Shirley Davis Dew. Art 4 All reviews

1 Nov 22'

Gaynor Pharoah reviewed: A Workshop in Acrylic Techniques

"Another fantastic day with Shirley. I've waited fifty years to get back into art and to discover Shirley and her wonderful way of presenting the classes has been a joy! Thank you Shirley - Gaynor xxx"

Shirley Davis Dew. Art 4 All responded:

" Thank you Gaynor. It's always a pleasure teaching someone who wants to learn and is enthusiastic. I'm glad you liked the workshop. You're a natural. Shirley "

8 May 22'

Joanne reviewed: Full. Making a star gazy needle felt hare

"What a super workshop in a lovely setting. I hadn't done any needle felting before but Annis was very helpful and supportive. I didn't quite finish my hare as there is a lot to do during the day but I was really surprised that the workshop kit was ours to take home. This meant that I was able to take my time and finish off all the small details and I am really pleased with the finished hare. Thank you Shirley and Annis."

Shirley Davis Dew. Art 4 All responded:

" Hi Joanne I am so pleased you enjoyed the workshop with Annis and myself and you like your hare. It was a pleasure to meet you. Shirley"

4 May 22'

Helen Wright reviewed: Full. Making a star gazy needle felt hare

"What a brilliant day. The venue, the teaching, the materials, the welcome - all were outstanding. I can thoroughly recommend this course and will be keeping an eye open for more. Thank you Annie and Shirley for a wonderful day. X Helen"

Shirley Davis Dew. Art 4 All responded:

" Thank you Helen for your imput on the day. I hope the hare has found a home . Shirley "

1 May 22'

Gaynor Pharoah reviewed: Full. Making a star gazy needle felt hare

"What a wonderful day, from the welcome, the beautiful studio in a wonderful setting, convivial company whilst working full on with our hare felting projects. It was impressive the preparation Anis the tutor had gone to with our work boxes with numbered packs, instruction sheets and a little pack of horsehair to take home in case we didn’t complete our hares! A really lovely day, which I can fully recommend and I look forward to the ‘sheep and hedgehogs’ at a future date. Thank you so very much Shirley - fantastic! Gaynor Pharoah X"

Shirley Davis Dew. Art 4 All responded:

" You're welcome Gaynor. I am pleased you enjoyed the day and I look forward to seeing you at future workshops. Shirley"

30 Mar 22'

Liz Dearsly reviewed: Now Fully Booked An exciting way to paint in acrylics. Splash it on

"A wonderful and very enjoyable day spent in a relaxed atmosphere, with good company and beautiful surroundings. Shirley provided expert guidance and tailored the day to meet individual needs and objectives. I learnt a lot including some new techniques (my objective). All that I need to do now is get painting and put my new skills into practice. I have no hesitation in recommending this workshop."

Shirley Davis Dew. Art 4 All responded:

" Hi Liz Thank you for your lovely comments. The day was great as everybody went along with what I tried to do and the results were great. I hope to see you on another workshop when ever you see one you fancy. I hope you got the photograph. Shirley"

1 May 21'

Michael Adkinson reviewed: A Workshop in Acrylic Techniques

"This course was exactly what I was hoping for. Shirley provided expert guidance in a relaxed atmosphere. I arrived as a complete novice, having absolutely no experience of acrylics and left eager to carry on. It was a day well spent and with the bonus of taking place in a beautiful Wolds setting."

Shirley Davis Dew. Art 4 All responded:

" Thank you for your kind words. I thought you were very good with acrylics.You looked to have been using them for a while. I hope to see you again when you want to come to another workshop. Stay safe and positive. Shirley"

29 Apr 21'

Sue Smith reviewed: Delayed course 5 week course: 28th April. Drawing and Painting in the Garden Watercolours Pen/Pencils. There are limited places left.

"Great morning painting with Shirley. She is professional and very knowledgeable, kind and patient. She took time to demonstrate, teach, encourage and praise throughout the morning. Covid aware and secure. Great classmates ensured a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Highly recommended- can’t wait til my next class!"

Shirley Davis Dew. Art 4 All responded:

" Wow! Thanks for the great review Sue. I'm sure you will make friends with the others as you fitted in so well. Shirley"

25 Apr 21'

Debbie Turner reviewed: A Workshop in Acrylic Techniques

"Fabulous day. Great all round. Learnt a lot and now need to start painting. Will be looking at other courses now as well as a follow up one with Shirley"

Shirley Davis Dew. Art 4 All responded:

" Hi Debbie, It was a pleasure to show you and Jane how to paint a landscape in Acrylics. I am so pleased you both enjoyed the day. The group really worked well together. I hope you will come along to other workshops and stay as positive as you already are. Stay well, Shirley"

26 Oct 20'

Alison Roberts reviewed: Cancelled

"I was able to do this workshop with Shirley and a small a week early and found it to be extremely stimulating, especially the input on dramatic skies (mine are ok but not particularly exciting). Seeing her latest piece of work quite took my breath away and I'm really looking forward to experimenting."

Shirley Davis Dew. Art 4 All responded:

" Thank you so much for your praise Alison. I think your painting will be just as good when you have completed it. Carry on with the good work. It's allways a pleasure seeing how hard you try and the results you achieve. Shirley"

15 Mar 20'

J.S. reviewed: Jan 2022 10 wk classes Art 4 All weekly classes in Rocking House Studios with Shirley Davis Dew

"Lovely friendly class covering a variety of media with demonstrations and guidance."

Shirley Davis Dew. Art 4 All responded:

" Thanks J I am pleased you enjoy the class. It is so good to see everyone learning as well as socialising. It is a pleasure to teach the group. Shirley"

4 Mar 20'

Mildred Till reviewed: Cancelled

"I very much enjoyed the workshop. It has given me confidence as it made me realize that everyone has his/her own style and there is no such thing as good or bad. Shirley is good at showing you little techniques and explained how you can use acrylics in different ways (wet/dry etc). She answers all the questions with patience and is a lovely host."

3 Mar 20'

Ann Pearson reviewed: Cancelled

"I enrolled my 13 year old granddaughter on this course with Shirley to encourage her to improve and learn. Carys has enjoyed this, her second workshop, and made the comment that the day had gone really quickly, which says it all. With Shirley's guidance she produced a very nice landscape. Thank you so much Shirley."

1 Mar 20'

Linda Harvey reviewed: Jan 2022 10 wk classes Art 4 All weekly classes in Rocking House Studios with Shirley Davis Dew

"Shirley's demonstrations are very good, however, I feel she favours long-standing members."

Shirley Davis Dew. Art 4 All responded:

" Hello Lynda , Thank you for responding to my request for feedback. I will take on board your comments. I do hope you don't feel neglected, as you have been attending the weekly classes for many months and I consider you a long- standing valued member. I appreciate some of the class are boisterous and can appear to have more attention. It is never my intention to favour anyone over any other one. We have many new people joining at any given time. ( 5 new people joined this term.) This meant I had to help them little more than the others for the first couple of weeks. As you know I always do a demo's each week aiming to encourage individuals to develop their own style of painting and become confident in expressing their own personality. I aim during the class to have been to visit each person at least twice to advise / guide them in their painting technique. Again thank you for expressing your thoughts. See you on Wednesday. Shirley x"

27 Jan 20'

Carys Wilkinson reviewed: 27th November 2021 All things with water and acrylics, beginners and intermediates painting & drawing day age 13 upwards

"I bought a day workshop for my granddaughter Carys as a Christmas present to encourage her with her painting. She thoroughly enjoyed the day and with Shirley’s help and guidance brought home a wonderful piece of work."

Shirley Davis Dew. Art 4 All responded:

" Hello Ann I was so pleased with the way Carys tried everything that I showed her, she was a pleasure to teach. She is obviously going to continue with her art, she is so enthusiastic. I am pleased she wants to come along on the next Landscape workshop in February. I look forward to seeing her again. Shirley"

24 Nov 19'

Judy Westerby reviewed: Cancelled

"Thank you Shirley for a fantastic, inspirational acrylic course. I loved it and learned so much about applying paint and achieved so much in a day! This was just what I had hoped for. You gave great demonstrations to start us off followed by lots of time to put what we had learned into practice. Thank you so much Shirley."

Shirley Davis Dew. Art 4 All responded:

" Hi Judy It was a pleasure to show everyone what they /you could achieve. I enjoy teaching people who are as enthusiastic and keen to learn as this group were. Thanks for your lovely comments. I hope to see you again Judy in the future. Shirley"

24 Nov 19'

Alison Roberts reviewed: Cancelled

"Having thoroughly enjoyed a previous workshop with Shirley I was looking forward to this one, and I was not disappointed. It was an excellent combination of learning and fun. Clear demonstrations of techniques, sharing of ideas and information, individualistic responses encouraged, and tea/coffee/biscuits thrown in for good measure! By the end of the day I felt physically tired but creatively energised. Thanks, Shirley."

Shirley Davis Dew. Art 4 All responded:

" Thanks Alison Its a pleasure seeing you have a go at anything i show you how to do. I loved the gold painting you did. Shirley"

24 Nov 19'

Katie Cunnah (nee Oxtoby) reviewed: Cancelled

"I loved the course. Acrylics were a new medium for me and it was interesting to learn new skills and techniques. I had a go at the techniques taught in the class and really enjoyed it. I got home and did a brilliant painting using those techniques but with my oil paints, and I'm absolutely thrilled with the result, so I've learnt skills that also translate into my oil paintings."

Shirley Davis Dew. Art 4 All responded:

" Thanks for your kind words Katie, You were a very capable student. I liked your willingness to try new techniques and to experiment. Keep on pushing the boundaries and getting out of the box."

9 Oct 19'

Kate Martin reviewed: Cancelled

"Shirley is an excellent teacher; very patient and knows her stuff. I really enjoyed this day and was also very pleasantly surprised at what I learned and was able to achieve during the day. Highly recommended."

Shirley Davis Dew. Art 4 All responded:

" Thank you so much for your feed back. it was great to see the way everyone tried out each technique I showed you."

9 Oct 19'

Alison Roberts reviewed: 24th April this is a transferred workshop from 30th January. A new way to paint in acrylics

"This was a relaxed yet intense and challenging day. Shirley gave a variety of demonstrations, giving clear explanations and inviting responses at each stage. 'Experimental' was the key word and the results were varied and exciting. I enjoyed going home with all sorts of ideas which I am looking forward to putting into practice."

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