Terms of service for makers and tutors

Our mission is to help people get creative and discover the joy of making and doing things. We assist the UK art & craft industry in one of its most noble and useful endeavours; the passing on of creative and technical skills and the practice and appreciation of craftsmanship.


What we do

This website enables people to browse thousands of courses, live classes, kits, gifts and online workshops offered by some of the UK’s finest Makers. You can chat with makers, book courses, order kits & gifts and post reviews. All bookings & purchases can be paid for using CraftCourses gift vouchers and/or payment cards in any combination. When we refer to ‘Makers’ we mean the 6000+ artisans and tutors who offer creative courses, kits or handmade products on this site. 


Gift vouchers

CraftCourses.com offers gift vouchers which can be spent on any course, kit or gift on the website and are not tied to any specific maker.

Vouchers are available in any amount (minimum £10) and are issued instantly upon purchase via email, with the option of adding a personalised and printed voucher and greeting card with a postal service (at an additional cost of £4.80). 

Vouchers are valid for 12 months, and when purchased the start date can be chosen up to 3 months in the future, so that special dates such as birthdays and anniversaries can be marked. If the voucher is used to book a course, the bookings must be made by the expiry date, though the actual event may take place later. 

Places on specific courses cannot be guaranteed. Our makers are predominantly individual craftspeople and artisans, and the courses are therefore bespoke and offered in limited numbers. 

Please note that due to COVID-19, vouchers due to expire in this period can be extended a further 3 months from the original expiry date, offering a total of 15 months validity. Vouchers can be extended using this tool here. In addition, bookings made on courses that get cancelled due to the pandemic will automatically be extended an extra 3 months of validity from the point that it is un-hooked from the cancelled booking, so that people have enough time to find another course, kit or handmade gift. 

All customers purchasing our gift vouchers are subject to the terms and conditions here

We are aware that many makers sell their own independent gift vouchers, but to avoid the inevitable confusion of promoting different types of gift voucher, the CraftCourses platform may only be used to advertise CraftCourses gift vouchers.


Bookings & purchases:
(instant booking 10%+VAT commission)
  •  It is your responsibility to ensure your listings are up to date and that the dates and quantity of spaces or number of products are set to the appropriate levels. If you do not want your course/ product to be available to book/order, you can archive your listing or remove dates from the calendar.
  • You receive a booking/order confirmation (via email and SMS if you have opted into that) that you have received a booking/order that has been instantly accepted. This email will contain the student's full contact information.
  • The customer’s payment will have been authorised and taken immediately at checkout.


(on request 12%+VAT commission)
  • You receive a booking request (via email and SMS if you have opted into that)
  • You have 72 hours to accept or reject the booking and you can also change the date of the booking if need be.
  • The customer's payment is authorised at checkout but only taken once you have accepted & confirmed the booking – you will be sent an email confirmation.
  • If you reject the booking or it lapses (after 72 hours), no payment will be taken.


Gift vouchers can be used as full or part payment:

  • If the gift voucher is worth more than the course the ‘change’ voucher is returned to the customer via email
  • If the gift voucher is worth less than the total amount due, the customer can top up the difference via card at the time of booking.


Refunds & cancellations (in-person and live online course bookings)

Customers can cancel their course bookings within the cancellation period of that course and receive a full refund or a credit voucher. 

When adding your workshops & products, we offer our Makers the option to select the cancellation policy that best suits your requirements, to protect you from late cancellations and no-shows. For example, a course that requires a lot of preparation and prior investment usually requires a stricter cancellation policy than a short course that requires little preparation and can be cancelled at short notice. If a student does not show up, you are entitled to request payment. This is to protect you and ensure that your courses remain viable, as we understand well how damaging late cancellations can be.

Please note that bespoke courses made by arrangement, for groups or corporate events, cannot be cancelled and refunded unless by agreement with you.


Easy, Medium and Strict

You can select an Easy, Medium, Strict or None-refundable cancellation policy on your scheduled courses (in-person and live online), and this is clearly noted in the customer's basket on checkout. The default setting is Easy, and you can change it at any time though once a booking is made with one policy this cannot be amended to a different one.

o Easy: cancellation and a full refund can be obtained up to 2 weeks before the course starts.

o Medium: cancellation and full refund can be obtained up to 4 weeks before the course starts.

o Strict: Cancellation and full refund is permitted up to 8 weeks before the course starts.

o None-refundable: in rare cases, a course will be marked as none-refundable.


Changing the date of a course booking

Bookings on request: Changing the date of a booking is easy and you can do it in Bookings > View > Edit date.

Instant bookings: Dates must only be changed on instant bookings in exceptional circumstances. For example, if a student is unable to make the original course date it is acceptable to offer alternatives that are mutually agreed. It is the responsibility of the course provider to ensure their calendars are regularly updated and reflect the dates they would be happy to have instantly accepted.


If you cancel a course 

If you need to cancel a course at short notice for reasons beyond your control, such as adverse weather conditions, illness or mechanical breakdowns, the customer has 3 options:

  1. Most popular – rearranging a mutually convenient date!
  2. Receiving a CraftCourses voucher for the full amount that you can spend on any course, kit or product listed on the site
  3. Receiving a full refund


Returns on craft kits, books & handmade gifts

In the unlikely event that orders are wished to be returned or exchanged, the customer needs to send it back within 14 days of delivery. The item must be returned within 30 days of delivery in the same condition that it arrived in. The cost of the return postage is covered by the customer and they must obtain proof of postage.

The following items are not eligible for return:

  • Custom or personalised orders
  • Perishable products (like food or flowers)
  • Digital downloads
  • Intimate items (for health/hygiene reasons)
  • Items on sale/offer

Please refer all issues and complaints to us and we will do our best to help.


Payments to you (for bookings):

  • You will be paid the value of the booking, minus our 12% + VAT commission, directly via BACS within 4 working days of you confirming that the course, gift or kit has been provided. Please make sure your up to date bank details have been added to your account, which you can do under the Billing > Payment methods tab. These are safely encrypted in your dashboard
  • Your payments can be requested from the Earnings tab in your dashboard.
  • Your invoices for the commissions are available to view and download from your dashboard under Billing > Invoices

Please note that the commission fee is an all-inclusive fee for delivering you the customer - there are no hidden costs. We process the booking and all the payments, including all transaction fees charged to us by payment merchants. The fee enables us to keep the site viable and offer exceptional customer service, marketing and software all contained within this commission. Commission is an operational cost for the maker and must never be passed on to the student. We are a small passionate team of individuals working to create a top-notch resource - ultimately to get more people learning, practicing and enjoying craftsmanship.


Customer service, quality and underselling

Happy customers: Respecting our business terms and integrity is essential and in order to give our mutual customers a happy, positive experience we ask that you refrain from discussing fees or other topics which may come across as unprofessional or unwelcoming with them. Any queries about fees or our service must be raised with CraftCourses directly and we will always be happy to receive feedback.

Customer service: we put a lot of resource and thought into offering our customers an excellent and approachable service by phone and email. The connections built between learners and artisans are a large part of the joy of what we all do and so it is vital that in joining your community you offer a friendly welcome to our mutual customers. Your bookings will increase and your excellent reviews will then shine out to others looking to book.

Underselling: We are mindful that commissions paid to CraftCourses are marketing & service costs that have to be covered in your business model - we want your business to thrive! However, please try to ensure that courses listed on the site are not knowingly undersold elsewhere to avoid putting our customers into a frustrating situation. We make every effort to keep our fees as low as possible to ensure that our mutual customers may be treated fairly and equally.


Safety & insurance

All our makers & tutors are solely responsible for meeting the health and safety regulations and providing the appropriate insurance cover for their course/s, handmade ietms & kits. Craft Courses Ltd takes no responsibility for individual makers, suppliers or course providers who advertise on the site and does not provide any insurance cover or official safety advice or inspection.


Student reviews

Course, handmade gift & kit reviews help others to gain an insight into what to expect. They also help our makers to gain recognition, feedback and testimony, which is invaluable in attracting new customers.

In posting a review on CraftCourses students expressly agree not to post anything that is false, unlawful, misleading, defamatory or otherwise objectionable.

Course reviews posted on this Site are the sole property of CraftCourses.com and are not to be replicated elsewhere without expressed consent from CraftCourses.com. Whilst we monitor carefully the content posted, CraftCourses does not edit or control in advance, the reviews posted to this site. CraftCourses does nevertheless reserve the right for any reason in its sole discretion to remove without notice any Site Content. Offensive and inappropriate comments will be removed, as will comments from those who have not actually been on the course in question. However, we will not remove negative reviews at the demand of makers without the consent of the reviewer and makers should not approach students with requests in this regard. All concerns and issues should be communicated to CraftCourses.com.



All online booking payments and any transactions involving our gift vouchers will be securely processed by CraftCourses.


Registering as a tutor/maker

CraftCourses.com offers every UK based Maker, Tutor, Craft Centre organisation or college the opportunity to register and list for free.

Our goal is to connect artists and craftspeople with those wishing to learn or appreciate craftsmanship. 

Listings may be in 5 formats: in-person courses, Live online courses, Online on-demand courses, Kits & Handmade products.

The following rules apply to all information uploaded onto CraftCourses.com:

    • Information supplied must be true, accurate, current and complete.
    • Fully booked or unavailable dates should be removed; you can be on the flexible dates option or the specific dates option to make it as quick and user-friendly for you to use as possible.
    • Customers should receive courteous, polite and helpful correspondence and the highest level of customer service from all of us. This includes being gracious regarding reviews.
    • Only photographs/images which belong to you (or which you have authority to use) may be uploaded.
    • Each listing must hold the details of one type of creative course, kit or product/gift, with a specific price and length, though there may be multiple dates for courses that repeat throughout the year.
    • To avoid confusion, listings may not be used to advertise any other gift voucher scheme except the CraftCourses one.
    • All makers/tutors registered with CraftCourses can log in any time to edit their content online, add or amend a boost subscription, view and download invoices, claim payments due on bookings/orders.
    • In order to maintain a positive service for all site users, makers are trusted to respond promptly (within 7 days) to messages via the CraftCourses messaging system. We will send reminders via email and phone in the event of unanswered messages but if we are unable to make contact with you the associated listing/s will be archived after 14 days. This is to avoid out of date course information remaining on the site, but please do contact us at contact@craftcourses.com if you would like to reinstate an archived listing.
    • CraftCourses reserves the right to close or suspend accounts without notice if our guidelines or policies are infringed, if complaints are received or if we have reason to believe a maker to be unsuitable, unprofessional or providing poor service (teaching and customer service).
    • By submitting content to this website, you grant CraftCourses.com a nonexclusive, royalty-free, permanent, irrevocable right to use, reproduce, distribute, or publish the content in any media. You acknowledge that CraftCourses.com may choose to provide attribution of your comments or reviews at our discretion and has full rights to use this content in our marketing as appropriate.


Diversity and inclusivity policy

CraftCourses is committed to promoting creative learning and inclusive practices for all.

We believe that every individual using the CraftCourses platform as a customer or a maker should be treated with dignity and respect. We ask that all makers using the platform provide a learning environment that is free from judgement or bias, regardless of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or age.

Where disability or physical challenges may be a barrier to participation, we ask that makers make all reasonable adaptations possible to allow maximum safe inclusion for all, and if this is not possible, to make it clear in advance.


Notice and take-down policy

CraftCourses.com operates on a "notice and takedown" basis. If you have any complaints or objections to material or content posted on this Site, or if you believe that material or content posted on this Site infringes a copyright that you hold, please contact us immediately and we will make all reasonable endeavours to remove illegal content within a reasonable time.


Direct bookings with makers

CraftCourses take no responsibility for bookings or orders made and paid for directly with the makers (not using CraftCourses gift vouchers or online booking on the CraftCourses.com site). In these cases, students are bound by individual makers’ own cancellation and refund policies. 


Restrictions on certain courses

Certain courses are subject to certain requirements specified by our providers, such as age, health or accessibility. For example, it is not advised to be around lead whilst pregnant. Details of each course are available online but please check carefully upon making the booking that you comply with the requirements. 


Complaints & feedback

Your feedback is important to us, so please bring any comments or issues to our attention as soon as possible, so that we have a chance to put matters right. We will contact you on the day that your course is due to take place to ask for your review and to let us know of any issues, and to confirm if the course went ahead. Please let us know immediately (within 48 hours) if the course did not go ahead or if you have any issues to raise with us.


Please note

All of the above terms and conditions apply as a condition of using the CraftCourses.com website whether to promote your courses & products, book a course, make enquiries or purchase a gift voucher. CraftCourses reserves the right to change these terms from time to time without reference to customers or notice. These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer and are governed by and in accordance with British law.

These terms of service are to be used in conjunction with our privacy policy. Copies of each of these documents can be found in your account dashboard under ‘Site Info’.