Friargate Forge reviews

2 Jun 24'

Dave Rooney reviewed: Basic blacksmithing course

"Was a great experience. Very informative and really a brand new experience. Both guys made sure that I knew what I was doing and that I was safe. I have really caught the bug."

25 Mar 24'

Jack reviewed: 2 day knife/axe making courses

"Can't recommend you take this course enough. Gary and Jos were both hugely knowledgeable and skilled at their craft, they provided just the right amount of assistance. The knife turned out absolutely perfectly, well exceeding my expectations and is now a piece that I will keep and use forever. "

18 Mar 24'

Vanessa Binnie reviewed: Basic blacksmithing course

"My partner and daughter did the one day course for birthday presents. They both loved it and both came away with amazing pieces. Men are always a struggle to buy for I find and this was a unique and interesting experience which he loved. My daughter is arty and loves to create 'stuff'. She didn't stop smiling all day. She wants to do another!! My partner said he found the whole experience value for money for what he got out of it."

9 Mar 24'

Mell reviewed: 2 day knife/axe making courses

"Bought this as a 21st birthday present for my boyfriend he absolutely loved it, so much so he wanted his own forge! Such an amazing time, we both learnt so much and Gary & Joss were lovely and very helpful. We had a great laugh and took home a beautiful knife. Will definitely be doing this again in the future! Thankyou so much :) Mell & Jack"

30 Jan 24'

Matthew and Susie reviewed: Basic blacksmithing course

"We tried out blacksmithing for a day last weekend under supervision of Jos and Gary and had a great time. Both Gary and his assistant Jos are highly knowledgeable, experienced and skilled and tailor their level of supervision just right to suit their students' ability and confidence. They are also both really friendly guys to spend the day and have a laugh with. We learned and practiced many metal-working techniques on our project, including drawing out, splitting, curving, sharpening, hole punching and riveting - some of which we had never even considered. By the end of our session we were very pleased and proud to have turned three simple bars of iron into a bespoke boot scraper, complete with floor fixation points and decoration - perfect after returning from muddy (dog) walks!"

18 Jan 24'

Harry reviewed: 60 layer damascus knife/axe making course.

"Great course, really happy with my knife! Gary is a top bloke full of knowledge. Enjoyed my time - highly recommend."

14 Jan 24'

Kev and Con reviewed: Basic blacksmithing course

"Attended the 1 day blacksmithing course Absolutely fantastic day, Gary and Joss are amazing and really down to earth, will be returning very soon, thanks guys best day out in a while"

3 Dec 23'

Dave Ellis reviewed: Basic blacksmithing course

"Perfect course. Perfect team. Perfect workshop. An excellent introduction to the trade of blacksmithing under a guiding yet not overbearing hand. A good laugh and a real experience "

20 Nov 23'

Derek Smith reviewed: 2 day knife/axe making courses

"My friend and I completed the knife making course at Friargate Forge recently. It exceeded our expectations. What an enjoyable weekend with an amazing final product to take home. A definite recommend."

1 Nov 23'

Angela reviewed: 2 day axe making course

"My 16 yr old daughter has just made a fantastic axe incorporating her own ideas into the design over the last 2 days with fabulous instruction form both Gary and Josh. A very friendly, welcoming and helpful team. They gave her clear instructions and knew exactly when to let her get on with it, when to check her progress and when to help. It was a pleasure to be able to watch her take a small rectangle of metal and use numerous processes to end up with a fully functioning axe. She thoroughly enjoyed the course and is proud of what her hard work has achieved. No doubt we will be booking another course with them. Highly recommended. "

28 Oct 23'

Holly reviewed: Basic blacksmithing course

"Absolutely brilliant day in a real working forge! My partner & I went along to a 1 day ‘basic blacksmithing course’ for my partner’s birthday and it was fantastic! We both came away with blacksmith knives that we can’t wait to both use & display. I needed quite a bit of help as I’d never done anything remotely like blacksmithing before but both Joss & Gary were more than happy to help at every single stage. We couldn’t recommend this course more! 😊"

1 Oct 23'

Connor Read reviewed: 2 day knife/axe making courses

"A well rounded experience of knife making. As a complete amateur I was guided expertly through the process from initial design to completion. Joss and Gary were knowledgeable and engaging making the whole weekend unforgettable. I would definitely recommend. "

10 Sep 23'

Paul Edley reviewed: 60 layer damascus knife/axe making course.

"Great course. Just what I was hoping it would be. Had a great time, got to make the knife I had envisaged. Gary and Joe are top blokes, really helpful. Left happy with a perfect damascus knife ."

6 Sep 23'

martin peter harrison reviewed: Basic blacksmithing course

"This retirement birthday present was fantastic, great place. Very friendly and helped you with anything, but you still make it. I will do it again as I live quite near. Thanks for a great weekend "

2 Sep 23'

Brett Gibson reviewed: Basic blacksmithing course

"Fantastic Course with Gary & Josh, highly recommended."

28 Aug 23'

Ross B reviewed: Basic blacksmithing course

"I attended this session with my eleven year old son and we had a great time. The tutors were excellent and helped just the right amount. We were responsible for attending to our own piece of metal, heating in the furnace, hammering and shaping. At each phase of the project (a blacksmiths knife) the tutor explained clearly the actions required to form the next part, including creating edges, quenching, tempering, sharpening and polishing. All in all a great parent/child experience!"

14 Aug 23'

Jack reviewed: 2 day knife/axe making courses

"Absolutely exceptional experience, even better than I hoped. Friargate Forge is a genuine working forge, immersing you in the authentic blacksmith's environment, rather than a condescending arts and crafts workshop. Gary and Joss are great guys who taught me a lot in just two days. I would highly recommend this course to anyone!"

12 Aug 23'

Mikkel reviewed: 2 day axe making course

"Having finished first day of the 2 day axe making course and it's been brilliant. Now in my hotel room and can't wait to get back there tomorrow to finish my axe. Highly recommended."

10 Aug 23'

Ben Clay reviewed: 60 layer damascus knife/axe making course.

"After watching Blacksmiths on YouTube for years, I've always wanted to try, but never had the confidence to try it alone. We searched for a few weeks looking at reviews and pictures of students' finished knives and axes, and also looked at what was and wasn't included and finally found this course. I'm so happy I waited and found this place; I had a great time, stayed a couple of nights at a local golfing hotel and got to get my hands dirty. They made the process straightforward and helped me make a beautiful raindrop Damascus patterned knife, if you're looking for somewhere, I'd definitely recommend Friargate forge! Thanks again chaps for a great experience!"

24 Jul 23'

Gary reviewed: Basic blacksmithing course

"I don't normally write reviews but the one-day blacksmithing course was fantastic. Really good pace to the course. Fun! Rewarding! Would do more stuff like this in a blink of an eye. Thank you for a great day experience."

18 Jun 23'

Kristin reviewed: 2 day knife/axe making courses

"Amazing time with Gary and Joss making an axe and knife for my partner's birthday celebration in April. Gary and Joss were extremely patient and knowledgeable during the whole process. The work was tough on the hands but well worth it, we came away with a great axe and knife. Highly recommend for anyone who loves blacksmithing or wants to learn."

11 Jun 23'

Sarah & Alan reviewed: Basic blacksmithing course

"Brilliant day, Gary & Josh are great teachers with a lot of patience and knowledge. Very pleased with the items we made (with expert help). Josh took extra effort demonstrating how to do things with his non-dominant hand for the left hander :) "

22 Apr 23'

Scott Ashton reviewed: Basic blacksmithing course

"I booked this for my best mates birthday and honestly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and I would recommend to anyone this is the place to go. It was worth any penny and me and my mate are already planning our next visit. Don’t even think twice it’s worth it and the laughs you will have while you're there make it even better."

8 Apr 23'

Alistair reviewed: Basic blacksmithing course

"Attended this course for a friend's birthday and had a great time. Jos and Gary were both polite, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. They managed to guide the four of us through making some simple but great-looking blacksmith's knives in the time we had. The instructions were very clear and both Gary and Jos were very patient and took the time to explain what was happening, as well as helping with all the equipment and stopping us making any mistakes. I can't recommend this course and location enough if you have any interest in blacksmithing, its a great day out, really fun, and you get the satisfaction of taking home something you've made yourself!"

24 Mar 23'

Nicole reviewed: Basic blacksmithing course

"I booked this experience for my husband for a present and he came home last night, bubbling over at how wonderful it was. Honestly, I've never seen him this happy with something and he said he loved every single minute. So thank you, for giving him a day to remember and giving him a much needed boost. "

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