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Scything courses and workshops across the UK. Learn to scythe and master this traditional rural skill, which uses a large curved knife on a pole or 'staithe' to hand mow grass or reap crops. The scythe was traditionally used for cutting hay and initially replaced the sickle, a similar but smaller hand tool, by being ergonomically more advanced and comfortable. Scything involves a left swinging motion or stroke to create a 'swathe' of cut grass. Good exercise!

“If I was given a choice of a strimmer or a scythe, I’d go scythe any day – it’s a pleasure to use.” ~ Bunny Guinness, Gardener's Question Time 27 May 2016 With over 10 years of mowing experience and 6 years of teaching, I am recognised as the leading scythe instructor in the UK and author of ‘Learn to Scythe’. My courses will leave you enthused and confident to scythe efficiently and safely. No...