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Texture can be added to fabric in so many different ways. You can fold it, scrunch it, applique on to it, burn it …. the list is pretty long! This series of Playtimes will allow you to learn about many different methods and give you opportunities to play with the techniques. You can then apply the techniques to any project you choose, from dressmaking, to patchwork and quilting through to textile art. Enjoy playtime! A new technique will arrive in your inbox every 30 days - there are 12 techniques in total. The techniques will include different aspects of fabric manipulation, stitch techniques, adding colour and texture with paint, heating and burning techniques. All techniques will have as their focus, ways of adding texture to a variety of textile projects. There are no fixed start dates for this course - join us now, or next month! What are you expected to do with this material? What are your commitments to this? The key word here is “Playtime” – do not feel that you must make something out of your sample, and please don’t treat this a time to produce something of heirloom quality. There is no need to set aside a fixed amount of time each month, and there is only a requirement to do as little or as much as you want to. In the main, these techniques can be done using a sewing machine – this is no surprise to those who know me. I love my sewing machine and spend a fair amount of time figuring out how to apply hand techniques to my machine! But I do understand that there are those of you out there who avoid sewing machines! That is fine – there is little within here that can’t be done by hand in place of a sewing machine. Also, there is absolutely no need for any all-singing-all dancing machine. Basic is good. Clever is good. Hand crank is good. In the age old words of Dame Julian of Norwich “All will be well, and all will be very well” Please note that you will need to register on my e learning platform, so watch out for a message from me to get started.

What's included in the price?

Monthly pdf tutorial/handbook with course materials which will cover the technique and will include suggestions for where to find further information so that you can extend your practice, and some suggestions for potential projects Supplementary videos and links as appropriate Access to private Facebook group for lifetime support

What you will need

You will need a reasonable internet speed to access the videos. Sewing machine, although you can stitch by hand. Some specific tools and resources may be required. Each month's tutorial will include a list for next month's project so that you can source these if necessary. Where possible I will include alternatives that would be more readily accessible. Digital camera/Smartphone to upload photos of your work in order to receive feedback Rotary cutter, ruler and mat Fabric and thread




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I have been sewing & making patchwork since I was tiny. Have you ever wanted to make a quilt? It looks so easy but do you find yourself thinking “What if I do it wrong?” or "it’s harder than I thought?” These questions are all normal so I put together a variety of programmes that can help. I didn’t start off being a confident seamstress, but I had someone who did not give up on me – and that has influenced me. My passion is in sharing skills. I would love to share that passion with you

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