Roaming Chisel reviews

19 Apr 24'

Lorna Swinney reviewed: Make a wooden marionette

"Justina is an excellent teacher. Everything is explained very well and broken down into manageable steps. Justina showed us how to use the tools safely and was very encouraging. I‘m really pleased with the finished puppet and would highly recommend the course."

19 Apr 24'

Laura Maclean reviewed: Make a wooden marionette

"Amazing course. Justina is lovely and welcoming. She had planned the weeks perfectly, not an easy task, but she kept us all in sync helping us and guiding us consistently. Can't praise it enough. I don't think you would need any experience as she breaks everything down into manageable tasks. I took the bits home to carve and do a little extra work, but not necessary for a fab puppet. "

22 Feb 24'

Dave reviewed: Design and carve your own hairpin

"This was a really interesting introduction to woodworking and I feel like I learned a lot about the materials, tools and techniques in a fairly short time. If you're going to take this course I would definitely suggest choosing a fairly simple design as, while I was very happy with how my hairpin turned out, my ambition significantly outstripped my ability! Justina was methodical in her teaching and made sure that we understood how to use the (very sharp!) tools safely and explained why we were working in the way we were. After this I feel like I could pick up the basic tools and understand how to do some simple woodworking which is a nice feeling. All in all I really enjoyed the workshop and learned a lot about a topic I had no knowledge of previously. If you're looking for a new hobby or to pick up a new skill this is well worth your time."

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