How to find the perfect venue for a craft workshop


Creative pastimes are all the rage at the moment so we are here to help you to find a coworking studio for craft hotbenching or the perfect venue to host your workshops.

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Minerva workshop - London


Location, location, location

Where you host your class is really important and the key to finding the right place is knowing exactly what you need out of your space.

Whether you’re a course provider looking for a local space to host regular events, a venue out of town to take your workshops on the road or a student organising a get together, here are some things to consider:



Swallows & Artisans - Lake District



When doing crafts the light is usually very important: is it bright enough to see detailed work? Do you need natural or artificial lighting? Is the ambience right? If not, you could warm it up by bringing some pieces along yourself.


If your workshop involves observation such as a landscape drawing class then you will need to pick a location with plenty of inspirational vistas.

Food & drink

You need to think about whether you will be asking people to bring their own snacks, lunch and drinks or if you would prefer to include food and drink. Having facilities to make your own hot beverages during the workshop or being close to a café can be very handy, especially if the workshop is quite intensive – a trip to the coffee shop can provide a breath of fresh air!

Many cafes and bars have creative workshop spaces too which can make this aspect much simpler.


Don't underestimate the importance of a tasty snack and a great cup of coffee!



How easy is it to travel to the venue by public transport and is there plenty of parking for cars or somewhere safe to store a bike? Disabled access is important too so it is worth running through this in detail with the venue owner.

Plus you need to think about where your students are likely to be coming from – choosing a venue in a location that makes journeying to the class hassle-free will not only help to attract people but will also put them in the right frame of mind for creative learning.


Venues that host a lot of art and craft classes may have a certain amount kit already in place available for you to use – this is especially important if the kit that you need may be tricky to transport or you need additional tools to host larger groups.


Many venues also offer accommodation or can recommend great places to stay nearby - very handy if your course takes place over several days or you would like to attract students from far and wide.


Consider how much background noise there is going to be and if it will be distracting – a full café or bar may end up being quite noisy or a nearby trainline or building works could be disruptive (especially if your workshop involves any meditation!)



The Arienas Collective - Edinburgh



Consider whether your venue does any promotional activity - many have a number of marketing channels, including social media that they may use to promote your events.


TCV Skelton Grange environment centre - West Yorkshire



Venues vary in cost, and what is included, so be sure to factor this cost into the price of your places. This may mean that you charge different prices in different locations.


Find out whether the venue has its own Public Liability insurance and if it is sufficient to cover the workshops that you will be conducting. If you need to take out your own then this will need to be factored into your pricing too.


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