Aroma Natural reviews

18 Sep 22'

Beah reviewed: Perfume Making in Norfolk

"I would highly recommend this course. I bought this course as a birthday present for two friends and it was perfect. My friends and I had a lovely day with Diane. She was so welcoming and knowledgeable and patient with us. Our perfumes are delicious! We’re looking forward to going back for her skincare and soap making courses in the future."

Aroma Natural responded:

" Thank you so much for such a lovely review, it means a lot to me. So pleased you enjoyed your day and made three fantastic perfumes, I would be happy to wear any of them. You all made my day so enjoyable and easy. Hopefully I will see you again sometime. x Diane "

29 Jun 22'

Victoria Vestey reviewed: Perfume Making in Norfolk

"We had the most wonderful day with Diane. Diane was warm and welcoming. We chatted through the day and processes of making perfume on arrival and then we began. It was fabulous .... and so informative. Diane was so gentle and encouraged us to follow our 'noses' . A wonderful experience that I can not recommend more highly.."

Aroma Natural responded:

" Thank you for such a lovely review. It was a pleasure to meet you and your sister Buffy and spend a day designing and making your perfumes with you. Must say they were both amazing perfumes, I hope you enjoy wearing them."

4 Apr 22'

Christine Ellis reviewed: Perfume Making in Norfolk

"I had a lovely day with Diane! I am so proud of my perfume, which met with the approval of my chums later that evening who declared it to be ‘gentle’ (a word Diane used), ‘warm’ ‘subtly spiced’ - just what I was aiming for. I had lots of different aromas and essences to work with, which was initially overwhelming, but under Diane’s steady eye (and nose!) I eventually developed a recipe which produce a beautiful perfume. Thank you Diane!"

Aroma Natural responded:

" Hi Christine Many thanks for your kind words and for taking the time to write a review for me, I really appreciate it. So very pleased you are happy with the perfume you created, you must have been very happy when your friends liked it to. I really enjoyed the day I spent with you. Again many thanks."

21 Mar 22'

Rebecca Upson reviewed: Soap Making for Beginners

"I wanted to do a soap making course in person so I could actually see the different stages. I'm so glad I did the course with Diane. She welcomed me with a cup of tea and we had a chat about what I wanted to achieve. Having discovered I was interested to learn as much as possible she spent some time explaining the process and had written notes ready for me to take home. It was very relaxed and I felt able to ask numerous questions which Diane answered with a great knowledge and understanding of the process. After lunch I was guided through making a batch of my own soap. The process involves caustic solutions and Diane provided excellent guidance and advice to ensure this was done safely. It was also helpful to have her expert eye at the trace stage, ensuring I got the mix to just the right point before adding scent and pouring into the mould. The day was very successful and I achieved all I wanted to. I will certainly be buying some ingredients to have a go myself at home and have some notes on things I might try. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in making soap or just wanting an enjoyable days activity in a friendly, relaxed and safe setting with the added bonus of creating your own unique soap"

Aroma Natural responded:

" Hi Rebecca Wow, what a lovely review, thank you so much, I really appreciate it. So pleased you enjoyed your day with me and learned as much as you needed to have the confidence to carry on making soap at home. Lovely to meet you and spend the day with you. Enjoy your soap when you receive it."

7 Feb 22'

Omer Elhassan reviewed: Perfume Making in Norfolk

"This was a gift for my wife's birthday. It did not disappoint. Dianne was so kind and attentive, she walked us through the theory of perfumery over a brew in her lovely farm house. We then moved onto the practical mixing and testing of smells, hundreds of combinations to make. All the while guided by Dianne and at our own pace."

Aroma Natural responded:

" Thank you Omer for taking the time to write this review, I really appreciate it. It was so lovely to meet you and your wife and spend the day designing and making perfume and to smell your finished creation - it was amazing."

21 Dec 21'

peggy reviewed: Perfume Making in Norfolk

"A very interesting day learning about blending my own perfume - though it was quite hard to make up my mind. A lovely relaxing way to try something I haven’t done before. My new fragrance is mellowing nicely so I am looking forward to using it . 😊"

Aroma Natural responded:

" Hi Peggy Thank you for taking the time to write this review, I really appreciate it. It was lovely to meet you and spend the day watching you design and perfect your Perfume, hope you enjoy wearing it. Best wishes Diane"

29 Nov 21'

Imogen Blake reviewed: Perfume Making in Norfolk

"I booked this course for my mum's 60th birthday, and we had the best time thanks to Diane. Diane was so warm and welcoming, and we felt immediately at home. She was patient with us when we had no clue what we were doing - but soon learned lots about the basics of perfume making. I had expected to make a pretty dodgy perfume, but I love what I made and now use it every day! Highly recommend it if you're looking for a new activity to try."

Aroma Natural responded:

" Hi Imogen Thank you for taking the time to write this review for me and thank you for the lovely, kind words. It was a pleasure to have you and your mum here making perfume and how wonderful your perfumes were - pleased you are wearing them. Again, thank you its very much appreciated."

23 Nov 21'

Karen Arrand reviewed: Perfume Making in Norfolk

"This is a great experience for anyone who wants to know more about the intriguing world of perfume. And you takeaway the perfect momento - a unique perfume made by you. Thank you Diane for showing me how to blend and make a perfume. Your kindly patience has given me the confidence I was lacking before. A fragrantly lovely day."

Aroma Natural responded:

" Hi Karen, thank you for the lovely review. It was a pleasure to have you here for the day and I'm pleased to hear you now have the confidence to blend and play with your lovely essential oils. I must say your final bottled perfume smelt amazing."

11 Oct 21'

Zilvinas Aukselis reviewed: Perfume Making in Norfolk

"If you want to know the first and important steps in perfume making, this is the perfect place to start. Kind and Fantastic service provided by Diane. Thank you very much."

Aroma Natural responded:

" Hi Zilvinas It was lovely to meet you and Erika to design and make your own perfume and hear all about your future plans. Thank you for your lovely review, its much appreciated."

9 Sep 19'

Gilly Case reviewed: Skincare making workshops

"Another wonderful course with Diane. I joined her and two other ladies previously for a soap making workshop. This time I attended a Skincare workshop which was so interesting and informative. I loved making the three natural products; my favourite is the balm which has so many different uses. Diane is very knowledgeable and an excellent teacher; I am looking forward to making more products at home for myself and friends."

Aroma Natural responded:

" Hi Gilly, thank you for taking the time to say these words, I really appreciate it. I'm glad you enjoyed your day and found it informative, hopefully, you will carry on making your own skincare. Thank you."

14 Jun 19'

Ceara Mongan reviewed: Skincare making workshops

"There was a delay in me attending this course, and when I arrived for a skin making couse Dianne was prepared for a Business Making workshop. I had previously attended a soap one to one, and was told that if I booked the cosmetics course on that day, that she would also give me the information for the business course. I had to rush back on the day, and due to the mixup regarding the course booked, I only ended up making one 100ml lotion. My family were hoping for some goodies when I returned 😣 Dianne is very welcoming and knowledgeable, but for £99 one to one workshops, you could definitely make more items, or a couple of soaps in that time."

Aroma Natural responded:

" Hi Ceara, thank you for your review. I am sorry you could only stay for 3hrs instead of the full 5-6hrs which this workshop is, and would have given you ample time to make the three products instead of the one. The One to One Business workshop is also a full on 5-6hr day so I'm glad we were able to fit in as much as we did in the 3hrs. Hope you enjoy using your moisturiser."

7 Mar 19'

Ceara Mongan reviewed: Skincare making workshops

"Dianne was very welcoming into her beautiful home, and I very much enjoyed a lovely day of soapy talk and making. I booked straight away for her cosmetic course and really icouldn't recommend enough."

Aroma Natural responded:

" Hi Ceara. Many thanks for the lovely review, it's so kind of you to take the time to write this. I thoughly enjoyed the day with you and look forward to your next workshop later. xx"

16 Feb 19'

charlotte turner reviewed: Soap making

"An excellent course hosted by Diane a very friendly and informative teacher. Nothing was too much trouble for Diane. A very relaxing and enjoyable day."

Aroma Natural responded:

" Huge thank you for taking the time to write this review, I really appreciate it. So pleased you enjoyed the day and hope you continue to make your soap. It was lovely to meet you."

14 Mar 18'

Louise Pope reviewed: Perfume Making in Norfolk

"I attended the Perfume Making course run by Diane. It was a great experience run by a lovely lady. Diane is very patient and knowledgeable I thoroughly enjoyed the day, and made perfume that I love and wear. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn something new and have a great day out in the process."

9 Oct 17'

Jill Gibson reviewed: Soap making

"I attended this course on 19th September 2017 with two family members. Diane was very welcoming and extremely knowledgeable, taking us all safely through each step involved in the process. We came away with a certificate for the day and a wealth of information so we could continue our soap making journey at home if we so wished. We all had great fun and produced some lovely soap, which Diane posts out to you. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in cold press soak making."

19 Mar 17'

Mary Holder reviewed: Soap making

"I attended the soap making workshop with two friends and we thoroughly enjoyed it, Diane was very patient and relaxed while showing us how to make the soap, we also had a laugh and joke through out the day and nothing was too much trouble, we are now looking forward to collecting our soap and having a go at making some more!!Thanks Diane for a very informative day which we enjoyed very much ."

3 Sep 16'

Melanie reviewed: Soap making

"I have had a wonderful day today, very relaxing and interesting. Diane makes you feel very welcome into her home, providing lots of tea/coffee and a lovely lunch. The workshop was very interesting and lots of information given. I am looking forward to receiving my soap through the post, and cannot wait to smell the fragrance, chosen by myself. This workshop, if like me, a complete novice, is great, I will definitely be making soap at home in the future."

31 Aug 16'

Gen and Nathan reviewed: Soap making

"We really enjoyed this course! Diane is an excellent teacher, extremely patient and knowledgeable. She took the time to answer all of our questions, and made sure we were comfortable with the process. We learned so much in just a few hours and came home feeling like we could tackle soap making ourselves, no problem! Diane's beautiful farmhouse is tucked away in the stunning Norfolk countryside, which makes for a nice day trip if you're not from around there! The cherry on top, of course, is getting your soap delivered a couple of weeks later - ours came yesterday and they look and smell brilliant! Can't wait to try them in a few weeks time. We would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in soap making, DIY or just being creative! Gen and Nathan xx"

26 Aug 16'

Deborah reviewed: Skincare making workshops

"Very interesting course , well run with a relaxed feel to it. Small class and very easy to follow the recipes. Diane is very knowledgeable and more than happy to answer questions and give extra help for any thing that is not covered on the day. I had a query after the course on making a product that we did not make on the day and Diane got back to me very quickly with some suggestions. Will definitely be booking on to the soap making course later in the year. A very enjoyable day."

17 Jan 16'

Heather Garrod reviewed: Soap making

"I attended a first class soap making workshop Diane was running. She made it fun and extremely easy to understand. We were able to customise our soap for the smell we preferred by using essential oils. Everything we used was natural and of the highest quality. Her knowledge is phenomenal. Whilst we waited for the next stage of our soap making we lunched outside (It was summer!) in her garden. The whole day was totally relaxing. I came away floating on air! After a few days when the soaps had set I received them. They came in a long strip to be cut into the required size. The strip is big enough for 8 good sized bars. They make great presents for friends and family and are even more special when you tell the recipients you made the soap yourself! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day and look forward to doing more workshops with Diane."

7 Jan 16'

Susanne Mason reviewed: Soap making

"I attended a skincare workshop with Diane - and it was excellent! I got to make and customise my very own cream and lotion, and take it home with me when it was ready. Diane's recipes are foolproof and very kind to your skin. Since then, I've only been using my self made skincare. I had good fun on the course, and would recommend it to anyone thinking of trying something new!"

3 Jan 16'

Sarah reviewed: Soap making

"I had wanted to make soap for ages but for varying reasons had not got round to it. Then I found Diane, what a delight, knowledgeable,hospitable and great fun. The course took place in Diane's delightful old farmhouse and being allowed into her still-room with all the ingredients and oils was a real privilege. The actual soap making process is really interesting and, quite magical actually, as you watched ordinary looking ingredients turn into soap before your eyes! Diane was patient and encouraging and answered the myriad of questions with ease and deep knowledge. This was one of the most relaxing and inspiring days I had had in a long while and the final delight was having my soap delivered a few weeks later, smelling wonderful with rich and creamy lather...yummy! I would highly recommend this course and am hoping to return to do another course with Diane in 2016"

2 Jan 16'

Kris reviewed: Soap making

"I attended a one day soap making course with Aroma natural in October 2015. The day was very enjoyable, Diane is a lovely host, friendly and patient. Diane's home makes a very relaxed environment, the actual soap making process was really interesting and Diane was happy to answer lots of questions. Then the bonus is receiving the gorgeous bar of soap in the post a few weeks later (enought to cut into 10 bars) that you have created."

22 Dec 15'

Katie reviewed: Soap making

"I booked myself on this course, not really knowing what to expect. It was so lovely doing it in an old farmhouse, with lovely people, and Diane who was very patient, friendly and encouraging. A lovely lunch was provided, along with a good giggle and chat, So I actually got to make and customise my very own soap, and take it home with me when it was ready. I really did have such fun, and would recommend it to anyone thinking of trying something new!"

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