Mantel Farm reviews

19 Sep 22'

Jonathan King reviewed: Powering an off-grid solar shed

"Really enjoyed this course. The presenter really knew his stuff. Good selection of equipment to play with which enabled a better understanding. Great location! Thanks for the the cakes!"

Mantel Farm responded:

" Dear John, thanks for letting us know you enjoyed this course and we wish you all the best in any future solar set-up. "

18 Sep 22'

Kate Jenkins reviewed: A Beekeeping Taster Day

"I attended the course as I am very interested to start beekeeping and wanted to understand more of what it entails and whether it’s for me or not. The morning was spent in the classroom learning all about the bees and how incredibly clever they are! We learnt about how the equipment works and all about diseases and health and safety. It was so interesting. We also got to look at examples of the different bees, handle honeycomb and propolis, and of course we tried some delicious honey. In the afternoon we met Josh - the bee man of Bexhill! He clearly adores bees and his love of beekeeping was so endearing. He showed us a hive and we inspected all the frames in the brood and saw the Queen and cells with eggs and pupae. We learnt about the different hives and equipment needed to get started. I’m hooked. This isn’t a course to enable you to get going - I think I now need to go on a course on how to get started and I will join my local bee association to do this. The only thing is - I was pretty cold as the classroom is in a sort of shed - so do take layers with you! Great day though, thank you. "

Mantel Farm responded:

" Deat Kate, thanks for leaving a review of our Beekeeping Taster Day, I am pleased you want to get started with your beekeeping. Local associations are a great sourse of help, and we also offer an intenstive weekend course to get you started."

10 Aug 22'

Lu Won reviewed: A Bee Experience Day


10 Aug 22'

Honey Lover reviewed: A Bee Experience Day

"I thoroughly enjoyed my exbeerience, great day out, a very knowledgeable tutor. I would bee very likely to recommend this to my friends. Sam Allardyce"

7 Aug 22'

James Greig reviewed: A Bee Experience Day

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Bee Experience day and highly recommend it. Very informative and interesting and delivered by experienced and knowledgeable presenters. The hands-on experience that accompanied the theoretical component was great. Many Thanks. "

13 May 21'

gail Murphy reviewed: An Introduction to Willow Weaving

"Good pace, friendly knowledgeable teacher. Great venue-outdoor but sheltered, with cake! Thanks very much"

11 May 21'

Robin E.W. Creffield reviewed: An Introduction to Willow Weaving

"A well run, fun and informative day. Learnt some new techniques and came home with a couple of usable willow items. Day finished quite early - think there was room for more in there but can highly recommend."

5 Feb 20'

Tracy reviewed: Traditional Mead (honey wine) making course

"I really enjoyed this course and we are looking forward to tasting the mead"

5 Feb 20'

Tracy Docksey reviewed: Country wine making course - basic level

"Really enjoyed this course and looking forward to tasting the wine"

23 Aug 18'

Peter reviewed: Beginning Your Beekeeping - Two Day Beginners Course

"Very good course for people who are beginners or thinking about beekeeping. A knowledgeable and patient instructor, good team at Mantel Farm, excellent food and the inspection of the bees and the hives was very good in helping you decide if this was for you or not. I highly commend the course."

23 Aug 18'

Jane Scuffell reviewed: Beginning Your Beekeeping - Two Day Beginners Course

"I was a complete beginner when I attended this course, but I learnt so much from the master beekeeper, who provided an excellent study pack to refer to. The food was delicious and I would highly recommend this course to anybody who either keeps or is thinking of keeping those fascinating insects."

22 Aug 18'

Andrew reviewed: Beginning Your Beekeeping - Two Day Beginners Course

"After considering beekeeping for a few years I decided to take the leap and attend a beginners course. The information gained helped me greatly from general knowledge to understanding costs and time needed. Such a commitment needs someone like Mantel Farm to guide you through the process. The course itself was well run by an expert beekeeper, with useful notes, and we got to inspect a real live hive. Food provided was great, overall a wonderful experience."

9 Nov 17'

Joanne fellows reviewed: Beginning Your Beekeeping - Two Day Beginners Course

"Great course a must for beginners. We were well looked after by manual farm and no question too small for the trainers. Brilliant course a must"

8 Nov 17'

Richard Holmes reviewed: Beginning Your Beekeeping - Two Day Beginners Course

"Really good course. I started with little to no idea, and left feeling confident."

7 Nov 17'

Pamela Mansergh reviewed: Beginning Your Beekeeping - Two Day Beginners Course

"I knew nothing about bees when I attended the Beekeeping Course for Beginners at Mantel Farm early last year after I had been given two hives with colonies! I gained a huge amount of knowledge from these two days and importantly the course was backed up with instructive illustrated notes to which I refer frequently. I would recommend this course to anyone thinking of taking up this interesting and satisfying (sometimes!) hobby."

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