Wicked Gen Crafts reviews

29 May 17'

Lyn Musgrove reviewed: Fused glass taster

"My second time on this glass course.Very enjoyable time working along side friends who were there for the first time. Gen gives her time generously to explain and show how to make pieces of glass artwork to be proud to take home. A fun taster to working with glass."

25 May 17'

Stella Taylor reviewed: Fused glass taster

"I was invited on this taster course by a friend. I have always loved glass art in every form, but had no knowledge of how any of it was achieved. Gen gave us a really good introduction of the different products used in glass fusion. Then a short demonstration and practice using some tools. Then on with the creating our 3 glass pieces. Gen was very encouraging and helpful, while we all got absorbed in growing our colours and shapes on our glass. Lots of fun and amazement at what we had achieved!! Can't wait to see my finished pieces after they have been fused in the kiln. A great way to get creative! Craft courses do vouchers, so can treat a friend!"

23 May 17'

Pat Dew reviewed: Fused glass taster

"Arranged a special day of glass fusing with Gen so a friend could join in whilst she was up in Yorkshire. I made some glass hangers for my garden this time as I think they'll look good reflecting light near my bird feeders. It was a very 'full on' session and everyone was kept busy the whole time making different things. Great way to spend a memorable day with friends."

14 May 17'

Pat Dew reviewed: Kiln fired enamelling on copper taster - morning workshop

"I had already enjoyed the introduction to glass fusing with Gen and this course was similarly great. Biggest difference is that we used the kilns as we went along so could see how the materials are transformed by heat. Gen is the perfect teacher. Everything organised and well-structured with clear guidelines. Her enthusiasm is brilliant and her gentle reminders and encouragement ensure that everyone makes something to be proud of."

13 May 17'

Mary Allison reviewed: Kiln fired enamelling on copper taster - morning workshop

"I wanted to try a new craft so signed up to this taster in enamelling. It was great fun, Gen is lovely and patient, and her enthusiasm for the craft rubs off on her learners. I enjoyed the session so much I have booked on one of the pay as you go enamelling sessions in a few weeks time to have another go, which I'm really looking forward to."

27 Jul 16'

Pat Dew reviewed: Fused glass taster

"I had my first go at fused glass and it was thoroughly enjoyable I can't believe how much we did in a relatively short time but there was no sense of rush or being hurried along. I really enjoyed choosing different colours and textures and can't wait to see the final results. Gen was excellent, very knowledgeable and encouraging.I would highly recommend this course and a great way to spend some time with a group of friends."

26 Jul 16'

Lyn Musgrove reviewed: Fused glass taster

"Fantastic morning .I am not particularly arty but have really enjoyed having fun making 3 pieces of glass artwork.It was amazing what I achieved with a bit of help. I can,t imagine how anyone would not enjoy themselves and have already told friends about it."

23 Oct 15'

Yvonne smith reviewed: Fused glass taster

"I shall be on my 3rd visit to one of gen's classes next week, taking friends and family on each occasion. It is a very good and creative experience, gen is an excellent teacher, she explains what can be done with all the different materials in a very relaxed manner, so you can really enjoy what you are doing.And the end results i've found to be really exciting. I would definitely recommend trying one of gen's classes, and they make excellent presents too."

29 Jan 15'

kerrie andrews reviewed: Fused glass taster

"Gen is a real artist who enjoys sharing her knowledge I 1st did the taster course which is great value for money you make 3 pie4ce of glass and I have since been back several times to pay as you go lesson and the 2 day introduction to glass fusing both are fantastic I highly recommend Gen to anyone wanting to learn or have a fun day"

29 Jul 14'

Helle McCollin reviewed: Fused glass taster

"I tried it and fell in love with glass even more than I did before. It's an excellent in expensive chance to have a play with glass and produce 3 amazing pieces. Genevieve is a great teacher, encouraging and patient with everyone. Made you feel at home with tea and biscuits but safety as the forethought. I expected a formal classroom setting all clean cut but was pleasantly surprised when invited in to find it is her very own workshop in a rustic setting with her beautiful art in varying stages showing just watch can be achieved if you wanted to take it further. Which I did by going onto the 2 day course to further my knowledge. I have just bought the introduction course as a birthday treat for my mum who I am certain will also love it. Can't wait to go back for more!"

21 Jul 14'

Lisa Butcher reviewed: Fused glass taster

"Following my experience of the Introduction to Glass Fusting Taster session I haven't looked back. Totally hooked! You make three pieces in two hours - all of which you can take home with you after fusing in the kiln (so usually a week or two later). Gen is so patient with students of all levels and shares her extensive knowledge for those of you who are interested. Try it and you too will be hooked..."

24 Jun 14'

Katy Thomason-Stewart reviewed: Fused glass taster

"Such an amazing introduction to the world of glass fusion. Gen works with everyone, no matter their ability, and you come away with 3 gorgeous pieces of glass. This has made me do the workshop twice with different results each time. Being able to relax, take your time, and really experimental with glass made it such an enjoyable few hours. Really recommend this to anyone."

24 Jun 14'

Hannah Mulholland reviewed: Fused glass taster

"A fantastic afternoon and great satisfaction at the end of it. Another warm glow when you collect the pieces you have created after Gen has fired them. I am completely hooked now and have made many different pieces including a clock, cuff links, coasters, dishes and earrings to go with my pendant. You will enjoy this course, of that I have no doubt."

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