Colourbuzz reviews

18 Aug 23'

Abigail Curry reviewed: Playing with Fire to Make Copper Jewellery

"Fabulous afternoon thoroughly enjoyable, really interesting building, excellent patient tuition and lovely jewellery to take home. Highly recommended. Very clear pre workshop information and instruction during the course provided by Helga."

Colourbuzz responded:

" Many thanks for the glowing review, that means a lot. So glad you enjoyed the workshop and are pleased with the end result. What you all made was gorgeous!"

19 Jun 23'

Lisa T reviewed: Mokume Gane - gift making, polymer clay

"A wonderful relaxing experience , very happy with the outcome of the course. Helga is a patient teacher and very knowledgeable.. "

Colourbuzz responded:

" Thanks Lisa, that's lovely to hear. Glad you enjoyed the course, so did I. "

13 Jun 23'

Jo solly reviewed: Trees of Life: Wire Wrapping and Twisting

"Good course Helga was very approachable and knowledgeable. Nice relaxing surroundings. Learned a lot from Helga, she was more than willing to help and answer questions. Would recommended this course."

Colourbuzz responded:

" Thanks Jo, much appreciated. I had a relaxing afternoon, too, in good company. Helga Colourbuzz"

12 Jun 23'

Melanie Huckle reviewed: Trees of Life: Wire Wrapping and Twisting

"A fabulous afternoon with Helga. Took home a lovely product I will book other courses with her."

Colourbuzz responded:

" Thanks Melanie! It was great having you there and I enjoyed the interesting conversations. Till next time! Helga Colourbuzz"

21 May 23'

Lynn Glendenning reviewed: Trees of Life: Wire Wrapping and Twisting

"The tree of life course was amazing. Helga went above and beyond to get the colours everyone wanted and helped everyone in a lovely way. Myself and my sister-in-law will definitely book again! It was so relaxing and such good fun. Highly recommended. Thanks Helga "

Colourbuzz responded:

" Dear Lynn It was lovely having you and Eunice and I look forward to having you both again! Not only did you make Trees of Life, your humour was an added bonus, so, thank you for a great afternoon! I'll send some pictures. Helga"

4 Feb 23'

Helen Thomson reviewed: Mokume Gane - gift making, polymer clay

"Excellent crafting session. Helga takes you through the process step by step - watching your work develop and change at each step is fascinating. You will end up producing several pieces of work from key rings to earrings and a little dish. You don’t need to be artistic - your work will simply look incredible just by following the processes. Helga is an excellent tutor - give it a go you will thoroughly enjoy the session "

Colourbuzz responded:

" Wow, Helen, thank you for the glowing review. much appreciated. Your pieces were fantastic and that's all you!"

28 Jan 23'

Janet Sarsfield reviewed: Copper Creatures with Beads: Wire Wrapping and Wire Forming

"Thank you for an engaging and interesting afternoon."

Colourbuzz responded:

" Thanks Janet, it was lovely spending time with you making Copper Creatures and diving into the smelly secrets of silversmithing."

25 Jan 23'

Becky O'Hare reviewed: Mokume Gane - gift making, polymer clay

"I did this course with my mum and daughter, we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Helga made us feel very welcome and was very good at explaining all the different stages. We went home with not only some lovely jewellery but also some new skills. I highly recommend it."

Colourbuzz responded:

" Hi Becky Thank you for your kind words. It was a pleasure to have three generations in My studio and I loved the way you are creative together! "

10 Nov 22'

Matthew reviewed: Copper or Silver Christmas; Wire Forming and Wrapping

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Helga was lovely! She was a great teacher for the techniques used and provided everything we needed during the session. I would definitely recommend this course!"

Colourbuzz responded:

" Thanks Matthew, it was lovely having a Sunday afternoon with you and Emily. I was very impressed with the end result!"

27 Aug 22'

Katie reviewed: Polymer clay jewellery & decorations workshop

"We had a great workshop with Helga, who created a relaxed learning environment while providing all of the info and support we needed :) "

Colourbuzz responded:

" Thanks Katie I spent a lovely afternoon with you! Helga from Colourbuzz"

6 Apr 22'

Kris reviewed: Mokume Gane - gift making, polymer clay

"What a lovely afternoon we spent with Helga! Booked as a group to celebrate a colleague’s retirement, everyone enjoyed making their fabulous colourful creations. We had lots of laughs and were made incredibly welcome, Helga was fun, supportive and inspiring. We came home with lots of lovely pieces of jewellery, perfect way to spend an afternoon."

Colourbuzz responded:

" It was lovely celebrating with you! the finished pieces were amazing!"

8 Mar 22'

Celia reviewed: Playing with Fire to Make Copper Jewellery

"My son (12 years old) and I had a great time and we made some lovely earrings. It was fun and we both learned a lot!"

Colourbuzz responded:

" Thanks Celia, it was a pleasure working with you and your son (my youngest customer yet!)."

7 Mar 22'

Jodie Allison reviewed: Playing with Fire to Make Copper Jewellery

"Thank you Helga I really enjoyed the relaxing few hours in your studio. I learnt how to refine my technique and really appreciated using the tools you have. I love my earrings!! Will book again. Jodie"

Colourbuzz responded:

" Thanks Jodie I thoroughly enjoyed working with you, too. Looking forward to meeting again. Enjoy your gorgeeous earrings!"

2 Mar 22'

Linda Pennington reviewed: Joyous Dots: this will be your new relaxing hobby!

"A very enjoyable experience. Great way to spend an afternoon with friends learning a new skill."

Colourbuzz responded:

" Thanks Linda, I enjoyed it too! It was great seeing your minimalist interpretation of Joyous Dots."

2 Mar 22'

Lexie reviewed: Joyous Dots: this will be your new relaxing hobby!

"Spent a lovely afternoon with Helga in this workshop. Left with decorated cards and the tools to make more at home. Helga was a delight to work with and provided guidance, hints, tips and encouragement."

Colourbuzz responded:

" Thanks Lexie, it was great having you all in my studio, making Joyous Dots your own with individual interpretations."

24 Feb 22'

Christine Hartis Emms reviewed: Mokume Gane - gift making, polymer clay

"Had a fabulous afternoon with Helga creating some interesting pieces. She explains everything very well and has a range of things which you can create from your polymer clay design. It was great to learn a new technique which hopefully can incorporate into my other art works. Highly reccommend for those looking for something a little different from the norm."

Colourbuzz responded:

" Thanks Christine, I had a lovely time too and was mightily impressed with your take on Mokume Gane brooches!"

17 Jan 22'

Kristy O'Hare reviewed: Joyous Dots: this will be your new relaxing hobby!

"I undertook the course with Helga online and it worked really well. Everything was sent in the post and Helga was really warm and inclusive, with my 4 year old wanting to join in! I enjoyed the course and learning the relaxing art of dots and also seeing the variety of work and art that can be achieved with so little. I can't wait to attend another of Helga's courses. Thank you!"

Colourbuzz responded:

" Thanks Kristy, it was lovely working with you and your creative 4 year old!"

22 Sep 21'

S and M reviewed: Joyous Dots: this will be your new relaxing hobby!

"We spent a very relaxing and interesting 2 hours dotting away with a variety of tools and techniques. All equipment provided and Helga is a lovely tutor. I would recommend this course 100%"

Colourbuzz responded:

" Dear S and M Thank you very much for the lovely review and the lovely afternoon I spent with you two! Helga"

24 Feb 21'

Fiona Morrison reviewed: Plant pot decoupage, live online

"This was a most relaxing and fun workshop. Everyone enjoyed and we have all been inspired by what you can do with napkins! Most definitely a new hobby to continue with; it is affordable, creative and therapeutic. Thank you Helga."

Colourbuzz responded:

" Thank you Fiona, I'm very happy you all liked it. I love decoupage too and it was a pleasure meeting you all."

29 Nov 20'

G Murphy reviewed: Christmas decorations in clay workshops, live online

"A one to one session with Helga. The materials were nicely packaged and Helga walked me through a number of interesting techniques. A nice way to spend an afternoon!"

Colourbuzz responded:

" Thanks Gai, I had a great time, too and was impressed with the beautiful ornaments you made."

3 Nov 20'

Barbra barnes reviewed: Plant pot decoupage, live online

"Crafting without the commute! Really enjoyed this online course. I never felt rushed and learned some new technique. The tutor was positive and encouraging. Was so easy doing the course from home and i thought the 'online' experience went well and a valuable way of spending time. I felt I got value for money as Helga gave me a prep session which was very helpful. I would recommend this course."

Colourbuzz responded:

" Thanks Barbra It was great working alongside you during this online course. Thanks for your lovely words. Helga"

26 Jan 20'

Pam Hornor reviewed: Mokume Gane - gift making, polymer clay

"This was a totally Fabulous afternoon with Helga. I went with a group of friends - some had worked with polymer clay before, some had not - we were very 'mixed abilities' and what was amazing was everyone was cared for, we were all delighted with the end results, Helga supported and encouraged but it was all our own work!! I had never even heard of Mokume Gane before - the results were such that I would feel comfortable giving them away as presents. Very competitively priced. I would certainly be happy to do a workshop again with Helga and would recommend her to any one - any age or ability. Wish I could attach a picture to show the results."

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