Messaging terms

We know it is important for CraftCourses Makers and customers to be able to communicate easily with each other, to ask questions about the courses and discuss a booking. However, to keep the community safe, we do not allow:
  • Sending of spam
  • Using profanity or hate speech
  • Exchanging personal information including email addresses and phone numbers
  • Making offers to conduct transactions outside of CraftCourses
Offering to book or order outside of CraftCourses is not allowed. Discussing moving a booking or order off CraftCourses exposes both the customer and Maker/Service Provider to the risk of fraud, and means neither side is covered by our payment protection and cancellation policies. CraftCourses handles all cancellation and refunds, so it is in the interests of all parties to keep communications relating to bookings and orders on the platform so that any issues can be quickly resolved. 

Please make sure that your messages do not contain any contact information and that you do not request contact or other personal information from customers. In instances where this type of information is inserted into messages, as a Maker/Service Provider, CraftCourses may charge you a commission fee, even if your course or item is not sold. 
Messages may not include:
  • Any action which is designed to facilitate a transaction outside of CraftCourses;
  • Any sharing or requesting of direct contact information prior to the booking completion;
  • Referrals or promotions of other websites that facilitate bookings outside of CraftCourses;
  • Using contact information obtained through a CraftCourses transaction to offer to provide or sell outside of CraftCourses; or
  • Listing an item and then mentioning or linking to additional identical or related items available outside of CraftCourses.
Activity that does not follow CraftCourses policy could result in a range of actions including removing listings from search results, blocking conversations, application of fees, account suspension.
We may monitor messages, together with attachments, for fraud, spam, illegal content, and other policy infringements. We keep a copy of these communications which can be used to help in these circumstances. In most cases, we do not share personal email addresses and encourage communication and transactions via our secure platform. 
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