Friargate Forge reviews

14 Aug 20'

Peter Smith reviewed: 2 day knife/axe making courses

"Just finished a thoroughly enjoyable 2 days of axe making at Friargate Forge with Gary, a man with a real mastery and love for his craft. The course struck just the right balance of hands on (sweat inducing!) experience with enough assistance and guidance to ensure that you leave with an axe to be proud of. Just got home and my hatchet made short work of splitting a partially seasoned cherry log. Would definitely recommend."

Friargate Forge responded:

"Thanks Peter was a pleasure having you at the forge and you did superb well done ?"

23 Feb 20'

Elaine Garner reviewed: 2 day knife/axe making courses

"An absolutely fantastic experience, I can’t recommend Friargate Forge enough. Gary and Joss are so passionate about what they do. I have been a fan of Forged in Fire for years, I finally took the plunge and booked a knife making course instead of sitting watching other people doing it. I hoped to make a basic knife on the course. My knife is a thing of beauty and with Gary and Joss’s patient teaching and assistance I can say I actually made it! I enjoyed every minute of the course and am so proud of the result. I am planning my next visit and can’t wait."

23 Feb 20'

Peter and John reviewed: Basic blacksmithing course

"What a great day! I booked this as a Christmas present for my Dad and I as a father / son day out. Gary was helpful with all booking details and great with advice on ideas for items to forge. We really enjoyed what came across as an authentic experience with Gary and Jos. These are 2 guys who have an obvious passion for sharing their expertise whilst letting you get really hands on in learning new skills. Dad and I both have amazing blacksmiths knives and the satisfaction of the work that went into making them. Whether you are a fan of the tv 'forged' shows or just fancy learning new skills, we would highly recommend Friargate Forge for a great experience."

Friargate Forge responded:

"Thank you, so happy you both enjoyed your time at the forge Thanks Gary"

21 Feb 20'

Josh Campbell reviewed: 2 day knife/axe making courses

"Absolutely amazing 2 days, I managed to make an axe that I'm proud of and gained a huge amount of new skills in metalwork, as well as having a really good laugh doing it. Gary teaches in a way that is attentive without being overbearing and I've thoroughly enjoyed the course in every way."

Friargate Forge responded:

"Thanks Josh, was a pleasure having you at the forge Thanks again"

19 Feb 20'

Ruth reviewed: 2 day knife/axe making courses

"Gary was amazing at arranging this fantastic experience for my partner's birthday . He was welcoming and extremely helpful and skilled and my partner had a fantastic time ? His knife is incredible and Gary was a great teacher. I would recommend this to everyone really great fun . Thanks Gary"

Friargate Forge responded:

"Thanks was an absolute pleasure"

11 Jan 20'

Doreen reviewed: Basic blacksmithing course

"Can't praise Gary enough, the day was fantastic, felt at ease straight away and he's a great teacher. Got finished the two projects i wanted to make, cooking tripod and fire steel, still had time left over to make a toasting fork. I will certainly be back to do the knife making course in the future and hopefully more."

12 Dec 19'

Mark Husband reviewed: 2 day knife/axe making courses

"I could not be more delighted with this course or with the knife I produced. Gary is fantastic to work with; happy to let you get on with it when you are confident in what you are doing, but always available to provide a deft touch or piece of timely advice when needed. I had a very defined idea of the knife I imagined as did the other two guys on the course. Three very different knives! All three of us were complete novices but with Gary's support we all ended up with exactly the knives we wanted. I am coming back to make a kitchen cleaver. I know what I want to make and know that I can do it at this forge. Could not be better!"

24 Nov 19'

Ben reviewed: Basic blacksmithing course

"Gary was incredibly understanding with autism in the forge. After I told him, he told me that he also had Asperger's syndrome, so he's able to relate to people who struggle with loud noises/sensory issues, both of which are large things in a forgery. Before we started, he explained a ton of stuff on what to/not to do, which kept me from getting burned multiple times. He even let us take a small block of metal of the same material as the axe we built home, so we could show what the axe came from. On top of that, we finished with a couple hours to spare, so he let us make a marshmallow-toasting fork, free of charge. The person I went with burnt her hand, because she grabbed the wrong end of a bar, and he immediately got the burns kit and made sure it was fine. Overall, a great experience, and highly recommended."

18 Aug 19'

Rhianne Boag reviewed: Basic blacksmithing course

"If you could score more than 'Excellent' Gary would definitely get it..... Fantabulous, outstanding, wonderful and so much more. After contacting Gary to see if I could use a craft course voucher I also asked if I could extend the day to include my partner Scott. Gary was quick to reply, helpful and very much a pleasure to talk to. We turned up on the day a little bit nervous with a couple of ideas. Gary helped say what would be achievable and we set off, working together under Gary's expert guidance. Over the course of the day we made a hanging basket holder and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Gary was brilliant, never flustered when we made a few mistakes, even joining in a few times when more hands were required. All around the workshop are little projects he is working away on. You can see how passionate he is about the work from every detail. We had an absolute blast, and within an hour of being home with our project have told all our family and colleagues about our day. Its incredible to have come away with a beautiful piece of old school engineering and are already discussing what we could make next at the forge!!"

14 Jul 19'

Dan & Ben reviewed: Basic blacksmithing course

"What can we say? Absolutely exceeded our expectations in every single way! Gary is one of the most awesome guys I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Passionate about his work, loads of stories to tell, a genuinely great guy, and obviously very talented. Ben came away with a gorgeous axe, even with zero forge experience (watching forged in fire definitely doesn't count!) we were gutted when the course came to an end, as we loved every minute. So cheers Gary, keep up the good work fella!! Hopefully we'll be back again soon now we've had a taste of it ?"

25 Mar 19'

Yin reviewed: Basic blacksmithing course

"Fantastic fun days with Gary in the forge. Learnt so much and bought home 2 wonderful pieces. Already booked next course. Cannot recommend highly enough."

25 Mar 19'

Anthony reviewed: Basic blacksmithing course

"My fiancé and I turned up for our extended course with a great deal of trepidation, as my fiancé is scared of fire and has never lifted a hammer in her life. After 2 days with Gary, she’s immune to fire and has joined the hammer club, ready for her next project! We had an amazing time with Gary who is one of the most honest, nicest and happiest people you could ever meet, as soon as you enter the forge he makes you feel at home. I made 2 stunning knives, so beautiful they’re on display. My fiancé contacted Gary beforehand with project ideas, Gary was so helpful and ingenious, he helped her make a bell stand and a gorgeous patterned tortoise. He is very talented and his work is just magical, and forging with him is so much fun. I would and have recommended this course to many people."

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