Lee Wright Artist reviews

18 Feb 22'

Tina Evans reviewed: Lino printing landscapes

"As a complete novice to lino printing I didn’t know what to expect from the day but I was really delighted. Lee took our class of 6 gently through the process, working at our pace and giving encouragement every step of the way. The old school is a comfortable environment with log burners and plentiful tea and coffee. The day went very quickly and I was amazed at what we’d all achieved! I would recommend to anyone new to the process or wanting to learn more: you’re surrounded by Lee’s work and it’s very inspiring!"

7 Feb 22'

K8_roberts reviewed: Lino printing landscapes

"Had a great day at Humble By Nature for the 1 day Lino printing course with Lee. You get through a lot in one day covering all the processes involved for Lino printing, with multiple layers. Lees experience and understanding of technique and colour means he is able to assist everyone with their projects throughout the day so you get the most out of it and you develop your prints layer by layer."

Lee Wright Artist responded:

" Thanks a lot Kate, Glad that you enjoyed the day and hope to see you again soon. Lee"

7 Feb 22'

Caroline Stealey reviewed: Lino printing landscapes

"We did a Lino cut landscape workshop with Lee at Humble by Nature. Lee was fantastic at guiding us through the process, helping us make composition decisions and colour choices. I’m really pleased with my final print and will definitely try it again."

Lee Wright Artist responded:

" Thanks Caroline, I’m glad that you really enjoyed the day. It was great to meet you and well done with your excellent print. Lee"

21 Jan 22'

Neil Rimmington reviewed: Lino printing landscapes

"Enjoyed an excellent day turning our hands to lino printing. Lee is an excellent tutor and we learnt lots."

Lee Wright Artist responded:

" Thanks Neil, It was great to meet you both, and I'm glad you had an enjoyable day and leant lots :) Hope to see you again, Lee"

17 Dec 21'

Sarah-Jayne Seer reviewed: Lino printing landscapes

"I had a great day in Lee's print studio. The building itself is nostalgic and is a brilliant venue. Very comfortable communal space, has a relaxed atmosphere and has the perfect ambience for inspiration and creativity. Lee was very friendly as well as hospitable and generous. I enjoyed the print room experience very much. Wonderful to be in an artist's working space and to be able to see the pieces in various stages of completion and be around the beautifully finished prints too. Will definitely be returning to learn more."

20 Nov 21'

Hafwen Edwards reviewed: Lino printing landscapes

"I really enjoyed Learning about Lino printing it was such a awesome day ! and finding ways of adapting to my disability for printing was fab! I’ve got the bug for Lino printing and being creative and making awesome prints I’d love to learn more and meet more great artists and do other courses too I thought Lee as a teacher was brill and helps you a lot and finds ways to get things so you adapt to your disability It’s such a lovely place to be and be creative. I really enjoyed learning a lot from lee. Thank you"

Lee Wright Artist responded:

" Thank you for your kind words Hafwen. It was a pleasure to spend the day with you and all the other students and to help you make your wonderful prints. All the best, Lee"

7 Dec 19'

Emma Ackermann reviewed: Lino printing landscapes

"Very enjoyable day at Lee's lovely studio which is a really nice space to work in, made even better by the log burner. Learnt so much - Lee was a very patient, knowledgeable and approachable teacher and used examples of his own work to help us understand techniques, composition etc. Hope to return again."

2 Dec 19'

Alison reviewed: Oil painting

"I attended the Fundamentals of oil painting course on 28th of November with five others. Hugely educational for me, a complete beginner in relaxed non competitive environment. This is an excellent introduction to oil painting identifying the many aspects that one needs to explore including composition, drawing, tone and colour. I can recommend doing the fundamentals to drawing class beforehand as the oils class built on skills learnt there. I can thoroughly recommend if you have any anxiety about putting brush to canvas and want a baseline for further tuition."

21 Nov 19'

Sian Ward reviewed: Lino printing landscapes

"I thoroughly enjoyed the lino printing workshop. Lovely venue in a beautiful part of the world. Lee explained everything well and was really helpful and patient as he guided us through print making. I was thrilled to be able to produce a print and to take 4 copies home with me. Thank you very much Lee, hope to return soon to make some more prints."

21 Nov 19'

Carolyn Cummings reviewed: Lino printing landscapes

"A very enjoyable day! The venue is easy to find, was warm on a cold day and has a good atmosphere! Lee is a very approachable, knowledgeable and helpful tutor. His specialist equipment is of good quality and everything you need is provided. I was amazed at the complexity of print that I managed in a day! I will definitely look out for more of Lee's courses!"

18 Jul 19'

Lucy.gilder@hotmail.com reviewed: Lino printing landscapes

"A brilliant day! Lee is friendly, knowledgable and was a fab teacher. Learnt so much and on the look out for the next one!"

12 Jul 19'

Delyth Morgan reviewed: Lino printing landscapes

"I had a busy and enjoyable day. Lee is a great teacher and offered help and advice when needed. The setting is relaxed and company friendly. Wonderful artwork all around to inspire. Lunchtime soup and brownies were most welcome. I'm pleased with my final print and I feel confident enough to work at home. I should love to return and learn more."

Lee Wright Artist responded:

" Thank you Delyth. I am glad that you enjoyed the day. Lee"

1 Jul 19'

Henrietta reviewed: Lino printing landscapes

"I really enjoyed Lee's workshop in landscape lino printing and will definitely be back for more excellent lessons, soup, and brownies. We worked quite hard but learnt a lot. I was happy with my prints but now I know how to do it I think I will be able to achieve better results in the future. Lee also sent us links to where to buy all the equipment we would need to do it at home."

15 May 19'

Helen Arthur reviewed: Lino printing landscapes

"Excellent teacher, wonderful setting, brings the process to life and helps you achieve such a lot in just one day. Lee is really great with people and accommodates all levels of confidence, helping you relax so you can really enjoy the creative process. You will definitely want to go back for more courses once you've had a lino workshop with Lee."

14 May 19'

Amanda Friend reviewed: Lino printing landscapes

"What a fab day! Lee makes everyone feel very welcome, relaxed and at home. His tuition skills are excellent and you never feel like you're too embarrassed to ask for help as he’s so accommodating of everyone’s needs and levels. The day leaves you wanting to learn and practice more. You know you’ve had a good day when you have completely zoned out of all the other things going on in your life and just been absorbed into this. It was a really interesting way of looking at a piece of artwork - dissecting it backwards (and in reflection) to get your end results. Also how blending colours just on the one layer can create interesting depth and effects. Really good for the brain! And of course the delicious soup and brownies are really good for the tum ?. I’ll definitely be going again and would definitely recommend it!! Many thanks Lee for a fabulous course and follow up!"

8 May 19'

Lindy Wildsmith reviewed: Lino printing landscapes

"Not only is Lee Wright an accomplished portrait painter and print maker he is a great teacher. His classes are held in a shared studio just outside Crickhowell, not far over the border into Wales in a glorious leafy valley. There are paintings hanging from every wall and stacked around the floor. The print room beyond is efficient with examples of Lee's evocative local landscape prints on show. There were seven of us on the course, some already had some experience of lino cutting and printing others like me were complete novices but Lee put us all to work straight away, providing the necessary tools and instruction. He was helpful and encouraging, knowing when to help and when to stand back. The day flew by but not before we all managed to complete 3 or 4 satisfying lino prints to take home. There was lunch of bread and soup and seemingly an unlimited supply of chocolate brownies and hot drinks to boost flagging creativity. The day was convivial, enjoyable and rewarding and I cant wait to do another course course. Thank you Lee!"

Lee Wright Artist responded:

" Thanks Lindy; glad you got a lot for the workshop. Lee"

8 May 19'

Mr Nicholas Boyes reviewed: Lino printing landscapes

"How great to be able to spend a whole day indulging in my favourite hobby! Although I've been doing linocutting for a little while, I really appreciated Lee's willingness to share his techniques and experience - I came away with improved techniques and eager to do more! The venue is inspirational in itself - full of Lee's fantastic work, which he frequently referred to to illustrate learning points. The whole day was a good balance of tuition and hands on practice, and everyone came away with a handful of prints that exceeded their expectations. Great stuff - thanks Lee"

Lee Wright Artist responded:

" Thanks a lot Nicholas. Glad you learnt some new things from the day; keep up the great prints...Lee"

24 Apr 19'

Ellie Hughes reviewed: Oil painting

"I attended Lee's Floral Workshop 26th-29th March 2019 half time and very much appreciated his organized approach which included initial discussion re: composition and the process of building a painting with a handout to help keep us on track. He is a sympathetic teacher who gave lots of useful guidance. I also benefited from the energy of the other students. Very enjoyable course!"

Lee Wright Artist responded:

" Thanks Ellie! Glad you enjoyed the workshop. Lee"

13 Apr 19'

Caroline Darrell reviewed: Oil painting

"A wonderfully inspiring teacher & studio. Lee is a very observant teacher who managed to guide my first attempt at oils right through to a finished painting in spite of my sometimes erratic daubing. He always knows how to transform what looks like a mess into what you want it to be! The studio is so atmospheric- a 19th century atelier- previously a Victorian village school, easels, plaster busts & amazing paintings all over the place also the old playground is rapidly turning into a beautiful garden. I really enjoyed my time here & think I have got a good grounding in oils."

18 Feb 19'

Andy Stubbs reviewed: Lino printing landscapes

"As a total novice, not just to Lino printing but all art since school, I was a little nervous but was soon out at ease by the friendly welcome from Lee and my co course members. The tuition was just at the right level, with my instruction being less complex than others but nonetheless I learnt so much in the day that I am enthused to continue! A really enjoyable course, with lovely people and a recognisable landscape at the end. Thoroughly recommended."

Lee Wright Artist responded:

" Glad you enjoyed the day Andy. Great to meet you and fabulous first print!"

15 Feb 19'

Liz Davies reviewed: Lino printing landscapes

"Brilliant day in a lovely venue. Lee is a great tutor, always on hand but giving space and time to allow participants to get hands on experience. The whole day was warm and friendly in lovely company and I learnt a lot about simplifying designs, not over complicating composition, mixing colours, and loads of other really helpful and useful tips. I can’t wait to put these into practise at home."

Lee Wright Artist responded:

" Great to meet you Liz and glad you got a lot out of the day. Wonderful print too!"

15 Feb 19'

Christine Hopkins reviewed: Lino printing landscapes

"I really enjoyed the day and I am well pleased with the landscape prints I made. Good company and lots of help when needed."

Lee Wright Artist responded:

" They were great prints Christine, well done! Pleased you really enjoyed the workshop."

15 Feb 19'

Margaret Underwood reviewed: Lino printing landscapes

"Just the sort of day I needed. what is lovely about Lee is that he seems to know intuitively when to let you get on with things and when to offer help and advice. Great tips right throughout the process and I came away having learned loads! Lovely atmosphere too. Thank you Lee."

Lee Wright Artist responded:

" Thanks Margaret. So pleased you had a great day...and what beautiful prints you made!"

31 Jan 19'

Tor reviewed: Lino printing landscapes

"I really enjoyed my day with Lee creating a winter landscape lino print. I had a little bit of experience with print making but I still learnt so much from Lee – especially about colours, simplifying a landscape to suit a lino print and the reduction technique – and was amazed that I managed to create a three layer lino print in one day. And, more importantly, it looked like the River Wye landscape I was trying to emulate! Lee's calm and confident manner was infectious and he effortlessly moved around the group supporting each person either with a positive comment or some hands-on assistance. It was lovely spending time learning, creating and chatting with a friendly and supportive group of people. From seeing everyone's seemingly not too impressive first printed layer it was amazing to watch each individual lino print landscape come to life as the next two layers were added. A hugely inspiring day."

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