Our Terms For Services

1.   Application of Terms
1.1     These Terms for Services are a part of and in addition to ourTerms of Use, and apply to Customers using the Website to make purchases of Courses or Goods and set out the Services that we provide. By using the Website, You agree to these Terms for Services and the Terms of Use governing Your access to and use of the Website as a User. Terms used in the Terms of Use shall have the same meaning in these terms for Services.

2.   Purchasing Courses, Goods or Services
2.1   We provide a venue for Makers and Service Providers to offer Goods and Courses to Customers via the Website. Your contract for the provision of the Goods or Courses is with the Maker or Service Provider directly and We are not a party to that transaction. Accordingly You acknowledge and agree that:     
2.1.1  Your contract for the provision of the Goods or Courses is with the Maker or Service Provider and will be subject to additional terms and conditions that are specific to that transaction. These will either be provided on the Maker or Service Provider's page on the Website or provided by email by the Maker or Service Provider at the time the contract is made;     
2.1.2  Each Maker or Service Provider has their own cancellation and returns policies. However, You may be entitled to a 14-day "cooling off period," or a "right of withdrawal", during which you may return Goods or withdraw from a Course for any reason provided that they are not custom or You have authorised commencement prior to the 14 day period.
2.1.3  We do not pre-screen Makers or Service Providers or the Goods or Courses provided and we do not endorse any Course or Good or Maker or Service Provider;
2.1.4  Only Makers or Service Providers can cancel orders once placed, however You may request cancellation if within the cancellation period, by contacting us.

3.   Payment
3.1   When purchasing Courses or Goods on the Website, You may authorise payment via those payment services accepted by Us from time to time such as Visa or Mastercard credit or debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and/or Klarna or purchase using a gift voucher. In making payments made other than by gift voucher You are entering into a separate contract with the payment services provider and additional terms will apply.
3.2   We may share your personal or transactional information with those third-party payment service providers for purposes related to payments processing. [If there are insufficient funds in your bank account when the payment services provider processes the payment for your purchase, We may contact You directly and to seek payment. Your order is not confirmed until payment is made.]

4.   Vouchers
4.1   We offer gift vouchers which can be spent on any Course or Goods offered for purchase on theWebsite; these are provided by Us and are not tied to any specific maker.
4.2   Gift vouchers are available in any amount (minimum £10) and are issued upon purchase via email to the address You have specified, with the option of adding a personalised and printed gift voucher and greeting card with a postal service (at an additional cost of 4.80). Purchasers of gift vouchers can choose to specify the start date of the voucher, so that special dates such as birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries can be marked.
4.3   Gift vouchers come with a full 12 months of validity from the start date. The Course/s must be booked, or the Goods purchased before the expiry date, although fulfilment may take place at a later date. After the expiration date, the gift voucher will no longer be available to be redeemed.
4.4   You may apply to extend your gift voucher expiry up to a maximum of 3 months beyond the original expiry date. Please enter your code using the tool found on the Gift Voucher page to apply for an extension up to 3-months. Extensions beyond this 3 month window will not be possible.
4.5   Any bookings made using gift vouchers on Courses or to purchase Goods that then get cancelled will automatically be extended an extra 3 months of validity from the point that it is un- hooked from the cancelled booking, so that Customers have enough time to find another Course or Good.
4.6   At checkout, if Goods or Courses purchased exceed the gift voucher amount, the difference must be paid via debit or with credit card or PayPal.
4.7   If the gift voucher is worth more than the Goods or Courses purchased the difference shall be returned to the Customer via a new gift voucher issued to the email address specified during redemption of the original gift voucher. The original gift voucher will cease to be valid.
4.8   Gift vouchers shall have no cash value and cannot be returned for cash or transferred to another account.
4.9   The purchase of a gift voucher does not guarantee places on specific Courses or the purchase of a specific Goods. Our Makers and Service Providers are predominantly individual craftspeople and artisans, and the Courses and Goods are therefore bespoke and offered in limited numbers.
4.10  Gift vouchers are fully refundable up to 14 days following purchase and may be cancelled by Customers by Contacting us.
4.11  In the event of fraudulently obtained gift vouchers, We have the right to suspend Your account and take payment from You for any Courses or Goods you have purchased using these gift vouchers.

5.   Interactive Services
5.1   At Our discretion, We shall provide interactive services on the Website, where You can chat and interact with Us, Makers and Service Providers and other Users. In submitting User Content You agree that such interactive services shall be provided in accordance with, and You shall comply with the Terms of Use, and specifically, but without limitation, clauses 9-11 of the Terms of Use.

6.   Changes
6.1   The Version of these Terms for Services is effective from 25th July 2022.
6.2   We may change these Terms for Services from time to time in accordance with clause 22 of the Terms of Use.
6.3   We may update and change the Services and /or their delivery from time to time to reflect changes to the Services and our Users needs and Our business. We shall endeavour to provide reasonable notice of major changes.

7.   Liability
7.1   Our liability to You in respect of Our provision of Our Services shall be as set out in the Terms of Use.

8.   Data
8.1   You assume responsibility for the provision of Your User Content in respect of an order of a Course or Goods and agree that in submitting an order via the Website, You warrant that You shall comply with any applicable laws and regulations in using the Website or platform and in Your dealings with Us, Makers and Service Providers and other Users.
8.2   We and Makers and Service Providers shall be separate and independent data controllers with regard to the processing of User personal data. We will process personal data in accordance with our privacy policy; and Makers and Service Providers shall provide Users with their privacy policy concerning how they will treat personal data in any order for a Course or Good.
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