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12 Sep 22'

Frances langford reviewed: Weave a patterned scarf in a day - HARROGATE

"I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. Anne was a great teacher and encourager to help us along the day. I was surprised how lovely the finished scarf was that I had created I just need to finish it off now, then I can enjoy wearing it and boasting I made it!"

13 Jul 22'

Anne reviewed: Weave a scarf in a day - handloom weaving

"Anne - Thanks for an inspirational day. Bought the loom and away I go! Brilliant instruction. Thank you."

20 Jun 22'

Bob Makin reviewed: Weave a scarf in a day - handloom weaving

"Anne's course was both instructive as well as fun to be at. All the necessary equipment was at hand. It was an open time for questions about the weaving, as well as other related topics. The Craft House served us well also. Small size of class gave plenty of time for all the students to ask and receive help or instruction where needed. Anne's openness around her own history of weaving made the day not only enlightening, but also personable. You also ended up with a scarf at the end of it, along with further printed instructions for the correct finishing of the work. An excellent day of crafting and an excellent tutor."

13 Jun 22'

h Moore reviewed: Weave a Scarf in a Day - Harrogate

"Been on a few courses but this was up in the top course. Anne was friendly and welcoming. She was full of information but did it all in small steps. The course had good time use and we made our scarves in the time which we were all delighted with. Got lots individually as well. Would love to go on the September course too. Anne sent us home with a brilliant sheet for later to finish the scarf by perfecting and tweaking. It came with a helpful needle and over of help with any questions via email. lovely small group too. Big thank you for a great course Anne."

8 Apr 22'

Clair reviewed: Weave a patterned scarf in a day - HARROGATE

"A great day learning to weave a scarf and Anne was a super tutor. Looking at getting a loom 🙂"

4 Apr 22'

Penny Henshaw reviewed: Weave a patterned scarf in a day - HARROGATE

"As a person with not a lot of crafting skills I came away feeling quite proud of what I did. Anne was a brilliant mentor and always at hand to assist and answer questions. I strongly recommend the course and it was a day I shall not forget spent with friends who kindly bought me the day as a birthday gift."

15 Feb 22'

Jane Dean reviewed: Weave a scarf in a day - handloom weaving

"What a lovely, relaxing day spent learning how to weave a simple scarf on a rigid heddle loom. You choose two balls of yarn from a vast array available in the wool shop to the front of the craft room and then you are ready to begin. At every stage of the process Anne tells you what to do, using both sample work and real time demonstrations. Anne then keeps a watchful eye on what you are doing and speaks to you, either to offer praise or to explain and correct mistakes. By the end of the day you have created a scarf which is very satisfying. Anne is an outstanding teacher - a clear communicator, an accomplished and knowledgeable craftsperson with a gentle manner and an eye for detail. She quickly builds a rapport with the group and you feel at ease throughout the day. I would recommend this experience without reservation."

7 Feb 22'

Claire Allam reviewed: Weave a scarf in a day - handloom weaving

"I really enjoyed this day-long course. Anne took us through the technical aspects clearly, and at a good pace. She gave lots of advice as to choice of yarn and everybody left with a lovely scarf. All the work was as different as the makers, and, as Anne had told us, the yarn was transformed by the warp/weft interaction. The venue (The Craft House, Bingley) was great too - lots of light space to work in, with great food and drinks on hand from the cafe downstairs. Highly reccommended."

31 Jan 22'

Wendy reviewed: Weave a Scarf in a Day - Harrogate

"This class was really great. As well as being extremely knowledgeable and hands on, Anne was a friendly, patient and calm teacher. We all learned a lot and came away having created a lovely, and individual scarf to wear!"

31 Jan 22'

Claire G reviewed: Weave a Scarf in a Day - Harrogate

"I had a lovely day, creating a woven scarf. It was a small mixed ability group (some with weaving experience and some complete beginners). Everyone worked together and were really supportive. Anne was lovely and guided us through the process in small steps that was easy to understand. Six beautiful scarves were created and Anne gave us guidance on finishing (and a sheet to take home) and washing."

31 Jan 22'

Kathy McNeil reviewed: Weave a Scarf in a Day - Harrogate

"Thank you for a super day Anne. My scarf is all washed and dry, I'm so pleased with it. It was really interesting listening to how you set up the loom and I found your instructions throughout the day, very clear, everything made sense and the day progressed at a really good pace."

19 Jan 22'

Jackie Smith reviewed: Weaving kit - a workshop at home

"Never done this before! Clear instructions to get started, so I have! Love the colours and variety of wools supplied. No instructions as how to finish off 'ends'?"

Daisy Florence Design responded:

" Thanks for your feedback - I have now updated the instruction sheet to clarify this - Happy Weaving :-)"

12 Dec 21'

Phil Sutcliffe reviewed: Weave a scarf in a day - handloom weaving

"My granddaughter and I did this course at the end of November as our annual Christmas craft. We both loved it and will definitely be signing up for more weaving courses. Anne is an excellent tutor and broke the weaving process into understandable bitesize chunks. Thanks, Anne for a wonderful day."

4 Dec 21'

Kate reviewed: Weave a scarf in a day - handloom weaving

"Myself and 2 friends did this course in November and thoroughly enjoyed the day. The groups are small and the mix of group tuition and one-to-one teaching was excellent. The fact that you can weave your own scarf in one day is unique, from learning about the technical aspects of the loom and the yarn, choosing our own colour-ways, setting-up our looms, weaving our scarves through to finishing them off and in our case, wearing them home! Zero prior experience required, we were all beginners. Highly recommended."

29 Nov 21'

Katy Taylor reviewed: Weave a scarf in a day - handloom weaving

"A brilliant workshop which is in equal parts enjoyable, engaging and informative. I had a great time and now have a beautiful scarf to remember my day"

18 Oct 21'

Dale O'Brien reviewed: Weave a scarf in a day - handloom weaving

"My wife and I really enjoyed this course. My wife said that she has now found a new hobby and has asked for a loom for Christmas. Anne was great, she was friendly and chatty and helped everyone individually as they were at different stages of the scarf making process. I have my own craft business and Anne gave me some advice on websites to advertise and sell my work. Our venue was at The Craft House, Bingley. They were safe, very friendly and the food was very nice. Thank you very much, we had a great time."

15 Oct 21'

Natalie McLeod reviewed: Weave a scarf in a day - handloom weaving

"We had a wonderful day learning to weave with Anne! She explained everything so patiently and clearly and I now feel confident in setting up my own loom. Everyone in the class made beautiful scarves and Anne was so helpful at every stage of the process. The Craft House was a lovely venue too - lunch was delicious and the staff were all so kind and friendly."

21 Jun 21'

Iona reviewed: Weave a scarf in a day - handloom weaving

"Setting up the loom had always been the scary bit but Anne’s patience took us through the stages. I have now done my own loom and also know how to do the finishing touches. Fantastic teaching...many thanks Anne."

20 Jun 21'

Nichola reviewed: Weave a scarf in a day - handloom weaving

"I recently completed this 'weave a scarf in a day' course and i thouroughly enjoyed every minute! Anne was so helpful, from choosing the right yarns, showing us how to set up our looms and giving us tips throughout the weaving to help us get the best finished product. I am so in love with my scarf and i cannot wait to get back on a loom and make more creations!! Will definitely recommend to friends, fantastic course, fantastic tutor, and lovely venue. 10/10 😍"

15 Jun 21'

Pam reviewed: Weaving kit - a workshop at home

"The Spiral Weaving kit from Daisy Florence Design was great fun. The easy-to-follow instructions and excellent choice of materials make for a very relaxing way to spend a quiet afternoon."

21 Feb 21'

joanne price reviewed: Weaving kit - a workshop at home

"A lovely weaving kit - I chose the Heather colours, and love the variety of wools supplied. I haven’t started weaving yet, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. Very prompt delivery."

7 Nov 20'

Helen Barnes reviewed: weaving patterns with pick-up sticks

"I really enjoyed the workshop and was great step up from Weave a scarf. We learnt how to use pick up sticks and make patterns, it was clear and the the handouts will help to weave at home. I will happily be signing up for more weaving days ."

5 Nov 20'

Mary Cockroft reviewed: weaving patterns with pick-up sticks

"This course was a really good follow-up to the Weave A Scarf in a Day course, introducing the possibility of varying scarves (in my case) with patterns produced using pick-up sticks. Anne is a superb teacher, it would have taken me forever to work out how to create the patterns using a book. Some things need live teaching! I am surprised that it was possible to produce a quite impressive sampler in 3 hours! So now I and my new loom are all set for producing Christmas scarves with variations."

24 Sep 20'

Lynda Rollason reviewed: Weave a scarf in a day - handloom weaving

"I really enjoyed my ‘Weave a scarf in a day’ course with Anne. I hadn’t done any weaving before and she patiently explained and helped with every step of the process - I’m very pleased with my scarf and was inspired to order a loom so I can make more. I will have a wonderful new hobby! Thanks Anne."

10 Mar 20'

Mary Cockroft reviewed: Weave a scarf in a day - handloom weaving

"This was an absolutely excellent introduction to weaving, and yes, it is indeed possible to weave a scarf - quite a long scarf too - in a day! Anne is a really good teacher and I came home feeling so encouraged and inspired that I have already bought a small loom on which to try out my new skills. The day was also fun and therapeutic - there is nothing like focusing for a few hours on something creative to restore one’s sense of wellbeing. Thank you!"

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