business plan and ideas. Zaga tailor made the workshop specifically to suit my current position and needs. Highly recommend.'

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Old Bexley Soap Company

Kent: One to one candle making business workshop


Famous for their incredible range of soap making courses Old Bexley Soap Company have a fantastic workshop that teaches you all you need to know to start your own candle making business. The founder of the company, Paula, is an experienced chandler and excellent tutor who has taught hundreds of students the art of candle making. Paula will teach you how to make your own candles using natural soy wax and all the practicalities to go with making them, including choosing the scent, what ingredients you can include, and all the equipment you will need to get started. Paula will help you to produce safe and fragrant candles that are all in line with safety guidelines. Learn to market your products and build your brand with confidence. 

'I feel like I have everything I need to know now to make candles successfully. Whether you want to make them as a hobby or to sell you will have an excellent base to confidently do so from this course.'

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If you cannot wait to start and want to learn whilst in lockdown or would just like to from the comfort of your home, with the same expert tuition, then our tutors have adapted their workshops to be available online.


Online candlemaking workshops


Old Bexley Soap Company - live online workshop

£395 + P&P

A live online workshop with a kit sent in advance to take you through the whole process from the comfort of your home. 

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Beauty Handmade- create a bespoke scent for your candles


This a live online workshop where you’ll be expert led by Zaga, as you go through the process of learning the art of perfumery and formulation techniques. You will create your very own signature fragrance.

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Beauty Handmade- Create your own candle making business


Start your business from home with this live online workshop!
Learn candle making with branding and legislation. Develop your product. Stay legal. Know your customer. Learn fragrance creation for your brand of candles.

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The Scent Styling Company- container candle making


This is an online, on-demand course that will give you lifetime access to online tutorials from expert Jane at The Scent Styling Company. Jane will also provide you with her full contact details if she can continue to help you in your candle making journey.

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Feeling inspired? 


Full of ideas to develop your brand identity, a unique scent and style, buy the equipment and get to grips with the legislation, marketing plan, packaging and supply chain? Whew - lots to do!


Browse our full range of workshops in candle making as a business and find the one that is just right for you? 

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