Coterie leather Studio reviews

1 Aug 22'

Ruth reviewed: Personalised leather bound journal workshop

"I had a brilliant day with Tracy making my leather journal. Tracy is a great teacher - she is calm, patient and knowledgeable. She made the day really easy and enjoyable, and the time flew. I am so pleased with my journal and have had loads of compliments from friends and family. Thank you Tracy and I hope to be back to try another of your courses."

27 Jun 22'

Jane Watkins reviewed: Make your own Sneakers

"I was lucky to be given a gift voucher so used it on the sneaker workshop day. I made a high rise pair of sneakers. They are so comfy, also greatly admired when I'm out. The most difficult part of the course was choosing the colours, so many to choose from. I opted for black and white hide with red uppers and mustard tabs. Such fun. Want to go again again to make another pair."

27 Feb 22'

Clare reviewed: Personalised leather bound journal workshop

"I made a lovely leather bound notebook with Tracy. Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Tracy is a great tutor with plenty of experience and expertise. She is clear, concise, calm with her instruction and was patient when I made mistakes. She is relaxed, fun, welcoming and makes a great Bara Brith (a sort of fruit cake for those of you who don't know) and went out of her way to make a gluten free one for me. I came away with some real insight into how to make leather items and how to use the leather making tools I was given as a gift but didn't know how to use. I shall be making things and using the tools with confidence now. and look forward to putting new learnt skills to the test. Totally recommended."

11 Oct 21'

Richard Schofield reviewed: Make your own Sneakers

"This was a very enjoyable sneakering day. Stitching as construction, so, in a way, closer to engineering than sewing. Tracy is a very calm, unflustered and generous teacher. Everything was very achievable and accessible to all of varying skills, I would contend. Everyone ended-up with entirely convincing pairs of sneakers. Good quality materials throughout. I'd certainly like to do the bag-making workshop, should it come Cardiff way."

7 Oct 21'

Alia Allim reviewed: Make your own Sneakers

"Thoroughly enjoyed the day. The pace was gentle with time to undo misadventures. There was plenty of advice on hand throughout. The range of colours was brilliant and the step by step approach worked well. It was a refreshing way to immerse yourself in unfamiliar novel techniques. Loved it from beginning to end. To create so much in one day was thrilling. So much fun was had comparing the colours everyone had chosen. So many variations could be achieved. We all went astray at one point or another but that added to the excitement when you discovered it was not a catastrophe and could easily be remedied!!! Tracy unobtrusively helped with the process and shared our collective delight with the end result. She is a lovely, amiable, conversational teacher with endless patience. We were all able to relax and it was a fulfilling day. Tracy brought the best ever Welsh cakes too. All in all, truly splendid and I want to do another workshop soon."

21 Jun 21'

Helen Nolan reviewed: Leather Clutch Purse Workshop

"I made a really lovely clutch bag under Tracy’s expert and patient tuition. Hope to do another course with her in the future."

6 May 21'

Kate Lord reviewed: Make your own Personalised Leather Dog Collar

"Review for leather workshop that took place on 18th April 2021 I found the workshop on a website as geographically nearish to New Quay in Wales, where I had planned our holiday. I found communicating with Tracy pleasant and understanding as it was not quite certain at the time, if our holiday to Wales could take place due to Covid. Luckily Covid permitted our holiday and my “special birthday” treat of attending the leather workshop with my husband. We made a new dog collar for our irregularly shaped Staffi-Whippet cross rescue dog and my husband made a belt for me. I found Tracy to be very patient with me and my neurodiverse ways and empowered me to do much of the collar for myself, after she had made a card template. She offered to help me out, time to time and encouraged me to just try it out and not worry about trying to be perfect. The end result was a collar that looks great and my sense of achievement of having made it. The leather is of an excellent quality and I think our dog finds it very comfortable. Tracy helped my husband to utilise a bit of my old belt ( that had been rendered useless by said dog via chewing) to bling the new collar further with colour and embossing her name and doggy bones. My husband found the process of making me a belt very rewarding too. Tracy was very knowledgeable about different types of leather and the tanning processes both traditional and more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, we now know why some leather is cheaper and so I am equipped to make more informed choices as to encouraging more environmentally friendly tanning processes. Tracy promotes environmentally sustainable leather. She uses leather waste from furniture making, thereby minimising carbon footprint. The workshop was done in Covid Secure way and we had a tea break with delicious cake freshly made by Tracy. I would thoroughly recommend making a leather product and Tracy’s Coterie Leather Bags workshop to do that. My only regret is that I forgot to ask to purchase some of her free range duck eggs as I left."

25 Apr 21'

Jan Sharp reviewed: Make your own Sneakers

"Fabulous course, had our pick of lots of gorgeous colour leather, great tuition and produced a professional pair of sneakers in one day! Now my favourite shoes, so unique and comfortable."

25 Apr 21'

Ann Bartlett reviewed: Make your own Sneakers

"I have just spent the most enjoyable day making my own sneakers. The studio was well equipped with plenty of choice of leather and hides. Tracy's tuition was excellent and relaxed, inspiring confidence. I was delighted with the result and was able to wear them immediately. They are very soft and comfortable. Thank you Tracy."

14 Apr 21'

Virginia Rootkin-Gray reviewed: Make your own Sneakers

"I have taken Tracy’s sneaker workshop and really enjoyed myself. The communication beforehand was helpful and the choice of leathers on arrival was really great. Tracy explained everything well and the homemade Barabrith was delicious. The end result was a super pair of sneakers. I wore them home and kept them on as they were so comfy! Thankyou again"

29 Nov 20'

Karen Harries reviewed: Leather Clutch Purse Workshop

"I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. I am delighted with my clutch bag. The experience was totally delightful and I will be going to another one, once they are up and running again. I learnt so much from Tracey - an excellent teacher. Thank you."

24 Nov 20'

Rhys Griffiths reviewed: Make your own Leather Apron for the BBQ, Crafting, Utility, Workshop

"I thoroughly enjoyed this craft workshop. Lovely relaxed atmosphere with participants being encouraged to choose their own materials and their own style for the apron. The emphasis was on what you intended to use the apron for rather than follow a pattern and turn out an item the same as everyone else's. I know I learned up a few techniques that I will use again. In fact I suspect I will be booking this or a similar workshop again. I particularly enjoyed the stitching. Very satisfying!"

10 Oct 20'

NIA EVANS reviewed: Make your own Leather Apron for the BBQ, Crafting, Utility, Workshop

"Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable day. Tracy has a wealth o knowledge and is a great teacher. Really pleased with my leather apron."

10 Oct 20'

Donna Jones reviewed: Make your own Leather Apron for the BBQ, Crafting, Utility, Workshop

"What a fantastic day and I’m so thrilled with my Leather Apron. The studio space is beautiful and the array of leather to choose from was brilliant. Tracy took time to demonstrate then was at hand while we were set loose to make. Tracy is an excellent teacher and it was wonderful see so much of her own beautiful work on display I am always interested in trying new ways to make and I think I may be hooked!"

22 Sep 20'

Rhian G reviewed: Leather Clutch Purse Workshop

"Thanks to Tracy for a thoroughly enjoyable experience! My sister bought me a half-day workshop as a Christmas present so I chose a clutch bag workshop. There were two of us on the day, plus Tracy. Her workshop is lovely and bright, in a converted dairy barn/shed and she'd emailed me the specific details a few days before so I could find the location easily. Tracy was really patient and broke down the task into manageable steps, meaning it wasn't as intimidating as I'd feared! The process itself was immensely satisfying and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed working with the different leathers. Tracy was also brilliant when I accidentally stabbed myself in the knuckle and bled all over her pristine floor - sorry Tracy! As well as coming away with a bespoke clutch bag in the leather of my choice, I got to personalise it by stamping my initials into the leather. Added to this was Tracy's homemade bara brith at tea break, which was very nearly as good as Mam's! This is a perfect gift for someone creative/practical, as well as for someone who maybe lacks confidence - it was such a buzz seeing the final product! I loved every minute. Thanks Tracy x"

14 Sep 20'

Vicky reviewed: Leather Clutch Purse Workshop

"What a great day. Doesn't matter if you have never done anything like this before or got a few skills. By the end of this course you will come away so proud that you have made something yourself and learn some new skills. Tracy is a great teacher. I'd highly recommended the courses to anyone."

14 Sep 20'

Jak Rawsthorne reviewed: Make your own Leather Apron for the BBQ, Crafting, Utility, Workshop

"A great workshop run by Tracy, who has an abundance of knowledge and experience working with leather, and she took time to demonstrate and instruct to the group. I was really pleased with the bespoke apron I made, and will definitely book onto another course in the future. Thanks Tracy! :)"

14 Sep 20'

Mandy Colbourne reviewed: Leather Clutch Purse Workshop

"What a fantastic day! Mandy Colbourne on Feb 27, 2020 Had a brilliant day learning all about leather and the stages of cutting, preparing, sewing, finishing etc and came home with a fabulous bag incorporating some of the goat skin from one of my own hides. Highly recommend. Tracy is a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher and happily shares her skills and knowledge. Will definitely be going again. Thank you."

14 Sep 20'

Jane watkins reviewed: Leather Clutch Purse Workshop

"A most enjoyable course and fun. Came home with a lovely belt everything provided even homemade cake. Great idea for birthdays or Christmas presents vouchers available something a little different. I really enjoyed it."

13 Sep 20'

Ken reviewed: Leather Belt Workshop

"Great activity day. Loads of different grades and colours of leather to choose from. Had a lovely time time meeting other people and home made cake was a nice touch."

12 Sep 20'

Jon wright reviewed: Leather Belt Workshop

"Great day, family really enjoyed themselves. Tracy really knows her stuff and had us all learning and having fun- highly recommend"

10 Sep 20'

Hannah reviewed: Make your own Personalised Leather Dog Collar

"What can I say, from the minute you walk into the delightful studio and inhale the delicious leathery smells you feel relaxed and right at home. Tracy is very knowledgeable and an excellent teacher. The course is taught in a small group so you get as much help and support as you need. All the materials and equipment are provided so there are no hidden extras once you arrive. Top Tip: Take your purse and have a look at the discount rail whilst you’re there. Some real bargains can be found 😊"

10 Mar 20'

Steve allum reviewed: Make your own Leather Apron for the BBQ, Crafting, Utility, Workshop

"Excellent setting and teacher. I was a complete novice who had never stitched anything or made anything from leather and was thrilled to have designed and made a great functional apron. Great cake as well!:)"

10 Mar 20'

Andrea Buckle reviewed: Leather Clutch Purse Workshop

"I had a very enjoyable evening learning to do leatherwork with friends under Tracy's expert guidance. Everything needed was provided, and all explained brilliantly. I left feeling very accomplished and looking forward to doing more! Highly recommended for learning a new craft, making useful items and also for spending a fun few hours with a group of friends."

10 Mar 20'

Sally Boyton reviewed: Leather Clutch Purse Workshop

"I had a lovely time on Tracy's course and having played around with small projects at home using leather offcuts, it was great be tutored by someone with experience so I could learn and apply the basics skills properly. The courses are held in a beautifully restored barn and you receive an apron and your own little tool kit for the duration. Tracy was friendly, professional and practical, taking us through every step of the make with great patience. We enjoyed a warm drink and a chat afterwards which is always a nice part of working together. I highly recommend booking an experience with her."

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