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Scything courses and workshops across the UK. Learn to scythe and master this traditional rural skill, which uses a large curved knife on a pole or 'staithe' to hand mow grass or reap crops. The scythe was traditionally used for cutting hay and initially replaced the sickle, a similar but smaller hand tool, by being ergonomically more advanced and comfortable. Scything involves a left swinging motion or stroke to create a 'swathe' of cut grass. Good exercise!

A course designed for complete beginners. You will learn how to adjust your scythe to fit you, the correct angle for the blade and a relaxed "all body" style of mowing. Sharpening and care are also included.
The Austrian scythe is a modern, lightweight and efficient tool ideal for managing your myou will findeadow, orchard, allotment or garden. With no noise or fumes to disturb you and working at your own pace, scything bring a new pleasure in cutting your grass. Come and learn to scythe with internationally recognised expert Steve Tomlin. Steve learned to scythe in 2001 and has since gone on to teach hundreds of people across the UK including...
Next course on 20th May 2018
Scything For Beginners - one day workshop Tutor: Chris Riley Scything is a "green" way of cutting grass, nettles, brambles, and paths between borders and allotments, without the use of heavy machinery and fossil fuel. In a recent competition, a person using a scythe mowed more than a person using a strimmer, in a given time.You will be learning scything using an Austrian scythe provided by the tutor, Chris Riley. If you have a scythe...