Denmark Farm Conservation Centre reviews

6 Nov 19'

Jackie Hofmann reviewed: Pyrography Basics – Woodland Winter Wonderland

"Did this course recently and it was fantastic. Never attempted it before but Claire explained everything so well and was there to help when we needed it. She also was very knowledgeable about the different types of wood to use and how to get some really good results. I will definitely be doing some more pyrography at home."

Denmark Farm Conservation Centre responded:

" Thank you Jackie, Very pleased that you enjoyed this workshop and now have the confidence to continue on your own at home. Look forward to seeing you on another event at Denmark Farm Conservation Centre very soon!"

2 Nov 19'

Kiara Dixey reviewed: Pyrography Basics – Woodland Winter Wonderland

"I really enjoyed the course I took at Denmark Farm with Claire, learning how to do pyrography. It was well explained in a friendly relaxed atmosphere and everybody ended out with something lovely that they had made... beautiful pictures burned into wood using specialised equipment that was supplied by the teacher. I highly recommend this course."

Denmark Farm Conservation Centre responded:

" Thank you for your wonderful review Kiara. We are so pleased that you enjoyed this workshop and look forward to seeing more of your beautiful pyrography soon. Mara"

30 Mar 15'

Chloe Purton reviewed: Felt Bags – (intermediate) - One day course

"Had a wonderful day, as usual when doing felting with Lorraine. Really pleased with my pink bag."

30 Mar 15'

Rachel Auckland reviewed: Felt Bags – (intermediate) - One day course

"Lorraine showed us several examples of felt samples using a variety of different creative techniques and she demonstrated a couple of these. We were given all the materials and equipment necessary to have a go, and encouraged to experiment throughout the morning. One improvement I could suggest, in hindsight, is that we might have benefitted from a chance to 'show and tell' before going on to the afternoon session. (Some of us did this informally anyway, and I find it helpful.) After lunch we went on to design and create a bag or vessel. I struggled to complete my project in the timescale, but took home a very satisfying 'work in progress' and enough materials in my goody bag to finish it. Lorraine gave us all constructive feedback about our skills development and pointers for ways to continue to practice and improve our felting techniques. Her approach is very empowering and great fun."

29 Mar 15'

The Snail of Happiness reviewed: Felt Bags – (intermediate) - One day course

"Another marvellous felting course, building on the skills already learned from Lorraine at Denmark Farm."

29 Mar 15'

Blue Powell reviewed: Felt Bags – (intermediate) - One day course

"Today I have a lovely felt bag that incorporates both techniques I have used before and also some completely new to me. I started out yesterday with an idea of what I wanted and Lorraine (with unfailing generosity and patience braved my grandiose objectives and) helped me to successfully achieve it."

26 Mar 15'

Ray, Sandra & Nathan Palmer reviewed: Introduction to Leathercraft: Making a Pouch

"very enjoyable very instructive good location all together a great day out"

11 Feb 15'

Susan Martin reviewed: Felt Hat Making course (intermediate level)

"Thoroughly enjoyed the day and thrilled with the resulting hat. Lorraine's explanations were good and she was very encouraging as we worked. Learnt lots and have already taken my hat out to show crafty friends. Thanks"

10 Feb 15'

Blue Powell reviewed: Felt Hat Making course (intermediate level)

"Making a hat is great fun - I thought we might have to do a wet Indian head massage with soap like we did for our feet to make slippers but luckily Lorraine had some formers to work on. I had a design in mind but trying on the range of felt hat examples supplied sent me off on a tangent and a new idea. After a Spike Milligan impression part way through the process, my hat magically shrunk to a perfect fit: I shall wear it with pride! Felt is a wonderful scuptable material to play with: the possibilities of colour and form explode the imagination."

24 Jan 15'

Sian Blake reviewed: Wet Felting - Pockets and Purses (Beginners) Saturday 24th Jan

"6 of us started this workshop with no idea of what to expect. Lorraine must have waved a magic wand because suddenly we were layering wool ( all British) of rainbow colours , and with the addition of warm water, soap and gentle rubbing we gradually transformed it into sample squares and then a purse each. It was a joyful day, lots of sharing of ideas, laughing and admiration of what the others had done. We exchanged contact details and went home amazed by our achievements and knowing that next time we were going to make something even more special."

19 Jan 15'

Shani Jackson reviewed: Drawn to Paint Nature Workshops

"Loved the course, relaxed and informal but lots of direction and information especially about paints."

14 Jan 15'

Mara Morris reviewed: Wet Felting - Pockets and Purses (Beginners) Saturday 24th Jan

"Lorraine is an extremely skilled teacher and incredibly knowledgeable about wet felting and all things fleecy. The day was structured perfectly with clear demonstrations and plenty of time to get stuck in and make lovely items to take home. Felting is a totally additive craft which, once you learn, is very easy to do yourself at home with very little kit. However I love the social element and camaraderie of coming to courses and meeting so many like-minded people in such a lovely venue at Denmark Farm. I'll be back for more soon."

14 Jan 15'

The Snail of Happiness reviewed: Felt Hat Making course (intermediate level)

"Another wonderful felting course run by Lorraine. I really enjoyed experimenting with the techniques and learning more about the use of resists and the behaviour of the wool as it is felted. I can highly recommend this course if you have done the beginners one or have a little experience of wet felting and want to learn more."

14 Jan 15'

The Snail of Happiness reviewed: Wet Felting - Pockets and Purses (Beginners) Saturday 24th Jan

"A couple of years ago, this course was my first introduction to wet felting and I have been hooked ever since. It's a gentle course - low impact felting - that results in a useful, durable object at the end... I am still using the passport case that I made. And, even better, all the wool is British."

13 Jan 15'

Emma Roberts reviewed: Wet Felting - Pockets and Purses (Beginners) Saturday 24th Jan

"Wet felting with Lorraine is a wonderful fun learning experience. Fantastic choice of wool fibres & Lorraine explains about each type & how some are easier to felt than others. You start your day by making your template, then lay out your fibres. Then the fun really begins - soap suds & warm water! Seeing how fibres can turn into a felted cloth is amazing. Yes you do have to work at it quite physically, but it is no more difficult than scrubbing your dirty dishes at home - it just takes longer! You'll break for lunch & eat your packed lunch that you bring, then it's straight back to it. You'll be so keen to carry on felting, you'll eat your lunch at super speed! In the afternoon, you'll spend a lot of time being shown how to shape & form the felt into your final product. You'll be rolling your felted item in a bamboo blind, which does require a lot of work from your arms, but we worked in pairs - so it wasn't so bad. You will be so proud of what you have made & the felting bug is really catching! I loved it. We had a friendly group & the process is explained & shown in great detail by Lorraine. I had done some simple wet felting before I did my course with Denmark farm, but I am certain that Lorraine would be an excellent teacher for any beginner to this craft! Definitely suitable for all, not just women! I am so glad I went on a Denmark Farm Course & yes I have booked another....felt hats next time! :)"

9 Dec 13'

Chloe Purton reviewed: Food Energetics: Spring’s Rising

"Absolutely loved it! Great fun, friendly atmosphere, plenty of individual attention. Would love to do more."

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